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Monday, November 24, 2014

SOME PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHEN TO QUIT. ((My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People Part 13)

Traveling back from Omaha on Route 91 last week, I noticed a blue and red police light flashing behind me, I was surprised and almost swayed off the road.  Now, what in the world did this cop want?  The Hispanic looking trooper in the car behind me said something like “Pull over Ma’am.  I eventually pulled over at the corner of the street leading to my town.  The guy was not Hispanic as I thought, he was a dark hair/brunette man.   The very old unappealing middle age cop  asked if I knew why he pulled me over.   I replied that I was not speeding and he responded that it was about my expired plates, which I had already gotten a ticket for the week before in Omaha. I told him that I have not had a chance to renew my plates, but was going to do it ASAP. 

The cop who seemed amused for reasons unknown to me said he was going to issue some kind of warning and after I was done with the required things,  I should have a cop sign the form and then mail it back?    I told him that I did not like cops because of my exceptionally bad experience with them.  The cop randomly mentioned that he had kids who liked him; he also asked if I wanted to come into his car as it will be more convenient? Of course, I declined and gave him the needed information.  While I was waiting for the trooper to write up the warning, as if the stench of the numerous cows in front of me was not bad enough, I had two women behaving in that familiar antagonistic manner drive by; and as the trooper walked towards my vehicle, he obnoxiously cleared his throat.  It was upsetting to still be under the radar of these horrible people.   As I parked in front of my house, a short dark hair/brunette woman also passed by me saying I was nasty.  Two little children subsequently came out of the house across also screaming obnoxiously!

 I quickly went to Freemont the next day to renew my plates since I just could not stand to be pulled over by another distastefully irritating cop. On my way to the DMV, an old fat blonde man said something like she is ugly to get my attention. At the DMV, there was a female patron next to me who said the word ugly and I think the same patron whispered she is nasty as I walked out of the DMV.  I decided to go to Hy-Vee for my weekend shopping since it was the only grocery store in Freemont that I had not suffered abuse in the hands of the employees.  While the young blue eye workers were exceptionally helpful and polite, there were two old female blonde workers who exhibited familiar abusive/disrespectful behaviors.  There were probably one or two patrons out of the numerous ones I encountered who also exhibited that familiar deranged behaviors.  

While my general experience at this Hy-Vee was pretty good compared to other grocery stores since my arrival in Nebraska, but a disrespectful behavior from one employee is still unacceptable! Plus, Hy-Vee has to be the most expensive grocery store ever!   I spent almost twice what I normally spend and am unquestionably not in a financial position to be keeping up with the Jones.  Even if I was financially well off, I am not one of those irresponsible people who spend money they don’t have,  unreasonably compete with others, or  cares what people thinks. The behaviors of the young workers at Freemont Hy-Vee was commendable compared to others, but going to that store every week will make most people broke, why spend that much money when you can get the same thing for less somewhere else?  Plus, I miss the liberty of hassle free self check out!

There was a woman loudly talking about her monkey who looks like a cat beside me as I checked out at the Hy-Vee store?  And of course, these glasses wearing women were parked across my car when I got out. There was another woman who purposely parked beside my car  who seemed to exhibit the same demented behavior, However,  my trip to Freemont was still much better than my previous experience, most people were refreshingly normal or are at least are beginning to take their medications.   

I should mention that when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night this weekend, I specifically turned on my light to see if the creepy black car would be there; while there was no car, but there was a squeaky sound as I entered my bedroom. The same person making the squeaky sound seemed to turn on their car and drive away; the noise was coming from the houses beside me.  Less creepy, but still very strange that someone may be watching my bathroom activity in the middle of the night?  I am going back to using my flashlight and will let you know if the creepiness subsides.    

Remember that abusive blue eye neighbor who moved below me in my Omaha apartment?  I forgot to tell you that this guy also smoked ALL THE TIME.  The smoking was so bad that it was making sick. He would smoke directly below me as I was taking a shower, waking up in the morning, or doing my exercise at night, it was the most uncomfortable thing ever!   I almost developed a lung disease because of this; I could barely breathe in my own home. Coincidentally, I have been surrounded by abusive smokers since my move to Nebraska.  It really started with neighbors in my Long Island apartment and of course, after that hell bound skinny pants wearing Hillsong pastor mentioned in church how it was easy for him to quit smoking and how it  is not easy for some Christians? 

Things keep getting better in my small town though, there are one or two strange happenstances, but in general, it feels great to have some privacy and serenity at home. Having people in your life is so over rated.   It may just be my happiest thanksgiving ever!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

IS CHANGE POSSIBLE IN A SMALL TOWN? ((My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People Part 12)

I knew buying a house was not really going to solve all my problems, but I thought it would at least solve the privacy issues.  However, it looked liked my unwanted past was still desperately holding on to me in my first few months in this new small town.  I needed to fix a few things at the house before moving in. I had put some craigslist ad to see if I could get a handy man to help me.  The one guy who was willing to do it lived in the same town; he told me about his wife and how he had a college degree in construction, but kept clearing his throat. Needless to say, I did not want his service.  There was another guy from Freemont who decided he could not help last minute.  There was someone else who confused the town to a street in Omaha. I got a pointless call from this same guy while shopping at an Omaha Lowes; he started clearing his throat, then another woman called me from his number who exhibited the same behaviors from First Data.  Then they had one or two people come into Lowes exhibiting the same behaviors.  This was another distressing tactic to make me think people from First data were still stalking me anytime I went to West Omaha.  I don’t know if my stalkers are stupid to think that I will actually believe that or just generally brainless in their strategy to get me to move out of Nebraska. The freedom to shop wherever I please was again taken away from me.

 I got an interview from West Corporation, a company that has been part of the distressing behaviors since I got to Nebraska, but I never turn down an interview.  At the first Interview, one of the girls from the apartment management office drove by.  The very long interview featured a middle age director from Oklahoma and a manager from Bellevue with relatives in South Dakota. Probably an attempt to make me think the interview was connected to the apartment complexes in Bellevue and Omaha.  The Oklahoma director even obnoxiously cleared his throat every two seconds like the demented people from First Data. The guy indirectly referred to some of my comments on a linked group discussion in an attempt to make me think he was really interested in my hobbies and trying to help me get a job. He said he hoped I appreciate what he was trying to do for me. I suspected he was connected to my past oppressors and even told him he reminded me of some of the people that I had dealt with in Nebraska and did not say it in a complimentary way.  The interview went on for over two hours as the man went on and on to make me think he was interested in hiring me. 

I made a quick trip to my new house before this interview, but I could not get into town due to flooding.  A small blue eye trooper who was directing traffic had a tall construction worker obnoxiously clearing his throat give me directions. I eventually gave up and went back to Omaha since I couldn’t find a way to get into town, but was able to get to the interview early.

I moved to my small town the following week after the first interview.  I had called the local plumbing company and noticed the old fat plumber exhibiting the same familiar behavior and even whispered she is ugly as he was talking to a younger worker. There was a third bearded plumber with them who was exceptionally friendly, but I saw thru his façade and saw a side he was not revealing. The friendly bearded plumber talked  loudly with his co-workers about how lonely he gets, I am guessing this was another attempt to get me interested in a plumber; but who would be stupid enough to think I would be interested  in these abusive plumbers?  Probably also another tactic to make me think my cigarette smoking blue eye trashy Omaha neighbor was connected to this plumber. 

There was another blue eye town employee who came in with another glasses wearing town worker to turn on my water. Predictably, the blue eye town employee whispered she is ugly or something close to that.   These two men and the plumbers were also very discouraging about the house as if they did not want me buying the house, but it was a little late for that.  Yes, the house needed work, but it was not as bad as they painted it.

I got invited for a second interview at West Corporation. Perhaps in another endeavor to get me to go to this interview,  old blue eye men in the new town kept pulling up next to me, asking what I did for a living.  I ended up going on the second interview and just like the deceptive interview I had with the beauty school in Manhattan before leaving NY (where deranged Hispanic girls were following me afterwards), I met three more people that day who showed high interest in me and expressed their desperate need to fill the position ASAP.  They even showed me their facility, introducing me to EVERYONE in their department, and of course, I got a rejection letter a few days later.  Apart from the numerous throat clearing from people at the second interview,  there were also all the familiar paranoia inducing conversations where people talk about things pertaining to me indirectly around me.  

This cigarette smoking “blue eyes”   eighty year old man with  his middle age “blue eye” truck driver  son  helped me remove the old refrigerator in my house.  The old guy told me he used to cover for the cop who patrolled the small town; he would also visit me in this new house often in my first few weeks. He even helped me with my mower, showing me how it works properly.  He also helped me cut trees and did some yard work.  The old man was very helpful, so I had to be nice to him even though I knew he was sent by my stalkers.  Every conversation I had with the guy was repeated in exact format on David Letterman.  Bizarre! I know, but the crazy truth!.  It could also just be another attempt to create their illogical coincidences, cover for their past evil deeds, or just screw with my head for fun.  The old guy would also show the usually disrespectful behavior asking what I did for a living while talking about the prostitutes he visited while he was in the military or say preposterous things like people may think I am sleeping with him because I talk to him often.  Now, what kind of perverted mind would jump to such a sick conclusion?  Since when talking to someone means you are sleeping with them?  Even men in their forties repulsed me, who will conclude such a   disgusting thing about an eighty year old man, only a perverse degenerate! 

