Thanks for visiting me! I was never afraid to be the only one in a room standing up for what is right; such is the narrow path a genuine Christian is sometimes called to walk. I am sharing my horrific experiences connected to churches, cops, and my past jobs. Read this for your own well being because it can happen to anyone. May the truth set us free!

Monday, March 30, 2015

ARE YOU A COMMUNITY STALKER? (Find out if you have already become a recruit; Churches & Occultism): My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT. 30

Apart from the typical disturbing coincidences/privacy violation with  my past church/work facebook contacts and drivers outside my home, the reemergence of the creepy black once this week, and even more moronic coincidences with TSC Hispanic facebook contacts; I had the same predictable week.

 At the library, the wicked librarians were back to their usual ways. They even accused me of removing labels from the extremely boring new releases that I rented so I can keep them for a week?  The insult never ends with these morons. The librarian in my town is catholic, but I forgot to ask the evil librarians of West Point if they were Catholics; but from the numerous abusively psychotic bullies I have encountered since my arrival in Nebraska, I am guessing they are Catholics connected to Hillsong/TSC/SNCH.   There were also two glasses wearing girls saying the usual disquieting phrases around me; a woman with a glasses wearing boy with the same malevolent behavior; a few evil children, and some really adorable children trying to get my attention.

“Community Stalkers use 'Degrading Themes' to terrorize the target causing them constant stress and anxiety. A Degrading Theme is a form of psychological harassment that stigmatizes the victim and destroys their reputation.” (   

At the Lincoln Street Market grocery store, the usual overweight employee in conjunction with some Hispanic employees were back to doing those disconcerting things. Another blonde female employee who usually does very unsettling things was also back to her old ways.  I asked a "trigger" displaying Hispanic teenage employee where to find a particular item; the boy replied that he didn't know.  At the register, there was an old man who was also checking out, the man did the very upsetting maniacal laugh and said the verbal abuse as I left.  There was also a little boy  who repeated a similar question to the Hispanic teenage cashier and she replied the same way?  Keep in mind that this is something that happens to me all the time, where all my conversations are repeated by someone else.

The process also applies to sound. For example, if you cough or sneeze on occasion, your stalkers may mock you by doing the same. (   

“They will stare at you and smile in a lewd way, smirk, sneer, laugh or glare at you.(   

At First Data, the nutty blonde woman use to do this ALL the time; the same thing happened at ConAgra & Optica!  You can only imagine how distressing that behavior was, which was why I stopped communicating with people for a while.   In the parking lot, I notice the same boy with his father and three brothers getting into a minivan that had a Lutheran college poster?  Perhaps someone was trying to show me the difference between Lutherans and Catholics?  Apparently, not much of a difference!

“Perpetrators of Community Stalking: Satanic Organizations, Religious Organizations, Local Businesses, Tenants, Police, Fire Departments, and Neighborhood Watch” (   

I went to the Dollar General Store afterwards; this store and Wal-Mart are where I usually get harassed by Hispanics, mechanics/blue collar type people, or diverse group of people. Predictably, there was a moronic mechanic type looking person who jovially said Hi and then went behind a counter and whispered that notorious abusive phrase. Pretty psychotic and idiotic!  There were also two lesbians who whispered the same abusive phrase while on the phone and then started talking really loudly when I was in their vicinity. (Remember the evil fat gay guy from ConAgra)     There was also a Hispanic guy who spoke really loudly as he passed by me and then went to an aisle behind me and whispered the abusive phrase?  He also exhibited one of those distressing triggers. People talking really loudly like deranged psychos around me started in Omaha and is somewhat connected to the Omaha pastor in my building.  This is the pastor who showed similar behaviors to the Hillsong pastor and may also be connected to TSC.

 “The Stalkers feed each community lies, adapting them to the stereotypes associated with each group. Again, to be most effective, they will use individuals belonging to each respective ethnicity who are paid, bribed or blackmailed into spreading false evidence and making false statements to condemn you.” (   

These behaviors can be traced to around 2004; I already told you the nightmare I went thru while attending TSC and how things got even more disrespectful/ bizarre/intrusive when I switched to Hillsong.  The “really intense harassment” started after moving to my mother’s Long Island neighborhood in February of 2012.  That was when complete strangers started saying really abusive things or exhibiting very distressing behaviors as I walk on the street, at the hairdressing salon, as I go on interviews,  on the train, at McDonalds, and EVERWHERE!  The nightmare intensified when I went to California and things turned for the worst when I moved to Nebraska.