The old man will also show up at random times when I really could use some privacy.  He would talk about how he believed in making friends and acted like he was interested in me romantically, but he was just a silly  frail old man that no one would take seriously.  He would also refer to some of my comments  on LinkedIn  discussion group.  He also told me he lived in Bellevue, worked in Omaha, and use to work for an engineering company. 

 Initially, the old man and his family seemed nice, but they eventually displayed all the usual distressing behaviors; the laughing, name calling, and general psychosis.   He also told me he had a daughter who lived in Madison, but then afterward I would have a woman loudly talking about how she lives in Madison following me around in stores, exhibiting the usual distressing behaviors  as I did my grocery shopping. There would also have a truck which looks like the old man’s waiting in front of my house late at night, doing creepy things or making noise in the wee hour of the morning. Probably another attempt to make me think the old man was stalking me or to get me to think another blue eye people were interested in being friends, but then turn out to be just as evil as everyone else. This is a common mind game with my insecure pathetic psychopathic stalkers.

I ended up doing all the house handy work myself since someone managed to get everyone on craigslist to be insulting or unwilling to help.  I did the minor renovation and painting by myself.  While painting the house, I noticed the same old psychotic behaviors from most neighbors in my vicinity.  This old man living behind me would have one of those  really loud demented conversations that people have around me since my Omaha apartment.  However, he will say things like she is ugly or nasty.  His entire family also exhibited the same abusive behaviors; he had a daughter with a little boy who will often pass by my house whispering she is ugly; he had families that had houses close to mine; they would also come out while I am painting doing their maniacal laugh. The old guy who always reeked of alcohol or cigarette will also offer to help with my house work, but I obviously turned down the deranged help.   

 There was also a Hispanic couple with their two children who lived across this old man who exhibited the same psychotic behaviors. The woman will yell I was ugly at random times or when I come back from grocery shopping.  She exhibited familiar illogical/competitive behaviors I am acquainted with from these people. There will be two Hispanic men waiting on their yard calling me ugly as I paint.  The children would also scream she is ugly at random times or as I am about to enter my house.  There would also be two young blonde girls  who will pass as these Hispanic kids are playing, the girls will point at me , call me ugly, and laugh hysterically?  I know! Horrible behaviors from children!  Only in Nebraska! There was another really pretty blue eye blonde little girl who will often act like that psycho woman from First Data, she often walks in front of my house.

There was also a short young blue eye guy who will drive around on his motorcycle trying to get my attention during my first few days, but then later drove by with his blonde girlfriend  one Saturday calling me ugly. There was another glasses wearing dark hair/brunette woman with two blonde little girls, they will often pass by my house whispering she is ugly.

There is another quiet old man across who will have conversations with me that will be repeated by some stranger who calls me from LinkedIn discussion group. He will also constantly ask me what I did for a living and exhibit some of those controlling tactics of my stalkers. Also, while I am talking to this old guy, a couple may walk by calling me ugly or nasty.   I am not really sure if the couples are connected to the old guy, but they probably are.  They also sometimes will have a bald guy with his blonde wife call me ugly as I drive by them or they walk in front of my house.

I had jokingly mentioned tomatoes made me fertile in the privacy of my Omaha apartment and when I moved to the small town initially; that abusively demented cigarette smoking alcoholic neighbor would always give me tomatoes and other rotten products form his garden; the quiet old guy across would also offer me tomatoes; and there was another blue eye guy who drove a white truck who also offers me tomatoes, plus exhibited the same disturbing behaviors.  The bald town mail man would also offer me his garden products and sometimes exhibited the same distressing behaviors.

The blue eye guy with the white truck also had a young couple living close to him who will have those loud obscene fights using a lot of profanity and saying she is ugly as am painting my house.  This couple was five houses away, but I could hear them.

My next door neighbors also seemed connected to Omaha or at least they wanted me to think that.    I was worried about unloading my truck the first day I moved in and had mentioned this in my Omaha apartment knowing my eaves dropper were listening.  The blue eye wife who wore  the same outfit I was wearing came out to help me unload my truck.  She also initially exhibited some of the same familiar demented behaviors . I believe they wanted me to think she was connected to the deranged blonde woman from First Data since the girl was a golf teacher around the same vicinity First Data was located.  The psycho blonde woman from First Data was always talking about playing golf.  Her blue eye husband also initially showed the same disturbing behaviors.

There was a time I commented that I was happily single and was not looking for love on my LinkedIn discussion group.  The wife responded to my comments in that familiar way . She told me there were a few guys in town she wanted me to meet and was going to invite me for dinner.  This was the typical bullying infuriating behaviors from people around me where they would do the opposite of what I wanted just to be annoying.   These people are NOT my friends and I don’t care for their retarded/offensive sense of humor, but they do not seem to be getting that. There were other times her husband would have a guy over, who would call me ugly or respond to something I say on my LinkedIn discussion. 

The husband’s mother who is also blonde with blue eyes visited one time exhibiting the same disturbing behaviors.   After I told the older woman that I did not like noisy people or children,  two kids came  out of nowhere screaming, I believe one of them said she is ugly.  The woman also sounded racist.    She deliberately called me Tori and a woman called Tori just happened to post a question they knew I was going to answer on my LinkedIn group discussion the next day.  A peculiar coincidence?  

This woman’s son also share the same name as the one cop the town has.  The wife once told me about how dangerous it is getting in town and how some people were arrested by the town cop in front of her husband.  This may just be another attempt to remind me of the one cop they have in town.

After coming back from my weekend grocery shopping one of my first Fridays in my new town, I had noticed a cop car following me right after passing a gas station, but was not too concerned since that was norm since my move to Nebraska.  However, as I pulled up in front of my house, I noticed the cop park across me, and the big belly tall brunette/dark hair cop got out of his car. I asked if I was driving too fast since getting tickets was my only connection with cops, but the cop said he just wanted to introduce himself and said I should let him know if I ever need help with anything.  Apart from the insecurity he displayed in the form of frowning while telling me some local burglaries stories, I honestly thought he was just a friendly small town cop who says hi to all new residents.  I asked for his name as I would to any friendly stranger and said some exit pleasantries. 

After the cop left, another couple driving a black Chevy drove by, and the guy whispered she is ugly.   This was probably another idiotic attempt to show me the difference between a real cop and a pretense cop? But why will I need such an abusive and moronic act to show me something so obvious?  More importantly, was I five?  Why will I think someone driving a  black Chevy was a cop??  I don’t know the kind of brainless skanks these cops were used too, but their attempt to help always do more harm than good.  After this incident and when I was done unloading my grocery, I noticed the cop drove away as if he was waiting for me to go inside. 

As I drove to the town’s dump to get rid of my grass one evening, I noticed the cop talking to an old blue eye man driving a cart; the man said I was ugly as I waved to the cop.  I wave to everyone since that initially seemed like a norm where everyone in town was friendly and waved at you. The cop also drove by a few times as I am getting into my house after  my weekend grocery shopping.  He also drove by a few times initially on Saturdays in front of my house.  Of course, there were always some disturbing behaviors exhibited by neighbors when the cop drove by; the Hispanic woman across calling me ugly, or a guy with a child calling me ugly with his car parked at the neighbors  house; or neighbors having those deranged loud conversations saying she is ugly as I enter my house. 

There was also a time that I had one of my pretense conversations in front of the Hispanic neighbors just to let them know that I did not care for their presence in my life and also that I knew their behaviors was connected to a cop; since it is impossible that the Hispanics in my Long Island neighborhood just happened to know the ones in California, Bellevue, Omaha, and now my new small town?  I did not know anyone in these places and it does not take a genius to figure out that it was one person instructing all these people to act in the same demented ways.  

 As I painted my house later that evening, the town cop parked a block from my house and paraded like he was doing something important with some kind of police equipment.  Of course, someone whispered she is ugly as the cop paraded around; he glanced at me briefly and then went back to his car.

I was used to this senseless cop drama since Bellevue and Omaha. It really kind of took off  in my mother’s neighborhood in Long Island.  I knew it meant nothing since the pot belly cop was likely married with four children or divorced with one to four children as most cops who drive around me doing stupid things.  Either way, I would have to be a low self esteem woman who loves being abused to be interested in these cops. They probably wanted me to think he was stalking me since afterwards, I will go to the Menards’s in Columbus  and there will be a car parked in front of me with a  big sign that say’s Matt’s friend.  The name of the town cop was Matt.

 I also mentioned in one of my LinkedIn comments how discourteous I find these cops and said that the fat cop in my small town is also equally moronic just like the ones in Omaha or Bellevue .  I had gone to the Fremont Menards that weekend and some fat men responded to my  "disrespectful cop" comments, calling me ugly, and made comments about my butt.  

There was also another bald blue eye man who had contacted me on LinkedIn during this period whose name was also Matt; the guy who worked for EY had promised to help me get a tax accounting job at the company in Omaha.  I thought it was a moronic idea from a complete stranger on LinkedIn, but I indulged the man.  Of course, I got the expected rejection letter from EY a few days letter after the man submitted my resume.  Now, why will I think a small town cop will have connections to get me a job I was not qualified for at EY?   

 I continued my weekly grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and Bakers, but I noticed the same  behaviors when I visited Freemont.  The Freemont Wal-Mart had Hispanics laughing psychotically or calling me ugly;  or young men calling me ugly, nasty ,  and doing really disrespectful things; or tall blonde blue eye men calling me ugly; or young couples calling me ugly, usually the women; and even their staff were unusually disrespectful.  They would also have a really dark skin man call me ugly, something which started in Omaha and just got increasingly worse. This has to do with the Adolf Hitler who has been trying to control me since NY about the kind of products I buy and has given me a burden he has no right to impose on me. It also has to do with the morons, who eaves dropped at my Long Island apartment, misunderstanding everything I say and idiotically taking things too literally. 

At Bakers, there would be young couples standing next to my check out counter whispering she is ugly; or a blue eye man yelling she is nasty like a deranged homeless bum at the parking lot; and they also had their teenage workers show extremely disrespectful behaviors.  There was a time they had numerous women at Bakers wear the same color as I was wearing just to be annoying. Of course, there was the usual police siren blaring around me or cops driving by with their windows open.  There would also be someone riding a motorcycle  with a woman calling me ugly?

At the dollar store, there would be Hispanics and patrons exhibiting the same behaviors or teenagers with dogs waiting outside to harass me just like Bellevue.  At the  thrift store, there would be tattooed men parked across me , whispering she is  nasty to someone on the phone without looking at me, and then getting back in their car .  I was angry about these same antagonistic people following me everywhere! I yelled at the men, screaming that I wanted them to leave me alone!  It was probably the same retarded people who thinks it was okay to keep saying she is ugly or nasty around me, even if the person was not looking at me, the fact remains that someone just drove from God knows where just to say a familiar distressing phrase that I hear everywhere around me, but I was not suppose think it was directed at me?  These are brainless psychopathic morons whose flawed logic makes them the perfect poster boy for domestic abusers.   After this incident, I decided to stop going to Freemont since I just could not let these people turn me into something I wasn’t; yelling at strangers in public does not exactly fit my persona.     

I switched to the Columbus Wal-Mart and save a lot.  There were a few pleasant people initially, but I started noticing the same behaviors after a few visits.  The workers at save a lot would do the psychotic laughs or say she is nasty or ugly. There would be Hispanic men clearing their throats and teenagers misbehaving just like Bakers.  At Wal-Mart, there would be a group of Hispanic men waiting outside, laughing psychotically, whispering the word nigger around me, or calling me ugly.   Hispanic women were calling me nasty or a male Hispanic worker would tell some blonde woman she is ugly while looking at me.

 It became such an unhealthy environment that I decided to stop going to Wal-Mart for good. Although, these workers acted the same way at all the Wal-Mart confirming my suspicions that they were following the instruction of someone who had the authority to do that, but it was also un-American for me to pay people money who offered that kind of horrible service, I decided it was no longer worth it for me to keep going back. Another pursuit of liberty and happiness had been taken away from me.

At ConAgra, people around me would keep telling me that I should shop at Hy-Vee and not Wal-Mart.  There were times I would go to Wal-Mart in Omaha and there would be cops cars and my visit will be followed by really impolite behaviors; I will come outside and a Hy-Vee truck will coincidentally pass by.   Other times, they would have a Hispanic guy follow me to my car, really creeping me out, and then, there would be an Omaha cop car speeding towards the direction of Wal-Mart as I head home. 

My navigator was once hacked probably by cops since instead of taking me to the Freemont Bakers, it kept taking me to Hy-Vee and there was  a cop car driving suspiciously around me during this incident. Like, who gave these cops the right to tell me where to shop?  This is America and not an oppressed third world country where cops get to determine where I shop.  I was constantly being harassed, abused, and controlled by people I did not invite into my life, it was bad enough I had lost jobs because of their sick behaviors, now I was losing all my savings too, because these  control freaks says I can not shop at Wal-Mart?  Plus, I had been to the Omaha Hy-Vee; I saw the same bizarre behaviors from workers and patrons!

 Off topic, I should also mention I had similar disrespectful behaviors from  teenagers at  Omaha Best Buy.  They even once had a tattooed blue eye worker telling me how he got  up at 3am because he could not sleep.  The guy also acted like the morons form Hillsong?

I once went to the Omaha Home Depot where they had a blue eye old female employee calling me ugly and a young dark hair/brunette male worker also called me ugly.    I should also mention that after the attractive young looking dark hair/brunette Omaha cop tried anxiously making eye contact at L/84th while I was working at Optica; they had  a few men who had  that same attractive youthful look follow me around in non-cop cars calling me ugly that weekend.  A guy that may be the same cop or looked just like the cop even drove by me with a blonde woman, calling me ugly as I sat in my car at a Barnes and Noble parking lot.  The object of their sick mind game is  to get someone  they think I show interest in to insult  me or make feel bad just like in  church, but again, they are  probably use to stupid women who  are attracted to  insecure/immature/abusive men.  Yawning, impertinent behaviors, comparing these women to others, and getting them to compete for attention probably also works on these low self esteem types.

I switched my grocery shopping to a town closer to my house and even though I did not see any cop cars,  but there was a police station next to this grocery store.  Predictably, the crazy behavior just continued. There would be women waiting in front of the grocery stores doing the maniacal laugh;  people responding to something I said on LinkedIn loudly or clearing their throats; young men/grannies calling me ugly/nasty or laughing obnoxiously; or employees whispering she is ugly/nasty around me;  blue eye and generally grotesque/unappealing old middle age men trying get my attention in the most abusive ways;  Hispanic looking men saying really disturbing things around me. Also, people loudly responding to something I just did or saying something pertaining to me without looking at me. 

My first visit to my small town hardware store also showed similar behaviors where grandmas were whispering I was ugly or some fat blue eye man calling me ugly.    Things are getting better in my little town, my trip there on Monday was not terrible, the grandma cashier was  surprisingly nice, but there were still chubby middle age white man whispering she was ugly at the back of the store as I paid for my  blue snow shovel.   The local grocery store also seemed to  have a  surprisingly pleasant staff, but there was a disrespectful blue eye young man calling me nasty/ugly on my first visit and other patrons who showed the same disturbing behaviors.

Coincidentally, after the typical insecure condescending behavior from an out of   town old blue eye plumber, I had returned to that young friendly bearded plumber who initially visited my house to fix the problem.  Remember the one who was complaining about how lonely he gets?  While telling this plumber about my problems, he had strangely asked if I was going out of town and I said no,  he said  he would stop by later to help with the problem.  As I got back, I notice the old lady in the big yellow house across had a few young couples hanging suspiciously in front of her house.   As I got out of my car, the group was very quiet, however as I got my letters out of my mailbox, they all suddenly started laughing maniacally.   One or two of the girls also said she is ugly/nasty.

 I knew this behavior was somewhat connected to the plumber since I had nothing good to say about them since using their service and I told that old blue eye eighty year old man that the plumbers had exhibited some of those psychotic behaviors that I was trying to get away from; perhaps this was their way of showing me people who exhibited psychotic behaviors. However, the  question  is how could  these plumbers be friends with people who show that abusive/demented behaviors, but are not somewhat connected to it.   The people who are constantly showing me the bad people are even worse than the culprits since their insensitivity to the trauma that I had already been thru shows they are not any better than the evil doers.  

Of course, the bearded friendly plumber eventually came by and revealed he was friends with the people who just exhibited that distressing behavior. The boy who spoke about how lonely he was now revealed he had a fiancée and was getting married.   This is the typical mind game I was used too from my stalkers, but to get this from a plumber was beyond insulting.  As I told him about the crazies from town, he presumptuously asked if I thought he found me unappealing?  I laughed out loud at the absurdity of that question, why will  I care what this unappealing plumber thought of me?   This is a guy I probably will never talk too if I didn't need his service.  I was just being friendly to be nice.  It was always disturbing to see these uncivil young plumbers, electricians, and  general maintenance type people follow me around calling me ugly, nasty, and other distressing behaviors.   I don’t know why  they got the idea that I would be interested in these insolent, deranged, abusive, and generally presumptuous building maintenance/construction type people.  Of course, the university graduates were not any different.   My experience with these people has been highly unpleasant.

  It does not matter if  they were gross middle age people, unlikable young men, or their equally insulting female relatives; the fact  was these were very abusive people and I do not care for  their presence in my life. I don’t know why they can’t get that I am not looking for friends, love, and was unquestionably not looking to be abused by a group of idiotic white people. The last time I checked, this is America and the slave days are over, I have a right to choose the kind of people I want in my life.

This plumber’s  older brother also came to fix a problem in my house a few weeks back and I mentioned jokingly that he was part of the crazies since I usually hear  one of those crazy loud conversations come from where he lives.  The next day, I decided to stroll around my very quiet town, I noticed unusual familiar psychotic behaviors. 

There was an old couple walking by and the old lady yelled I was ugly, like a deranged psycho as if she was off her medication or something.   The blue eye man with white truck also strangely cleared his throat loudly as I passed by.   The teenage boy across was unusually loud calling me ugly and was having a loud demented conversation with his dog.  The bald old man across me loudly yell she is ugly.   A dark hair /brunette couple also drove in front of my house  saying she is ugly.  The quite old man across me also had guests over exhibiting the same disturbing behavior.  Perhaps another attempt to show me the crazy people these plumbers are not connected too or just another coincidence? 

The other really really creepy thing that still  makes me question how much privacy my house has  is that there  has been a few weekends where I go to use the toilet in the middle of the night and there would be a black car waiting on the street across, right in front of my window with  the headlight flashing at my house. No, the car was not driving by, but would intentionally stop in front of my house window as I walk back from the bathroom into the living room/bedroom? This happened a few times during the weekend.  I was obviously very freaked out and distressed about this since I did not see how someone will know when I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, this was usually between 3 and 6AM in the morning. 