“Community or Group Stalking is basically a very intense form of harassment. Perpetrators who are part of an organization, community or group participate in collectively destroying an individual. Everyone knows that murder is illegal. Community and Group Stalkers have found a way to commit this crime without standing trial. They kill their victims gradually and hide behind a network of perpetrators to conceal their identities.” (

People recruited to be part of these sick behaviors can be Christians and non Christians.  While most of the sickies in Nebraska seem to be Catholics /Lutherans; Pentecostal/Born-again Christians, non-Christians, church going people who are not necessarily Christians; and even Jews have been part of the depraved behavior.  The one thing that all these people have in common is that they are  willing to hurt/harass a complete stranger; they are generally insecure/deficient; they tend to be really unintelligent/low IQs/extremely stupid even when they are college educated or seem successful; they have no sense of what is right or wrong; they don’t understand boundaries/privacy lines; they are very delusional; they are ungodly satanic bullies; they have serious  unresolved psychological issues; they are needy, desperate, immature, and detached from reality; they NEED to keep up with "THE JONES";  they cannot handle rejections; they are not true Christians; and just generally very evil.   To sum up it up, they are the kind of gullible people that will do anything for money or recognition. They can be bribed, blackmailed, or lured into indirectly killing someone else. They lack character, integrity, heart, civility, class, soul, and credibility.  If you are like anything I just described, then you are a potential Community Stalker!

“It is recommended that you also inform your abusers what Community Stalking is. Why? Because some of the participants don't even understand the significance of what they are doing. Some participate simply because they have been bribed with money or some benefit to them.”  (

 “Gang Stalkers will even spy on these businesses or employees to determine how to get their participation. A little blackmail, some smearing, a few bribes. They will make sure they find a way.” (


Monday, March 23, 2015

Do You Feel Threatened? (How “Community Stalkers” threats you; Churches & Occultism; Deranged Catholics): My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT. 29

The insanely wicked people of Nebraska were up to their malevolent ways this week.   At my town Library, there were two young girls who came in after me; they smiled and then exhibited the usual triggers. At the grocery store, the overweight employee with glasses who usually exhibit those distressing triggers was back to her evil ways. There were other employees around her who also showed those triggers. There was also a shopper/recruit who was talking to the aforementioned overweight employee. There was another shopper who seemed to be repeating the conversation I had with the three Catholics from the church last week. (Remember that ALL my conversations seemed to be eavesdropped on since I always have my cell phone on me, but it is also a way to get me to distrust ANYONE I have a conversation with) There was also a scrawny looking teenage boy with two senior citizens who smiled at me, then said the usual verbal abuse.  And of course, the moronically unbalanced Hispanics were also present. 

“Harassment skits are designed to traumatize victims by making them think the entire world is against them.   Remember they are listening to you in your home and on the phone. The moment they hear you give the number to anyone your cell phone privacy is compromised.” (   

The librarians were back to their iniquitous ways.  On my way out, there were numerous kids waiting at the Lutheran school across, while there was no disturbing behavior, but a woman seemed to say the usual disconcerting phrase. I strolled around my neighborhood afterwards and noticed those disquieting triggers from  more members of the Catholic Church in town.  There was an old lady who mentioned something about me been ambitious, asked me about my job situation, and said the infamous “Good Luck”. The mailman who has often exhibited troubling triggers is also a member of the church.  There were a few teenagers who also showed those notorious triggers.  However, keep in mind that the most disrespectful behaviors from teenagers I have seen so far was in Bellevue and most of the churches I visited in Bellevue were not Catholic churches. 

“There are institutions that use the media to cloak themselves in an image of good will and charitable pursuits - yet they are actually quite sinister at their core. If you are wondering which organizations because you haven't heard anything in the news....You are asking the right question. Why is it that you haven't heard anything negative about certain religious organizations? Because these organizations know how to neutralize their problems without exposing their dirty laundry.  How do they do it? Through their intimidation and harassment networks (group Stalking).  (   

The Catholics unquestionably use Community Stalking tactics based on my encounters with numerous Catholics in Long Island, California, and extensively in Nebraska. The unsettling thing is that I never had any kind of relationship with a Catholic that will justify this abusively deranged behavior. I have always viewed Catholics as people I have NOTHING in common with. It is like light and darkness when comparing my religious beliefs to what Catholics believe or how they behave.  However, I can also connect the Catholics to TSC and Hillsong.  There seemed to be some undeniable coincidences with what I am noticing with the Catholics and TSC/Hillsong. I believe the tactic is to keep the victim guessing who is targeting them, so it will be more difficult to make anyone liable. 

The perpetrators know their strategies may be less successful if you are fully aware who is targeting you, how and why. Any admission of organizing or instigating harassment would make them liable should you choose to press charges or sue. The denial is part of the strategy. The objective is to make sure the target seems to be the only one who perceives the harassment.” (   

There was also a man in my town that got emotional/upset when I told him that I did not like him since I was confident he was part of the behavior, but he kept denying it. Some Catholics can definitely be very manipulative.   The alarming coincidences with what I am doing in the privacy of my house with people outside also increased this week.  A few of my TSC/Hillsong/SNCH Facebook contacts also had the usual questionable coincidences with my privacy.  My Hispanic neighbor came out wearing something similar to what I was wearing this morning and there was also another male neighbor across who did the same thing.