 I thought maybe it was because I turned on my bathroom light, but why will someone be watching my house and waiting for me to turn on my bathroom light?  What kind of sick demented psycho watches a woman’s house  in the middle of the night?  I started using a flashlight when going to the bathroom to prevent people from knowing I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night; while the behavior stopped for a few weeks, I noticed the same thing a week ago while I was going to the bathroom with my torch light?  How could someone know I was going to the bathroom when I just had my torch light on for a second and it is pitch dark inside the house?  This is a must disturbing behavior!  I noticed the following Sunday morning as I looked out my window, there was a dark hair  or Hispanic looking man driving by  in a dark dodge sedan chuckling to himself, of course, he may not be the culprit, but it was always a black car doing this creepy thing. 

This behavior actually started in Bellevue and got really worse in Omaha after that cigarette smoking blue eye neighbor moved below me. He would make really creepy noises anytime I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and a loud car would drive by afterwards.  Abusive/disrespectful strangers violating my privacy had become a norm since renting that awful Long island apartment formerly occupied by a cop.

Prior to this, I noticed  the cop patrol car pass around my house when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night once or twice before, but I thought it was just coincidence since the behavior was not consistent. There is also another creepily friendly old bald man who lives across me, he is usually parked in front of my window getting his mail most nights when am doing my evening exercise, but I also notice the same old man once sharpening a knife on his porch around 4AM, and this was right after noticing that creepy black car in front of my window. It was the creepiest thing ever!   I don’t care for these kinds of people.  This intrusive/ offensive sense of humor from strangers is just unacceptable! 

There are also a few grandma  type neighbors wearing the same color outfit  am wearing once in a  while, but  this does not happen everyday like First Data. The other creepy privacy issue is more with my online data where it seems someone is unrightfully watching my online activity. I once started a new twitter account just for fun and I instantly had Indian followers just like the kind of sick joke people use to do when I working in ConAgra. These people just keep violating my privacy rights. I notice the same behaviors with e-mails, Netflix account, LinkedIn, and others where there is obvious tampering with my data. I had this problem since NY where people hack my blackberry, e-mails, my laptop/net pad to read my blogs before postings, personal texts, and online travel accounts.  I would call my banks and notice the same invasive behaviors; people clearing their throats or repeating a familiar phrase etc. 

There was also this old middle age man who worked for the town and was nice enough to help me with overgrown tree branches on my lawn.  Of course, they used this man to create those illogical coincidences to make me think I  was seeing or hearing the same thing everywhere, to cover for their past evil deeds, or just to be stupid. Whatever I said to this man will be repeated on a TV show the next day. These creepy coincidences were usually created with anyone I talk too.  They used mailman, plumbers, or maintenance people.

For instance, I mentioned to that  bearded friendly plumber that NE Huskers football team was doing great lately since I have been watching their games; after this conversation, they would have football team members who looked like the plumber / shared his name or just random players clearing their throats unnecessarily on their interviews  for the sport session of the evening news.   Again, the bizarre crazy truth!

On a positive note, I had my best home experience so far in my small town. Apart from those creepy experiences, it looks like this small town has some big minded people.  At least eighty percent or more of  these town people have refused to participate in the sick behavior I have been experiencing since my arrival  in Nebraska.  Apart from the few neighbors in close vicinity who has displayed those familiar deranged behaviors, most people have been refreshingly normal and pleasant.  People seem friendly and willing to help often.  I even once had a stroll around town where there was no psychotic episode from anyone!!?? That was a first for me in a long time!

  My house is not perfect and could use a few updates, but I am finally getting some privacy and peace.   Apart from the 15th century town bell that goes off at 7am, 12pm, and 6pm daily; people don’t wake me  up in the morning, there is no one doing crazy things in front of my house, and  I can  finally say anything I want without fearing retaliation when I step outside my home.      While going out is still a struggle since the crazies are still somewhat present when I go out of town, but at least I can come home knowing it is a safe haven.   I can go back to being myself and embrace all the happiness/joy that comes with that.  Home is where you have peace, privacy, and happiness;   It is at home that I am most happy because people who brings me the most distress are not a threat and will soon be a distant memory. 

Of course, this is America! Therefore, I am looking forward to the day where these domestic terrorists/stalkers stop following me around!  It will be great to be able to visit a store where unwanted people are not constantly doing disturbing things around me; where the people I pay my earned cash too are not abusively disrespectful and disturbingly familiar with my personal life.  I want to be able to converse with people and do things without my action/words not been  taken out of context,  too literally,  repeated idiotically, or used to create  moronic/illogical coincidences.  I want to be able to go on a vacation without   people creating problems; or take a flight without sitting next to a stalker; drive freely on the highway of life without being on the radar of the wrong kind of people; go shopping or roam around freely without uncivilized people constantly sent  to antagonize me; shop in a black neighborhood/anywhere for WHATEVER I want without  harassing/abusive behaviors; go to work and be treated as a  professional without people obsessing with things that have nothing to do with my experience/education/skills. I want the freedom to be able to separate my professional life from my personal life.  I want to be able to choose the kind of people involved in my life because this is America!

 While this experience has shaken the core of what I believed about church , people, and institutions; it has not changed my views. I no longer love my enemies and will only show kindness to those who have truly earned it. In spite of my stalkers attempt to show me that everyone in the world is as evil as they are since every person around me depicted the same distressingly wicked behaviors; but  I still believe that good people exists. They successfully convinced me there are no good churches or Christians, but I do believe the good people of these world are not in church.  While I am not perfect, I certainly don’t go out of my way to make other people unhappy like church people/my stalkers.  I am too happy, fulfilled, complete, secure, and confident to partake in such evil things.  My definition of evil is someone who hurts innocent people for no other reason than amusement or  just out of insecurity, chauvinism/bigotry, control issues,  and evil heartedness

 There are undeniably a few good and non-evil conforming people in my new small town.  Things are getting better, even some of the neighbors in close vicinity are beginning to take their psychiatric medications.  I know two more good people worth mentioning. My grandmother was an exceptional God fearing woman who never stepped foot in church because she did not believe in them.  Listening to her words of wisdom is minutely responsible for the moral/values that shaped my life till the present day. Also, my first manager at  Cantor Fitzgerald who believed in me and gave me my first accounting job when I first graduated college, confirming once again that America is a land of opportunity, where getting a job is not about who you know, but what you have to offer.  The only thing that  the“blue eye” man knew about me was what he saw on my resume and what I told him at the interview, and that was enough to get a job, because this is America!   

This experience thought me the most important lesson in life about people. You don’t know how unhappy you can be till you have wrong/uninvited people in your world. You are better off being happy on your own than being surrounded by miserable people who makes you sad! I never thought having no one around could give so much joy, happiness, contentment, fulfillment, and peace.    I am happily single because there is no one out there deserving of me, now that is a thought I can live with. My recent experience had shed a profound light in this area. By preventing the kind of people involved in my life in recent years to have a permanent footing, I have been spared from a most wretched life!  Imagine if I was actually stuck with these people as my family or friends! Thank goodness that I live in a country which gives me a choice to reject people who make me unhappy.  Because of this experience, am confident that I will NEVER feel bad about singleness EVER again! You  really don’t know what it means to be profoundly miserable until you have the wrong people in your life. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

PROTECTION OR PERSECUTION? ((My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People Part 11)

I had been looking for an apartment for weeks, but again like NY, it seemed someone was trying to control my decisions since every apartment I saw had something fishy going on.  Their doors were either closed; or they had dogs barking in the management office, no vacancies, or really unpleasant staff. The only apartment that I was able to get  had a really unpleasant meth head looking staff.  A Hispanic maintenance man even showed very offensive behavior, but I was determined to move.  A woman was sitting on her balcony below when I came to see the finished apartment.  She was coincidentally a pastor’s wife from Montana and they came to Nebraska to plant some church called “Changed Life” church.  Let’s just say there is nothing about this couple’s life that represents a changed life.

  While this may be an attempt just to make me think Hillsong was still stalking me since this couple somewhat exhibited the same behaviors, but I doubt any good Christian would let anyone but God control them.      These couple managed to solidify my suspicions that a lot of those deranged, psychologically destabilizing, and crippling behaviors were also somewhat connected to church people.

My first conversation with the woman was repeated by another church going girl at the apartment management office.  She  pretty much repeated everything I said to the pastor’s wife about church, which confirmed  that church people are connected to the people obnoxiously repeating what I  say and creating those illogical coincidences.   The day I signed my lease, I noticed teenage girls coming out  of the apartment office with the same insulting behaviors.  This apartment was also located in front of Cornerstone, the agency that got me  the low paying fake job at the Bellevue complex.  This again confirmed my suspicions that these callous Christians may be partly responsible for my agonizing experience in Bellevue.  The pastor’s wife also mentioned that some kids got kicked out of the apartment for fighting  as if warning me not to get into a fight. 

I noticed the same controlling behavior with this pastor just like that psychopathic Hillsong pastor. He would also respond to things I say in my apartment.  I was once upset about something in my apartment and kept going on and on; but then the pastor stood in front of my bedroom window and started talking loudly on his phone as if he wanted me to stop. Another time, he was having one of that familiar attention grabbing phone conversation and he said that was the only job we could get Amy to give her.  The name of my manager then was Amy; but this could just be their usual ungodly attempt to screw with my head and make me think they had something to do with my job.  I said something about playing my music too loud one time and the pastor responded loudly as he came into the building, saying, yes, it is too loud.   

The pastor also probably knew everyone in the building since I saw familiar patterns.  The Indian couple across me were just deranged, the wife was a major mental case; she would loudly say I was ugly every time I walked by her door or in front of my window. These couple would wait around for me to get into my apartment making the most infuriating sounds or would arrive at the same time I get back from grocery shopping and would insult me.  There was another blonde girl with a child who was dating a black guy and lived in the same building.  She yelled I was ugly more than once.  

There was also a long hair church going woman who lived next to the deranged blonde woman.  She would also call me ugly when she passes by me or anytime I had my window opened.  She also had two young boys who will often call me ugly.  She was married to a bald guy who whispered the word ugly when passing by me a few times. These couple would also often wait for me to get out of my car and get into my apartment.  Apparently, the people that felt I was lonely in Bellevue have managed to accomplish their mission of inviting more abusive moronic bullies into my life.   There was another nurse who lived beside me who smoked like a chimney and coincidentally had the same name like the woman from Council bluff.  I believe these were just all tactics to make me think the  people from my NY Hospital job and Bellevue were still following me.  The woman will often knock on my door needlessly, looking for help.  She also exhibited familiar dramas from NY.  Her family/ visitors would say/do some of those psychologically destabilizing things.  She also had a daughter who will often call me ugly and acted like the girls from Bellevue.  I would come back from work and someone will put dirt in front of my door, leave my mailbox open, or come into my apartment to leave my shade open.

  In Bellevue, maintenance people would presumptuously enter my apartment; leaving mails on my table, or copies of keys, and sometimes eating my freshly baked muffins.  Like most of my experience in Nebraska, the fact that I was a paying customer did not mean anything, I was repetitively disrespected by people I paid my hard earned cash too.

There were several times fire men came in to visit the  nurse because she was sick; they  will often say the word ugly. They may have been referring to the woman, but to have people use that word around me even when not directed at me was insensitive, disturbing, and uncivilized.

There was a couple who lived next to me in the next building who will eaves drop on everything I say  and will turn that into a drama that will keep me up all night just like my Long Island apartment.  For instance, if I was watching a movie and mentioned how some couple are unhappy and fight all the time. These couple will dramatically exhibit what I just said about the movie; they will curse, fight, and exhibit all the behaviors I just mentioned keeping me up all night.  Sometimes, I will mention something  about a couple having sex on TV or maybe listen loudly to Alanis Morissette's “You Ought to know” . There is a part in the song where she said her ex was thinking of her while the couple is having sex.  I will sing along because I liked that album when I was a freshman in college just because I thought she was authentic not necessarily because I could relate to her lyrics.   The deranged couple will afterwards do one of their fake long sex sections, making a lot of sex noises  in the middle of the night, but will also be banging on my wall, and then after they are done, the guy will start yelling “she is ugly”.  Yes! Really Bizarre!

  I should also mention that the initial loud sex behaviors  with this couple started the first Friday that I moved into this apartment.   My first Friday at this apartment, two Omaha cops were giving this blonde woman a ticket at the lot that I usually do my evening stroll.  The short cop that was in the car said she is ugly.  The tall cop who could be a brunette with dark features or Hispanic gave the woman a ticket, then came around to say hi to me.   This was after I had said that I never wanted to see another cop again in my Bellevue apartment. This was however not going to be my last experience with cops. 

 The loud sex couple would sometimes call me ugly while standing on their balcony.  The wife will sometimes whisper that I am ugly randomly.  There were other times they would make that loud sex noise in the middle  of  the night, then the guy will keep banging on my door with his closet doors.   These couple would also bang on my wall really loudly on Sunday mornings to wake me up.  I will never understand who was inviting these sick people into my life and to think a pastor may have something do with this just confirmed that my biggest mistake in life was ever going to church or thinking church people were good people.

There was also another black guy who was married to a white woman.  They had two kids and were very close friends of the pastor. The pastor and this guy would often depict some  of the behaviors I use to see with Bellevue cops.  This interracial couple would also respond in that bullish like manner to anything I say in my apartment.  The black guy would often shout something that sounded like I was ugly as I walked by him; a very common antagonistic behavior in Bellevue that got even more rampant in Omaha.  If I said that I don’t like children screaming in my apartment; I will come out of my apartment and his wife will have their child screaming at me before I could get into my car.  If I said I don’t like Ford in my apartment, the wife who drove a Ford would park beside me the next morning and call me ugly.  They would always respond in this antagonistic/bullying way to anything I said in the privacy of my apartment.  This couple lived like four buildings from mine, so they couldn’t have heard what I was saying.

There was another guy in the same building as the loud sex couple. He wore glasses and drove a yellow car.  I must have mentioned something about him in my apartment because they started using this guy again to screw with my head. He would parade in front of my apartment shirtless, and display some of that non-gentleman behavior like my old neighbor from Bellevue. They would have him doing weird things in front of my window every Sunday right around the time the pastor got back from church. They would also have yellow cars stalking me, but I was too familiar with this old tactic by now.   The guy eventually revealed he had a girl friend just like they use to do with church people and more recently in Nebraska.   The expected disappointment was missing on my part since I no longer believed in wonder and signs, loving people unconditionally, and was unquestionably not looking for love, friendship, or abuse.

  There were also fire truck dramas with the nurse next to me where they would have a yellow fire truck and a guy who looked just like a Bellevue cop in front of my window. The familiar looking guy will yell; No, we are not going to leave you alone!  This actually happened on my birthday, probably just another attempt to make me think the Bellevue cops were stalking me or this was somewhat connected to the kid with the yellow car.   

There was also initially another Indian below me who sneezes loudly every morning right after my alarm goes off. He would also bang on my ceiling as I did my morning exercise.  I said something once about his strange sneeze in the privacy of my apartment and someone responded to this at work.  The person would even replicate the same sneeze at work probably to make me think my work was connected to the people in my building.  The bald Indian would also call me ugly; he rang my door bell one time for a good twenty minutes just to get me to stop exercising.

 I got a call from  that same disrespectful meth head leasing agent from the apartment complex, who threatened  to kick me out if I don’t stop exercising before 7AM and stop playing loud music? 

I had tried strolling in this new neighborhood, but I noticed the same exact behaviors.   Couples or women were calling me ugly as I pass by their building or there would be  two teenagers  driving around me and parking their cars the same position those Bellevue cops would often do in front of my apartment.       They even had a guy who looked like the bald blue eye Bellevue cop walk around when I stroll.  There was another “blue eye” bald guy who lived in the building across and would call me ugly as I strolled around.  I decided to stop strolling to avoid undesirable confrontations.    

I should also mention that I had stopped going to the hairdressing salon due to this controlling behavior which cost me some serious hair loss since I had to learn to do my own hair and the learning curve was a very steep one.  By the time I knew what I was doing, I had lost most of my hair.  My first visit to the salon was in the same Omaha neighborhood, I had told them that I only use my own  very particular products, the girls had agreed, but they kept coughing and clearing their throats; a most obnoxious habit!  I decided to try another branch of the same beauty school, but they refused to let me use my product.  Instead of putting up with these controlling behaviors, I decided to stop going to beauty salons which stalkers had used to attack me in Long island.  I use to have hairdressers deliberately breaking chunks of my hair, use the wrong product causing breakage, and telling me stories about a woman my age who was still single and does not have children in an attempt to make me feel bad. 

There was also a brunette guy who looked familiar from Bellevue  who visited the pastor on a few Sundays with a blonde woman; he would say she is  ugly in front of my window.   

The distressing behaviors were just not limited to the apartment, but everywhere I went.   In addition to grandma looking people calling me ugly; blonde women, tall white men, blue eye people, and Hispanics were now constantly calling me ugly.  Wal-Mart workers/managers also started doing the same thing and excessively clearing their throats around me.   There would be overweight women waiting at the front door of Wal-Mart laughing psychotically, clearing their throats, and calling me ugly.  Of course, there is always a cop car or trooper driving around when these things happen. 

 While the workers at Omaha Bakers initially would call me ugly or clear their throats just like Bellevue, their behaviors got better over the months, but  there were always crazy patrons following me around antagonizing me with all those disturbing behaviors.  Some of the workers at the Omaha Bakers would also sometimes repeat something the pastor said. They also now had women with really long hair or women with really short hair calling me ugly? This was another upsetting behavior that my brainless stalkers probably thought was flattering.  I will go to the gas station and there will be people there waiting to call me ugly or clearing their throats.   I will go to the Wal-Mart red box  and there would be people  clearing their throat behind me or calling me ugly.

 I will go to the beauty supply stores in Omaha and there will black teenagers calling me ugly, clearing their throats, or saying eeww.  I will go to the mall in Omaha and there will teenage boys saying I was ugly or too thin.  There was always an Omaha cop driving by as I get out of these stores, so there is no doubt  that this abusive antagonistic behavior  is  also somewhat connected to them and church people.  There was not one moment of serenity or normalcy; not at work, not at home, not at stores, and not while I was driving.

Perhaps in response to what I said to the Bellevue cops about the fact that someone would have to be looking at me or my apartment to notice  that I was giving them the finger.  The behavior of people driving around me or even at my complex got even more bizarre. If I looked outside my window, there may be a glasses wearing woman smoking and whispering she is ugly. People who drove around me everywhere also exhibited that same exact behavior where they would look at me saying I was ugly or display an aggressively antagonistic behavior.  This became so traumatizing that I eventually stopped looking at people.  Apart from  all the disabling effect of  what people were doing around me ;now someone was forcing me to stop paying attention to what was going on around me, but I want to live in a country that I have the freedom to look outside my window and look at the drivers around me without fear.    These happened during most of my stay in Omaha where most people I looked at behaved like this.  Crazy, but that is  the bizarre truth about what my stalkers are capable of doing.