“Remember that the Community Stalkers are now your neighbors.  Parabolic microphones, electro-acoustic probes and sound amplifiers are said to be able to pick up sound in walls up to a half a meter in thickness. Many devices also pick up sound from 300 meters away. You could be driving yourself crazy thinking that your apartment is bugged when actually the listening devices being used are external to your dwelling. No wonder these terrorists are so cocky. They know you'll find nothing after you've paid $2,000 to have you home analyzed and debugged.” (   

I also coincidentally got an e-mail asking if I was still thinking of a job in the East Coast.  Seeing my Hispanic neighbor doing the usual distressing things is almost like an indirect threat of what I should expect in the East Coast.  I already told you about the interviews I went to while living in NY and the psychotic behaviors from Hispanics that ensued. I told you about seeing a nutty recruiter in Midtown Manhattan who only seemed concerned about my fashion sense as to my need of a job.  I also told you how my conversation with this recruiter became a form of threat during my short stay in California.

Daily threats are used to instill fear in the target and push them over the edge.  Targets are threatened on a daily basis, but the threats are indirect or veiled.  Harassment skits and street theater are usually used to convey threats. However, organizations that have considerable amounts of money will also use the media to send indirect threats to their targets.” (   

 I told you the threats from the Air force kids and the Bellevue Police department; and how that threat seemed to be present while working at ConAgra and how the threat was repeated again when I got a letter from the Omaha Police department about walking out on an Asian nail lady after she exhibited the usual distressing trigger while waxing my eyebrow.   I also told you how the media were sometime used to reinforce this threat thru the local news or commercials.   Remember that I also read the story of Miriam Carey while working at ConAgra, a woman who was coincidentally reported to police on my birthday.  Remember, the numerous random “good lucks” I get from co-workers while working at First Data and the numerous “good lucks” I got recently form strangers at grocery store and other places. 

“The threats are meant to maintain the target in a constant state of fear and anxiety. The extreme stress the victim is subjected to gradually wears them down and erodes their mind giving way to suicide or mental illness. The threats are unique to each victim's situation but they generally fall into one of the following categories: Threat of Future Mental Illness; Threat of Financial Ruin; Threat of Sabotage; Threat of Bodily Harm” (   Please see more on threats here: 


Monday, March 16, 2015

Is Your Reputation At Stake? (Community Stalking & Your Reputation; COPS; Catholics; Churches & Occultism): My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT. 28

The usual insensitively iniquitous people in Nebraska were back to their malevolent ways this week.  At the Lincoln Street Market, there was the usual demented Hispanic as I got to the store.  There were people hiding in one of the aisle doing the maniacal laugh as I entered and loudly said “she will be alright”  This is the same thing the exam proctor with the disturbing behavior said before I sat down for my Praxis exam last year in Omaha. 

There were the usual disquieting behaviors from two of their employees. A blonde woman with her blonde daughter said the usual distressing things deliberately beside me. There were also a few glasses wearing people with the usual alarming triggers.  It is inhumanely shocking that in spite of knowing the deadly consequence of their behaviors, they still continue to do it. It just shows you how these cops and some Nebraskans are generally indifference to the plight or life of a fellow human being.    And no, I won’t be alright if I had to deal with that kind of behavior everyday. Even Jesus will not be alright.

“The grocery store is a Gang Stalker's paradise. They use it to execute their Neuro-Linguistic Programming and harassment skits.”  It's a way of conditioning the mind to notice 'triggers' in the environment. These triggers can be shapes, objects, colors, behaviors or sounds. Most importantly, Community Stalkers condition the minds of their victims to develop anxiety upon seeing or hearing these triggers” (

The librarians were back to their usual ways. The blonde woman/ daughter also seemed to follow me from the grocery store to the library and continued the bullying.   There was a tattooed bald man with a child who exhibited the same distressing trigger.  There were a few senior citizens with the usual demented behaviors.   There were also a few deranged drivers on the road. 

 I strolled twice this week around my town since we had really nice spring weather. There were two or three people with the usual triggers, a teenage blonde girl with the verbal abuse, and a little Mexican girl with the disrespectfully demented behavior.  I also walked past a catholic church in town where I noticed the same triggers with two or more members.  I later went into the church and had a conversation with three members of the church which confirmed Catholics uses “Community Stalking” tactics.

“ However when the presence of the police is coupled with Pedophile Skits (see harassment skits) it becomes obvious to the target that police are collaborating with the Stalkers. Harassment skits are designed to traumatize victims by making them think the entire world is against them” (

While I can trace this behavior to 2004 or 2002, the most intense part of my community stalking started when I moved to my mother’s Long Island neighborhood and got really bad when I moved to Nebraska.  I don’t know anyone in Nebraska and the only way all these strangers could know what they seem to know and harass me with is through cops. I already told you about the heavy cop presence I noticed around me since coming to Nebraska.  All the women, men, and children who harassed me since getting to Nebraska are unquestionably all connected to cops and church. There is no other logical explanation.  Church and the equally psychotically abusive cops are behind this sick behavior.