As if that was not bad enough, work was also equally traumatic.  I had wisely developed an habit of speaking a foreign language most times  at home while working at ConAgra  which lessened my distress .  However, people were still responding to the few things I said/did in English.  Unlike First Data, there were a few people who acted professionally and never participated in the disturbing behavior, but a good amount  of people participated.  There was even a middle age brunette who sat next to  my manager who acted just like that deranged “blue eye” blonde from First Data.  Probably just an attempt to make me think they were connected.      My manager also had another co-worker from Chicago, and when this woman visited, they would both sometime exhibits the same disturbing behaviors including using the word ugly. There was another time this bald guy conversed with my manager indirectly about something very personal from my private e-mail.

They also had me sit for some time next to this four eye lesbian looking woman who laughed like a psycho at the most inappropriate times. She would be behind me as I go to the bathroom or the parking garage laughing or clearing her throat.  She and this overweight gay guy would sit next to me clearing their throats and doing the deranged laughs.  She would often talk about her divorced catholic brother who was probably as grotesque as she was, but I think this was just to antagonize me. 

There was another glasses wearing woman who would deliberately sit next to me during her lunch break loudly and continuously clearing her throat.  There was also another woman who had a daughter in Colorado and exhibited the same disturbing behaviors ever so often.   There was another moronic brunette/dark hair guy who would often walk in front of my cubicle clearing his throat and respond to some of my private conversations. 

There was another group of women who would follow me to the bathroom doing their obnoxious laugh.  I had another embarrassing moment at work which would have been spared most people who are given the proper privacy and dignity when going o the restroom.   I have never met a group of people who enjoy bullying as these people.

  There was a bald blue eye guy who grabbed his private part  and cleared his throat as he passed by me on the stairways.   They had black girls coming out of their HR suite also clearing their throats; a blonde girl from my group would also exhibit some of those psychotic behaviors like the deranged blonde from First Data  

They were times I will say something about jealousy in the privacy of my apartment while watching a sitcom and the next day, a drama will be depicted around me to test what I said about jealousy by my demented co-workers.  Everything I say in private or did was also often reenacted and dramatized by these people.

  The bald director of my department also initially talked about finding dates even though he would later reveal he was married. These idiots were again assuming I would be interested in this repugnant looking man? There was also another middle age brunette director who often hung with this man.  This dark featured  brunette director will often be at the parking lot during my lunch break and exhibited the same bizarre behaviors like  my bald director who was always  talking about his trip to NJ.    There was another overweight woman who worked for this brunette who will often do the crazy laugh, clear her throat in front of my cubicle, and other antagonistic behaviors. 

There would also have an Indian woman provoking me, so my response will serve their purpose.  I recall this happened one time and my manager had called me into her office and she had irrelevantly repeated the exact thing I said to a black security guy who antagonized me that weekend at Bakers. I don’t know if they were trying to make me think she was following me around or creating one of their illogical coincidences. There were times I would go around during the weekend and a car  with my manager's name would deliberately drive in front me.

People would also follow me around using the word ugly illogically.  I had stopped going to Target  ( a store I liked in NY) since the young workers were constantly disrespectful; calling me ugly or there would be patrons clearing their throats and responding to something I said in my apartment, or saying I was nasty.   

The cop’s activity around me during this period also got more disturbing.   I will go to Burger King and the teenagers would call me ugly at the drive thru or give me dirty water.  I will get the same behavior at Jimmy Johnson or Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Of course, there is always an Omaha cop patrolling with their window down around these places.  I eventually started bringing my own food and stopped going out for my lunch break.

There was one time that I gone to a beauty supply store located on N.30th. As I was waking towards my car from the dollar store, this bald black guy said something to me and I ignored him, responding that I don’t talk to bums since he looked like a BUM!  As I got into my car trying to ignore this guy, he started cursing at me, saying who do I think was, I was full of s$%^, he then zipped down his pants, took out his private part, and said, suck my D#$% !  I was furious, shocked, and traumatized. I looked away and really wanted to run the guy over with my car, but  I was also trying to avoid any contact with the bum. The space was too tight and I could not really drive into him. I rolled up my window to protect myself.  As he got into his car, I was enraged and made a u-turn to ram into his  car to stop him from leaving, but I thought about the damage that might  do to my car.  I got out of my car since I knew this was somewhat connected to those degenerate cops.  As I walked into the Bakers close  to where this incident happened, a fat sheriff was behind me with a smirk on his face as if this was suppose to be funny???    Another middle age brunette/dark hair  man also said to me “you are from NY! “  I was disturbed that these cops will go to such a sick, unconscionable,  and disrespectful extent. This was a protection I never asked for; I was been oppressed and victimized continuously. Their presence was becoming unbearable. This also coincidentally happened a day after I emailed my sister that I was happy in Nebraska

I went to this nail place one time in Omaha where this Asian chic kept clearing her throat while she was doing my eyebrow; I got up and walked out.  I was tired of this behavior and this was America , I was not going to pay for that kind of service.  As I walked out, there was a car next to mine with a barking dog.  The woman took a picture of my car and I told the woman to feel free to call  the cops.   I later got a letter from the Omaha police department saying they were going to issue a warrant for my arrest if I don’t call an Omaha detective about this incident?  I initially ignored this letter as I knew this was another sick joke from these people as I noticed police cars moronically following me around.  I even saw  an old blue eye  Iowa state trooper talking about catching criminal with arrest warrants on the local evening TV that week  probably to intimidate me or create their idiotic coincidences.  

 I eventually called the detective and angrily told him what happened and said that this was America,  and I was not paying for that kind of service.  He asked if the girl finished her service and I said no, I told him that I walked out before she could finish.  He said he was going to call the Asian girl back, but I never heard from the detective again.  Whoever invited these cops into my life had again invited some really demented and disturbing behaviors.  At another Omaha nail store, the Asian woman exhibited the same disrespectful behaviors, even calling me a nigger. I eventually stopped going to nail stores; another pursuit of liberty and happiness had been taken away from me by people I never invited and definitely don't want involved in my life in anyway.

At ConAgra , they would also indirectly compare me  to some of the temps they had in the past who were more exciting perhaps to get me to be more friendly.  I started having pretense conversations with my made up boyfriend just to get rid of some of these unwanted attention.  I also would indirectly talk about them just like they do to me everyday and it was amazing to see how paranoid some of my co-workers got.   If they were getting paranoid after a few days of doing these to them; they can only imagine the effect of that evil behavior  I endured for over ten years  and since my days at Times Square Church.  They would also have really disturbing conversations around me; a guy would stand next to my cubicle and say she is a monkey, but would not be looking at me.  The sentence would be random and would have nothing to do with what they were talking about.  They would sometimes say “she is ugly” while this overweight blonde woman was passing by, but again, this was a word that I heard me so many times  and was offensive/unprofessional even if it was not directed at me.  There was another midget blue eye director in my department who will often pass by my desk clearing his throats.

  I have lived in this country for over twenty years , but the white people I encountered during this period were some  of the most insensitive, cruel, illogical, and moronic bullies I have ever  met.   It was the closest thing to racism I ever encountered. I know this behavior is not necessarily a Nebraska thing, but connected to NY /NJ where I come from, but no one can force you to be evil if you are not innately evil.

  Also during my lunch break, I will notice a moving company truck parked around the shopping complex.  I also noticed a lot of school buses around me ALL the time.  This was no coincidence as I will show later.  During one of my pretense conversation, I once jokingly said while I did not care about children, it would be awesome to be a teacher since you get the summer off.  But like everything my eavesdropper had listened too, this statement was also misinterpreted and taken too literally.  Why would I have a degree in Accounting and an MBA, but want to be an elementary school teacher?     My oldest sister who is under the control of church people and never gives me any compliment once told me  back in NY that  because I was so good with kids that I would be a great teacher, this was after quitting my job.

 I decided to get a  better car since the horrible car that I was duped into buying was always sliding in the snow and had mechanical problems.  I went to Lincoln  to see a car and the Iranian sales man called me ugly and cleared his throat. Of course, this was after I saw a police patrol car drive by.  I also went to Iowa to see another car where the guy delayed me and said the car needed to get cleared for inspection.  Hispanics came into the auto place yawning, clearing their throats, and deliberately driving a red car in front of me with the word “cheap” on the license plate since I was not willing to pay too much for the vehicle.  Predictably, there was a cop car on my way into this little Iowa town.  There was another time that I saw a really pretty blue car in Des Moines and told the guy  that I was going to come back to buy  the car, but I will call before driving to this place and the guy would  suspiciously refuse to pick his phone. Again, these people were now controlling my right to get a car that makes me happy with my own earned money?    Also, who can control all these people in places that I did  not know anyone , and more importantly, get everyone to act in the same abusive way?   I can again only link these behaviors to the cops I noticed everywhere I went.

I took a trip to Chicago to see a really pretty green car that I saw on craigslist.  I drove one Saturday morning because I love taking long drives on my summer weekends, but also to prove my theory that it was cops following me around without invitation.  I saw numerous troopers/police cars on my way as usual.  I eventually got to the town and there was a Chicago cop with  his window rolled down driving by me, I did not look at the guy, but he was Hispanic looking.  The only radio station I could get then also had a woman speaking about the  numerous men out there who will make good husbands?

 I got to the car auction place which was located in this nasty looking ghetto area and there was an African couple from Ohio who struck a conversation with me and exhibited that same disturbing familiarity.  I was back to my friendly self and let my guard down since I felt I was out of Nebraska/NY and could resume talking to people.   The owners were on the phone with someone and looking at me as they conversed.  When the auction started, three middle age Chicago cops with guns walked into the place. I wondered why there would be cops at a car auction?   A black guy also called me ugly and I noticed a few familiar disturbing behaviors.  I looked at a few of the cars they had and decided that I did not really want to get anything since the trip was really about getting out of Nebraska for a second to test my suspicions about the nightmare my life had turned into.  I again took the wrong exit and this old blue eye cop yelled at me, he was so mean and nasty just like NYC cops.  I told him to chill out that I did not know that was the wrong door.  On my way to my car, the very old blue eye owner also responded indifferently to my complaints.  During my rest stop, there was an old blue eye guy who also called me ugly on my way into the McDonald restroom.

I was exhausted on my almost seven hour drive to Nebraska that night.  I noticed three trooper cars parked near my exit in Omaha. As I got to the pizza store on maple street, I got out of the car, and there was a group of women doing that psychotic laugh; I  quickly got back into my car and closed the door.  There were also two Hispanic men behind my car. One of them was with an older blonde woman and two vicious looking dogs.  A Hispanic man also came in with a little boy as I walked into the pizza place.  I took out  my phone to have one of my pretense conversations and said something about how I was sick of these morons following me around. I went back to my car and when I came back to get my pizza, the “blue eye” teenager pizza boy called me ugly. 

I drove to Salina, Missouri the following week to see a car.   I noticed a few trooper cars on my way into the town and the car place was also located in front of a trooper station. There was a Hispanic looking trooper on the phone looking at me as I drove into the place.  I think this might have been a tactic to make me think the South Dakota cop/trooper was somewhat connected to this car.  The overweight blue eye sales man repeated all the conversations I had with the staff of the Bellevue Apartment complex???   I was disappointed that the car was silver instead of the pretty color I saw on craigslist; but  I was tired of driving around. I did not like the color since my last car that I left with the crooked “blue eye” mechanic in Long island was also silver.    The sales people were pleasant till I gave them the check, and afterwards, they started clearing their throats, a habit that had become traumatizing.  I got into the car, but my mind was blank due to that throat clearing.  I was getting one of those minor panic attacks. I was in the car, but I was not really present, since my mind was gone momentarily. I didn’t see the bar rail that I drove into which seriously dented the car as I pulled to the nearest gas station. I was stuck with the car now and had again suffered another loss due to the bullying habits of my stalkers.

I was happy when my contract ended at ConAgra since I just went thru the same excruciating experience, but was a little stronger since I was now accustomed to the incivility of these people. My defense mechanism was to act in the same unprofessional manner, but that is not who I am, and more importantly, I know most American companies do not work that way.  Acting like the crazies around me was just a temporary solution.

In Omaha, there were couples following me everywhere calling me ugly. These happened all the time, why these unhappy couples felt the need to project their issues on me was something I could not handle anymore.  The pastor’s wife and the other long hair church lady in my building would also often wait in front of my building  with their kids when I get  back from work with that hostile look or exhibit other antagonistic behaviors. The pastor’s kids were usually nice. 

That pastor eventually moved out of my building. The group of teenager who helped them move with a u-haul also called me ugly.  The pastor was always suspiciously waiting outside anytime I came back from my weekend errand or work. There was a time I went to this teaching interview at one of those ghetto colleges.  My overweight interviewer from Bellevue exhibited those familiar psychological destabilizing behavior, but said that the challenge I may face  as a teacher is confidence?  Now, why will he falsely assume that after ironically displaying numerous confidence killing behaviors?  The man also told me about his Jamaican military friend from Brooklyn and his accountant wife.  He even presumptuously included me with the unfortunate people like himself who may get rejected by UNO, but will be accepted by this crappy college.  He said he was definitely going to give me a position since I had all the quality they were looking for and will be calling me soon.  There was an Hispanic looking man with a smug look on his face at the parking lot.   There was also an Hispanic woman walking around me in that disturbing model like parade imitation.  That pastor and his four children were also suspiciously waiting at the door as I got back home. I never heard from the overweight interviewer again.  

I coincidentally got a rejection letter from UNO about a position I applied for with the school the next day.  This is the typical suspicious coincidences that had become a norm since my nightmare began.   Plus, I was not sure why this man was putting UNO on such a pedal stone, my encounter with their numerous alumni’s was nothing to write home about.  Morons who attend decent schools still graduate morons.

The next few months after my contract would be filled with rejection letters every Friday!  It was always around the same time and the letters were usually degrading, demeaning, and insulting.  I would get rejection letters for jobs that I did not even apply too.  I applied to mostly accounting jobs.  I will also sometimes apply to general operation or administrative jobs which only required high school diploma and I will still get a letter saying I was not qualified or do not meet minimum requirements.   

Coincidentally, I had also applied to a teaching fellow program in Baltimore out of curiosity than desire.   Of course, I got accepted into this program one Friday after getting my usual rejection letters from every one else.  Someone was obviously disregarding the worth of my education to impose their desires on me regardless of my feelings.   I actually cried when I got the acceptance letter/ phone call into this program; I was upset that my suspicions was true about the school buses and rejection letters.  More importantly, that someone was trying to control my life.   However, I was still curious, plus getting out of Nebraska was not a bad idea due to my horrific experience.

A blonde “blue eye” guy who smoked like a chimney also moved in below me during this time.  I initially saw the guy with a group of plumbers, but I doubt that he was connected to the plumbing company since he was always home and never went to work.  The guy was just there to antagonize and get me to move since all the things that happened in Bellevue and NY restarted after he moved  in.  Plus, they will now have plumbing company vehicles following me on the highway and everywhere to make me think he was stalking me.

It was around the same time that I got a job with Optica Network where at the interview, the guy coincidentally acted just like the  man who interviewed me at the  bad medical equipment company interview that I blogged about .  They also wanted me to think this blonde guy was somewhat connected to the interview since he was waiting around in the hallway for me on the day I interviewed.

My job at Optica was not a whole lot different from the two previous ones.  The blonde HR manager coincidentally said she studied criminal law and had lot of friends who were cops.  The office was also coincidentally located in front of the Sarpy County Sheriff department.  There was the usual disrespectful/shocking comments and behavior from some of their male workers. There was a glasses wearing guy from South Dakota who will clear his throat when talking to me or passing in front of my cubicle.  There was one time that these two blue eye men came into the office; the short one resembled that little midget blue eye kid from Bellevue. As I passed by them, the kid said she was really ugly back then.  The blonde HR manager also loudly responds too/repeats what I say in my email.   There was an overweight blonde lady who will also often coincidently wear the same thing I was wearing and calls me ugly when I pass in front of her office. 

There was a blonde blue eye middle age guy who will also call me ugly as I get up to go home Friday nights. He will also wait outside with another middle age guy  smoking as I drive out of the parking lot.  They would sometimes say she is ugly to another woman at the parking lot, but this was an insult that was becoming unbearable to hear around me.    There was another obnoxious balding  middle age “blue eye “ guy  sitting across me, who will do the psychotic laugh , act just like that crazy blonde from First Data , and repeat things I say just to be annoying.  He also said she is ugly while on the phone around me.  He had a picture of a red car posted on his cubicle wall and this was also an Engineering firm, so I am guessing they wanted me to connect this to the kid with the red car from Bellevue.

They would also repeat everything I said in the privacy of my apartment, but apply it to someone else.      I rarely spoke to anyone, but only to my middle age “blue eye” co-worker who was coincidentally married to an elementary school teacher.   The guy would sometimes clear his throat and display some of the other disturbing behaviors.  I also adopted the same defense mechanism  from ConAgra of doing what people did around me just to prevent  myself from having a panic attack.  For instance, I would clear my throats when people clear their throats around me as if imitating them. My commute to this job was also filled with deranged women doing antagonistic things on the highway around me.

I took the Praxis 1 for the teaching fellows out of curiosity. On the exam day, a woman was in front of my window around 6am clearing her throat.  This perverted old “blue eye” man frisked me before entering the exam hall.  The test center personnel also whispered that I was ugly.  While taking the exam, the two exam proctors were also having really loud conversation.  Half way thru the exam, this overweight white man walked in, sat two cubicles to mine, and started clearing his throat loudly every five seconds!  How I managed to do so well on the exam still mystifies me.  I was not interested in becoming a teacher, but the job will move me to Maryland.    

The teaching job was also somewhat connected to Optica.  If someone complimented me about how I was good at remembering names at work, I would get an e-mail the same day suggesting that the program coordinators did not remember my name?  A consistent trend with my last few jobs, where people would create coincidences comparing me to other people.( a most crippling tactic that is useless in getting desired result )    It seemed I was given an unwanted burden. I was judged unfairly on higher standards than everyone else but was not compensated for the grievance brought by this burden.  It is the same idiots who will tell me that I need to be  successful in creating a business even though I had no interest in business or the resources/connection to be successful in business or tell me  I can't buy certain products because I was a role model to people I don’t care about.  I was not a celebrity and certainly did not make enough money for anyone to demand such things of me.  Anticipating a really horrible experience with this teaching fellow, I decided not to go thru with it.