“The perpetrators know their strategies may be less successful if you are fully aware who is targeting you, how and why” (

Another explanation is maybe the cops are Catholics which explains the un-Christian behaviors, but then this non-Christ like behavior was also heavily present at Hillsong and even Times Square church. I already connected the cops to Times Square Church, but Hillsong leaders also knew what I was doing in the privacy of my apartment.  The usual moronically unsettling coincidences with my life were also present this week with my TSC, Hillsong, and SNCH Facebook contacts. 

Cops are indisputably a huge part of the problem if not the sole instigator.   The coincidences with what am doing in my house with drivers outside was a little less since my town cop did not make an appearance this week. I already told you that I lost all privacy after living in an apartment formerly occupied by some divorced cop that I never met in Long Island and how things got worse after I naively filed a police report in San Jose, CA.  My Long Island apartment was certainly bugged or they were using my phone as a listening device. Also, the exceptionally disrespectful/abusive behavior started with that apartment. Remember my trip to Greece right after moving to this apartment and the abusive behavior from Eastern Europeans?  Whoever is behind this behavior should be the poster boy for domestic abusers. It is just disheartening that I am being abused by people I have NEVER had any  kind of relationship with!

“It's not unusual for a target to be harassed by several ethnic groups at the same time. The Stalkers feed each community lies, adapting them to the stereotypes associated with each group. Again, to be most effective, they will use individuals belonging to each respective ethnicity who are paid, bribed or blackmailed into spreading false evidence and making false statements to condemn you.” (

I already told you about having a conversation with a repugnant looking middle age "blue eye" man who assumed I was  a “lady of the night” while reading my bible at Starbucks in NYC. This was while attending Hillsong. I am guessing all prostitutes sit at Starbucks and read their bible while waiting for Sunday services.  The same insult was repeated while attending a flight attendant information session in the city while in NY. I told you how the same behaviors followed me to California and then Nebraska.  I also told you how people at my Nebraska jobs seemed to know what I said in the privacy of my Long Island/Nebraska apartments and used that to wage intense psychological warfare.

 “Likewise racism, can easily motivate individuals to bully a target. Community Stalkers spread rumors throughout various ethnic communities that you are anti-'whatever nationality' and need to be taught a lesson. This is a time tested strategy that has been used for centuries. Empires have been built on it. It's called 'Divide and Conquer” (   

My co-workers also exhibited the usual paranoia inducing behaviors. I already told you about the nightmare with Hispanics in NY, how that got worse in California, and things got really horrifying in Nebraska.  I told you how Hispanics will be waiting for me at Wal-Mart doing the maniacal laugh; calling me names like “nigger”; and  saying the usual verbal abuse. I can definitely never forget the infamous laughter's from Hispanic strangers who points at me while driving. This happened EVERYDAY!   I also told you about the traumatizing behaviors of Asian ladies at nail salons and the Indians in Long Island, First Data, and my Omaha apartment. 


Monday, March 9, 2015

Can community Stalking affect your Health? (Sleeping disorders & Community Stalking; COPS; Churches & Occultism): My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT. 27

Based on the brilliant minds on this website;, did I encounter a few vindictive twisty killers this week in Nebraska Yep!  As I headed out to the library, there was a tall guy wearing the same exact jacket I was wearing the last time I came out and seemed to be getting his mail even though he did not seem to be from my town?  At my small town library, there was another librarian there this week, but she also seem to be having the same exact problem that I was just having with my computer in the privacy of my house and saying the same exact things I just said about my computer?    Remember the creepy neighbor who drove in front of me a few times at the exact time I came out of my house?  Well, the woman also happened to be going to the post office to drop a mail just like I was this past Tuesday.  There was also a hillbilly glasses wearing/throat clearing woman checking out in front of me who also happened to repeat the same phrase I usually say as I check out of grocery stores weekly.  Interesting Coincidences?

“The process also applies to sound. For example, if you cough or sneeze on occasion, your stalkers may mock you by doing the same. To make sure they have your attention they may follow their cough with sentences or words making reference to something that is going on in your life.” (   

At my weekly grocery shopping at Graybeal; there was a WestPoint Police car coming off to the main road as I made a turn to go to the store.  There were the usual demented Hispanics; there was a Hispanic guy who deliberately came to walk a little dog as I parked in the lot. The guy eventually joined another Hispanic guy as I entered the store. They said something in Spanish that sounded just like the disturbing phrases I hear everywhere. There was another Hispanic teenager who passed by me at the grocery store without saying anything and then went to the aisle next to me and said the usual disturbing phrase?  Yeah, pretty moronic!  While the employees did not do anything too obviously distressing this week, but the usual suspects (cashiers) repeated a phrase I just said without making it look like they were imitating me.  It will look like they were just greeting another customer to a casual observer.

“The objective is to make sure the target seems to be the only one who perceives the harassment. This promotes significant feelings of insecurity and isolation in the mind of the target. As a result, the target will begin to question his or her own sanity and/or his or her ability to trust individuals who previously seemed trustworthy.”  (   

At the library, the evil librarians are too wicked to be subtle, they were back to their usual malevolent ways. The blonde library director even came behind one of the book shelves I was standing and cleared her throat loudly every five seconds.  There were also two women with children who seemed to be saying the usual disturbing phrases. One of the women brought her young daughter who seemed to have the same name as my niece and kept telling the girl to be nice, even though she was not doing anything wrong. She eventually went to stand close to the window and said the infamous phrase. 

The woman or the librarian also repeated the same exact thing that I just said in the privacy of my house about shoe laces.  You will notice they repeat what I say in relevance to someone else, so it won’t look like they are repeating what I just said in the privacy of my home. They also tend to show or repeat what I say in the privacy of my car, so my phone may be what they are used for the listening device or my car is bugged?  

Of course, an emergency problem this morning forced me to call my evil town plumbers. The overweight blue eye guy not only charged me ridiculous amount for the miniature problem, but also repeated that disconcerting phrase while on the phone. Yeah, pretty insulting behavior from people I pay my hard earned cash too.  Predictably, there were the usual distressing coincidences with what am doing in my house with people driving outside my house and my Hillsong/TSC facebook contacts.

“Community Stalkers will create unnecessary and excessive noise outside your home. The noise is used to increase the targets anxiety and stress.”(   

I told you in the past how I could not sleep most days for the one year I lived in Bellevue, NE. I told you about the cigarette smoking/loud throat clearing neighbors; people making noise in front of my window just as am about to go to bed; strange criminal type looking people talking loudly outside my window as I get back from the bathroom in the middle of the night; firemen and police cars in the complex numerous times at night; people playing loud love songs at a particular time in the middle of the night; people whispering ominously in front of my window in the middle of the night;  people making really loud noise every Saturday morning; and the infamous barking dogs.

 “They will 'screech' their tires and honk their horns as they pass by your home or pass you on the streets. Emergency vehicles: police cars; ambulances; and firetrucks will pass by sounding their sirens with greater frequency .”(   

  I also told you how in Omaha,  my tattooed blue eye neighbor use to make so much noise in the middle of  the night either  by dragging furniture’s; having really obscene loud fights; and smoking ALL the time that the smell caused sleep loss and sickness.   They also had people with the same ominous whispers several times/nights in front of my window after the tattooed guy moved in.    They have also used noisy cars/trucks/air-crafts in my small town, but it is not as bad as Omaha/Bellevue.   And that is how “Community Stalking can affect your health, sleep, and your life!   

Community Stalkers often carry out their noise campaign during the night.  One of their objectives is also to deprive the target of sleep. No matter how healthy a person is, no one can function properly with prolonged sleep deprivation. Sleep is essential for the body to repair and heal itself. Without it, the immune system breaks down.”  (   

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Based on the brilliant minds on this website;, did I encounter a few cruel meandering killers this week in Nebraska That will be another resounding YES!   I already told you the librarian in my small town library is a recruit based on her numerous familiar disturbing behaviors. Several things I said in the privacy of my Long Island apartment were used to wage psychological warfare while I was in NY and more extensively when I moved to Nebraska. I told you a few weeks ago about mentioning a particular girl from TSC in my apartment and how the girl showed up the next day at Hillsong doing that very same thing I found irritating.  I also said that any kind of imitation is childish, unchristian, and obnoxious.

They investigate their victims to determine their strengths and weaknesses. They study their every move to find out what makes them 'tick'. Once they know which buttons to push, they use this information to exercise psychological warfare against them.” (  

 As you will imagine, that was used as a tormenting tactic afterwards.  While working at First Data, the deranged middle age blonde woman, Shelly Larson, was used extensively to carry out this and numerous evil tactics.  I also use to say or write a particular phrase a lot in my e-mail.   After I stopped working at First Data, people with the usual disturbing triggers will follow me around on my trip to Wal-Mart, Bakers, and numerous other places repeating that particular phrase. In my very short few minutes of visiting my small town library, the librarian got two very short phone calls and used that phrase extensively.  

“"For example, if you cough or sneeze on occasion, your stalkers may mock you by doing the same.” (  

I logically connected this behavior to First Data and if I thought ANYONE from First Data was still following me around, it will obviously be a trigger. Apart from the horrendous experience I had in church, my experience at First Data was probably one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life. If any of the deranged people from that company were involved in my life; that would obviously be very distressing. There were also four to five glasses wearing drivers with  the usual bizarre behavior who passed me as I went to the library and one-non glasses wearing woman laughing  and saying the usual verbal abuse as I drove back home.