Things got even worse during this period; I will go to the Wal-Mart in Blair and little kids were now calling me ugly. In Papillion, little girls would call me ugly in the mall or start laughing psychotically.  There would be kids with mothers in front of my window on Sundays calling me ugly.   There would be people in front of  my window making noise or calling me ugly in the middle of  the night, I was beginning to lose sleep again just like Bellevue. My blonde blue eye male neighbor would also start making deranged noises any time I was quiet in my apartment.  He also had a “blue eye” friend who drove a white ford and stands in front of my window calling me ugly.  This  guy would also sometimes drag furniture in the middle of the night and I would complain to management who never did anything about it.  I eventually spoke to the guy asking him nicely to be considerate and someone at work of course responded to the way I handled this neighbor situation.  There might be bald guy coming out of the guy’s apartment as I go to work and whatever the guy said would be repeated by someone at work.   

I took the Praxis II  again out of curiosity.   On the exam day, there was short blonde guy driving a silver ford waiting for me with a little boy outside my building.  As I got into my car, the man said I was ugly.    There were a lot of colleges looking guys that day. Most of them were there to take their medical exams, but there was a black guy who came in to take his CPA exam, which honestly reminded me that someone was shortchanging me by asking me to become an elementary school teacher.  Predictably, there was a blue eye midget clearing his throat every two seconds sitting next  to  me while taking this exam.  Needless to say, I did not perform too hot, plus an Omaha sheriff car passed by as I came out of the exam center just like they did on the day I took Praxis 1. I was furious when I got to work even though  I was not interested in becoming a teacher, but to have someone do such an evil thing while I was taking a professional exam was disturbing!    

There were also Papillion cop cars most days around me as I got out of work.    On my way back from work one time, this Hispanic/Black looking Omaha cop rolled down their windows  laughing hysterically and looking at me.  There was one time that this young dark hair/brunette attractive Omaha cop would be at the light across me on L/84Th trying anxiously to make an eye contact. This was just another moronic attempt to make me think an Omaha cop was stalking me, but then there was a gazillion Omaha cops who looked  just like that guy and more importantly, why will I  be interested in these abusive, perverted,  disrespectful, degenerates, psychotic, and evil men?   

 I continue to endure all of these abusive behaviors at work since I could use the money and I knew the contract was only three months.  However, one Friday evening  as I was heading out, I went to the restroom and I noticed a brunette/dark hair  woman was at the front of the door, she was wearing the exact top I was wearing but hers was black. She looked at me in that antagonistic way and eventually moved out of my way.  I was distressed by this behavior and just like the name calling, throat clearing, maniacal laugh, yawning, repeating everything I say, and all the other abusive behaviors; this was something else that distressed me.  Having hostile looking women harass me in the bathroom was  not exactly something that was making my life any better than  the nightmare it already is.  I got into my car really upset.  I also noticed a brunette/dark hair guy sitting in his blue truck across me. I don’t know anyone in Nebraska; I had tried to get rid of these unwanted attention in every possible way, but I knew I could not continue like this . It was not good for my health and general well being.  After my  weekend shopping, I decided to look  for  car stickers because I wanted to put a clear message on my car that I was not looking for attention, but also to show that these cops were obsessed  with everything I did. 

That weekend, I got some stickers to relate my message to my stalkers. I also put some profane languages since I knew this behavior was rooted in NYC and church; I needed them to see I was no longer the woman they knew from church two years ago.  My experience had changed me, I now saw people for what they really are. I had different desires, goals, and aspirations; and this is America, people are allowed to change their minds, grow, and become someone else.

Whatever they presumed  I wanted from misinterpreting my words, eaves dropping, and blogging was a thing of the past. I went to work on Monday morning with that profanity on my car.   The presence of cops even doubled and there were Papillion cops  around as I went shopping that Monday.  On Tuesday, just like that Council Bluff incident, the blonde HR manager called me  into the CEO’s office.  She said that my co-workers that I never speak too felt I was really condescending and aggressive??  I was really indifferent at this point as it was a choice between my well being and another horrible work environment infiltrated by my abusive stalkers. I calmly asked her to explain to me what she meant by that, the CEO then said that the project was going in a different direction and that the clients are still indecisive about the service that I was hired for; I replied saying that was a better way to put it and that it was smart for them to save their money.  

The blonde woman said she was going to walk me to the elevator which was not really necessary.  I think they were trying to recreate what happened in Council Bluff just to remind me to get out of Nebraska.  They were also two Papillion cops parked behind my car???  Coincidentally, I got my Praxis II result when I got home and did not do well. I had missed the required score by two points. It was a relief because it just showed that these people were not capable of controlling my destiny as they thought.  

 The interesting thing is that I applied to that teaching program twice before in NY also for the same wrong reasons, but never got in. My job at Optica actually helped me realize that I should go back to pursuing my accounting career that was cut short coincidentally by the same kind of hostile behavior at work.  I had worked at Industrial Bank of Japan only for a few months as an accountant.  I then had a female black co-worker who will also harass me everyday like this crazy blonde woman from First data.  I eventually switched to another department in the company taking a file clerk position just because it was so unbearable to work with this woman. I was terrified of going to work to avoid uncharacteristic confrontation with this bully.  I eventually felt that life was too short to be working as a file clerk since I just survived the WTC attack.  I ended up quitting my job and taking some degrading Flight Attendant position for a few months as I mentioned before, but then had to go back to Grad school to get back on track before taking my job of seven years at the Hospital.  

The next few months was saturated by the same abusive behaviors.    However, I felt I had suffered another loss with the job because cops paid unusual attention to what I did all the time.  After all, I was not the only one in Nebraska who had profanities on their cars.  There was even a brunette/dark hair middle age  guy that wore a t-shirt  that said keep Nebraska beautiful and stood in front of me at Bakers after this job incident.  Again, somebody had given me a burden that I did not ask for or want.  I was now the only one responsible for keeping Nebraska beautiful and the only one who got punished for doing what everybody else does without repercussion.  

At home, there would be Hispanic maintenance workers or some old blue eye maintenance worker  in front of my bathroom when am taking a  shower in the morning .  The behavior of that blue eye cigarette smoking trashy guy who lived below me got even worse after I stopped working at Optica. Anytime I was quiet in my apartment, he will start fighting with his girlfriend and yelling all kind of profanity, he would  say she is ugly a lot.  This happened almost every day.  There would also be female guests visiting him on Sundays and saying she is ugly in front of my window.  He even had a young daughter/niece that would say the word ugly as I am doing my hair in the bathroom.  There was another couple across my building that would sometimes replicate the fight that I normally  hear from the blue eye blonde guy below me. 

After the nurse moved out, two males also moved into her apartment, there would often have a girl visit who will also whisper she is ugly as I passed in front of their apartment.  They also exhibited the disturbing behaviors from First Data.   In addition, someone  would come into my apartment and open my sliding door;  the door was left open for a few days at one point without my knowledge. I called the management office and they predictably did not have any explanation for it.  After reporting this incident, somebody kept opening my sliding door every night.

I should mention that I had been doing some dance exercise every night since it was summer time and kept my sliding door open for a few weeks during this period because I was trying to prove that those cops were obsessed with everything I did in my apartment.  While dancing, I will see cops cars driving by ever so often.  Eventually, I stopped doing that since I made my point and always kept my sliding door locked. 

I had numerous disrespectful behaviors from these apartment staff. They had someone fix my window when I first moved in who called me a bitch.  Another time, I came in to report something and that meth head looking girl had been exceptionally disrespectful, telling me to get out of her sight, and threatening to kick me out?  This coming from people I pay rent too?   I was disrespected everywhere, even when I call Verizon, my car insurance company, Red box , there were people clearing throats and exhibiting the same behaviors. Who had the authority to get all these people to act that way? 

I was fed up  with  these behaviors and knew that I needed privacy.  I was becoming a ghost of my old self.  I  had stopped going out unless necessary because there was always someone waiting to antagonize me everywhere and to avoid uncivilized behaviors, I decided to stay  home, but even at home, I had no break!  I had no peace even in my own home!

I decided to move.  I tried renting a house in Missouri, but the staff at  the realty would irrelevantly talk about  how  teenagers behave badly  in every neighborhood suspiciously referring to what happened in Bellevue?   But it could also be a strategy to make me think the Bellevue cops were trying to prevent me from moving to Missouri which will normally work to get me to move, but I knew the problem was rooted in NY. It did not matter where I moved; it was likely these people will follow me.   I even drove to Kansas to see this house where there was surprisingly no cop activity, but the same disturbing behaviors were present.  The only thing I cared about was getting some privacy and peace in my home. 

After a few demented and predictably mind games with  a “blue eye” CBS realtor, I decided to buy this little house in  a small town outside of Omaha. The house wasn’t great, but it gave me a very much needed privacy. The realtor from Keller William was coincidentally a bible study going Christian lady exhibiting those familiar behaviors. While people seemed professional on my first visit to the realty office, my second visit when I paid the balance and got the keys was much different and filled with familiar disturbing behaviors. 

The lady also suspiciously asked if I was happy in Nebraska.  No, I replied, but this was the best option for me.  Plus, I knew the people who were making me unhappy in Nebraska were somewhat connected to the people responsible for my unhappiness in NY.  Going to another state was not going to change anything, I might as well stay in a place that at least would give me some privacy in my own home.   My peculiar experience in my new small town will be the subject of my next post.