“Harassment skits are designed to traumatize victims by making them think the entire world is against them” (  

 Apart from the usual Hillsong facebook contacts with the disturbing coincidences with what I was doing in Nebraska, there was also a TSC contact with a  Polish last name who had a  disturbing coincidences with what I was wearing when I got back from the library. Remember that I worked with a few abusive Catholics/Polish at First Data. Not sure if someone wanted me to connect the abusive polish to TSC or just trying to screw with my head.

“Stalkers obsess over minute details of your life. They want to know where you go and what your activities are” (  

Each member of the stalking community takes his turn at pushing the victim further and further over the edge. Stalkers won't pull the trigger. They will however incite their victims to do it themselves. Through the use of daily smear campaignsthreats and harassment, they collectively drive their targets to suicide while escaping all suspicion.”  (

I had a really agonizing experience at both Times Square Church and HillsongNYC.   Numerous members of TSC use to exhibit the usual disturbing triggers.  For most of my stay at these churches, I literally spend my time crying during worship. I usually drive home in tears after most church services because I constantly wondered why church was filled with such evil people.  HillsongNYC was no cake walk either since it seemed the abusive people from TSC followed me there. However, no one can get you to be evil without your consent.  People can only get evil people to do evil things.  The Hillsong pastor/leaders use to respond to anything I said in my apartment almost every Sunday and everyday when I stopped working.  I can rationally conclude that Hillsong also uses “Community Stalking” tactics. 

“Communities that condone this behavior are transgressing against The Almighty's principles.  Therefore any Christian who promotes or participates in Group Stalking is...not a Christian.” (

“because some false brothers had infiltrated our ranks to spy upon our freedom which we have in union with Christ Jesus, that they might completely enslave us. (Galations 2:4)” 

Now, imagine moving thousand of miles to get away from this sick behavior and to think these twisted people may still be involved in my life will naturally be an alarming trigger.   Any sanely normal intelligent person will view this behavior as mentally unstable.  In fact, if anyone from any of these churches or my past jobs were involved in my recent tribulations; that would be the definition of psychosis.  People that can’t let go or have the need to control other people’s lives are the ones with serious mental issues.

My internet also stopped working on Friday  and my computer also seem to be hacked by someone (a mentally unstable Jerk)  who likes using the number 9 a lot.  That’s probably another coincidence, right?  I called my internet provider on Friday and there were the usual disturbing background noises at their Mexico call center; while the girls who called me from their Iowa call centers  over the weekend did not have the background noise. Of course, the blonde blue eye technician showed up this morning and said there was nothing wrong with my internet. He said all he did was unplug the modem. I have unplugged the modem everyday for the past five days and it did not work, so it is apparent  the internet was just remotely shot down from one of their control centers.  The technician exhibited that yawning trigger.

“Gang Stalkers will even spy on these businesses or employees to determine how to get their participation. A little blackmail, some smearing, a few bribes. They will make sure they find a way” (

  Yawning became a trigger after I wondered out load in my Long Island apartment why they kept sending yawning people to me. Afterwards, the girl who gave me a ride to Hillsong yawned uncontrollably every Sunday as we conversed on our way to church. EVERY driver on the road will be yawning as I walk to  stores/places in my mother’s neighborhood. Crazy coincidence?  Every person I had a conversation with at all my jobs in Nebraska were usually yawning when I speak to them. Keep in mind that the tactic is to find your strength and destroy it. I am guessing this was their idiotic/unsuccessful attempt to attack my confidence or cause paranoia.

“These triggers can be shapes, objects, colors, behaviors or sounds. Most importantly, Community Stalkers condition the minds of their victims to develop anxiety upon seeing or hearing these triggers.” (  

At the Lincoln Street Market, The cashier responded to something I just said in the privacy of my car, which explains how the cop knew I was going to the post office last week. My car is either bugged or they are using my phone as the listening device.

“Unbeknownst to the vast majority of the population, your telephone can be a spy's most valuable device.” (  

 The Lincoln Street Market employees were back to their evil ways of saying those disturbing phrases.  There was only one shopper who exhibited an alarming trigger. The blonde cashier had the need to clear her throat while I was checking out and there were also two other employees who exhibited distressing triggers.  At the library, an old lady followed me as I walked in, she talked loudly to the evil librarian about going to church and did the usual maniacal laugh just like the nutty blonde woman from First Data.  She is apparently a friend of the evil glasses wearing librarian that I have showed you before.  They were back to their usual disturbing behaviors.  Unfortunately, I could not get a good video of the evil old hag.

 On my way out, a group of young boys also came in exhibiting a familiar trigger.  There was also an overweight guy who seemed to be loudly faking a cough at the library?  There was a West Point Police car driving by as I drove home. My town cop also seemed to be waiting when I got home as he started driving in my direction as I entered the town. 

“Unless the target is always accompanied by someone, only the target will be able to perceive that they are seeing more police cars than normal on a daily basis regardless of where they go.” (  

When I was getting my mail, there seem to be a disturbing phrase coming from one of the neighbors behind closed doors.  A teenage girl also walked by, but she did not do anything distressing. The middle age town cop stopped in front of me and made a friendly remark about the weather as I got my mail.   Of course, the disturbing coincidences with what I was doing in the privacy of my house escalated again afterwards. 

On Saturday morning, there were some really alarming coincidences with my bathroom activities and numerous more non-ignorable coincidences after that.    You can only imagine the nightmare of having strange men knowing and listening to what you are doing in private.  The video I recorded of this cop talking to me either did not record or disappeared from my computer.

The perpetrator or his allies will often play the good guy and offer help and support in dealing with the situation.” (  

Like I have already said, the people behind my “community stalking” are either church people hiring cops to do their filthy jobs or cops using church people to do their dirty work.  The former makes more sense.  Either way, I have seen the same disturbing tactics with both churches and cops.  I connected the cop involvement to TSC a few weeks back, but Hillsong has also shown the same disturbing triggers.  My pre-church life was peaceful, beautiful and adventurous.  My life will unquestionably be better without the involvement of church people or cops.     The “Good Cop, Bad Cop” is a tactic used by Community Stalkers, but from everything I experienced; I don’t consider the unchristian church people, psycho cops, extremely abusive white people, deranged Hispanics, horrifically devilish glasses wearers, or anyone involved in carrying out these evil behaviors good. They may as well stop trying to show me who is good or bad, because at this point, I consider ALL of them BAD!

Monday, February 23, 2015

DEALING WITH A BULLY? (OCULTISH CHURCHES): My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT. 25

Based on the brilliant minds on this website;, did I encounter a few malevolent homicidal people this week in Nebraska?  You Bet!  At Graybeal Foods, there was an overweight woman and two teenage girls exhibiting the same old disturbing triggers.  The employee who insisted on helping me with my grocery was also another glasses wearing person.  I already told you how this glasses wearing people have harassed me extensively in the past; and it became a trigger after my conversation with a girl in Bellevue and after I  said I found glasses wearing people unattractive in the privacy of my Bellevue apartment.

 “The grocery store is a Gang Stalker's paradise. They use it to execute their Neuro-Linguistic Programming and harassment skits.” (

At the Library, the vicious librarians were up to their usual evil ways, but they took the bullying to the next level. The woman cleared her throat continuously and loudly unnecessarily. There was another overweight glasses wearing repugnant middle age man who also cleared his throat loudly. As if that was not bad enough, three teenagers came in with their mother.  The two boys came in front of me clearing their throats loudly and acted in that familiar antagonistic manner. It was like Bellevue all over again.  I even asked the fat teenager if he just cleared his throat as the sound was unusually disconcerting.  The teenage girl was also whispering the usual disturbing phrase with her throat clearing mother. The boys eventually left the DVD racks without getting any DVDs; they went to a book aisle and kept saying the same disturbing phrases.  

“Not all harassment skits involve Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. Sometimes it's plain threats and bullying.”  “The objective of the terrorists is to gradually expand their victim's number and variety of triggers. In doing so, the target is exposed to a trigger almost everywhere they go and is therefore in a constant state of anxiety.” (

I visited the library in Scribner afterwards, but did not notice any alarming triggers or behavior.   On my way home, the town cop was strangely there with his patrol car. While there were no disturbing behaviors around the cop or when I got home, the coincidences with  what am doing in my house increased dramatically after that and during the weekend. The cop even drove by as I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night on Friday. My neighbor Duffy was also hanging with a guy with a white GMC truck and acting in a similar manner as the two teenage boys from the library when I got back from grocery shopping.?? 

“Organizations that use Community Stalking will try to have members in the Police Force. The loyalty of these officers is first to their organization and then to the Force. They participate in harassment and intimidation skits without doing anything that would overtly break their code of conduct as an officer. It could be as simple as having police cars strategically placed on the target's route every time they leave their home. Police are supposed to patrol the streets. Therefore to the average person nothing will appear to be abnormal” (

Speaking of disturbing coincidences, there is a neighbor in a white house across who lives beside my bald Wal-Mart employee neighbor. The family has a teenage boy who recently bought a  very noisy truck; his mother is some sort of  nurse; and the father/male in the house drives a green truck.  They seem to be aware of everything I do in my house. This past week, the man in the green truck seemed to know that I was coming out to put my garbage can on the street. He was suspiciously waiting in his car and started his car in a most startling way as I left the garbage on the street.

The Friday before this incident, the same car pulled out at the exact time I came out for my grocery shopping trip. The Tuesday after this garbage incident, the nurse and the same truck pulled up at the same exact time I came out to go to my town library. The teenager they have in their house also did some coincidental things with  what I was doing more than twice this past week. You know what they say; anything more than twice is no longer a coincidence, but a suspicious pattern.

“Stalkers obsess over minute details of your life. They want to know where you go and what your activities are but they also want to know what you do in your home”.  (

 Someone may just want me to connect the nurse to my job at SNCH.    Stalking was one of the things I reported to the San Jose PD, so if I feel people from my past job in NY were still involved in my life  in any way, this would obviously be a very unsettling trigger.  I barely had any relationship with anyone at the hospital and they following me outside of work will be seen as psychotic by most normal people. I was very friendly with a lot of the international nurses that I worked with extensively and still stay in contact with some of them. My casual friendship with some of those nurses would still not justify such a sick behavior, but I doubt the nurses even know am in Nebraska, so it is just someone again trying to screw with my head.

“Harassment skits are designed to traumatize victims by making them think the entire world is against them”

“The objective is to make the target a social outcast by deliberately spreading lies and distortions to individuals in their personal and professional environment.” (

Apart from the usual Hillsong facebook contacts with consistent coincidences with what am doing at home/online, there were also a few TSC people this week, and one or two SNCH people. I also unusually said/did something  out loud at home this Friday after getting back from grocery shopping just to test my theory.  And yes, I got a response on facebook from a leadership connected to Times Square Church. Keep in mind that anybody else who sees that post on facebook will not realize that this pastor was responding to something I said a day before in my house.

 “And because it is subtle, no one else but you will recognize these shenanigans as threats. Only you have been conditioned to understand them” (

“Most people would feel completely violated, even raped, to know that Community Stalkers figuratively break into your home and violate your privacy through the use of bugging devices. They use even insignificant details of what they hear to harass their targets. Do you like to sing in the shower? Don't be surprised if the next time you're standing in line at the post office the person standing behind you starts to sing that very song. You think it's in your mind? It must be just a coincidence right?  Test them.” ( 

I already told you that I use to notice the same thing EVERY WEEK while attending HillsongNYC; how the lead pastor will subtly respond to something I said or did in my apartment the past week.  I started noticing the harassments kits, NLP techniques, and those paranoia inducing behaviors around 2004 when I got back from Europe.  The members of TSC showed some of the behaviors over the years and that is why I left the church.  The psychosis was taken to the next level when I started attending Hillsong.

People started harassing me everywhere I went after this period. People followed me to grocery stores using various NLP technique and teenagers would yell insults at me as I walked in my old Long Island neighborhood. I remember they use to have teenagers wearing NY Yankees baseball cap trying to get my attention at grocery stores.  However, things only got more shocking and were taken to an unconscionable level after I filed a report and moved to Nebraska.

“Likewise, leaders at the congregational and organizational level of various religious communities are doing the same. Jesus referred to such individuals as 'wolves in sheep's covering'. They portray themselves as having greater knowledge and insight into the scriptures but their true intentions are to lead God's flock astray with false reasoning. They disguise their wrongdoing as wisdom that will benefit or protect the congregation.” (

Monday, February 16, 2015


Based on the brilliant minds on this website;, did I encounter a few evil murderous satanic people this week in Nebraska? That will be a resounding YES!  While there was nothing disturbing at the grocery shopping at Lincoln Street Market  this week, my visit to my town library  had some malevolent visitors.  I already told you about the possible librarian recruit.  This past week, there was the usual unappealing older blonde woman with her two daughters exhibiting familiar triggers. 

Another overweight woman also came in from the school next door with numerous children, while the  little boys were saying things like “wow” and so beautiful, one of the kids seemed to be exhibiting  a  distressing trigger.  Unfortunately, I did not capture any good videos at my town library.

At the WestPoint Library, the evil female librarians were back to their evil ways.  A particular glasses wearing librarian who usually displays the evil triggers even came to converse with me and asked if I liked children’s movies?  She exhibited the familiar trigger at the end of her conversation.   The women were also loudly talking about how people should never say things out loud and how there are some things you should not say to certain people.   

There was also a blonde old couple watching a loud video on Alzheimer without an ear plug; the video had a hideous looking doctor and a woman clearing her throat unnecessarily.   On my way into the library, there was another group of children suspiciously walking into the school across with the usual overweight teacher.  The librarian also asked me for the 2nd time if I was working.

“And because it is subtle, no one else but you will recognize these shenanigans as threats. Only you have been conditioned to understand them.” (

There was also a red truck who drove and parked in front of my house as I got out of my car.  He left after I went inside my house. I was not really sure what that was about. Again, the coincidences with what am doing in my house is significantly less than before, but there were still a few non significant coincidences with a few surrounding neighbors this week, but it has not been consistent, so I can’t say anything conclusive yet.  It was pretty sunny and beautiful this past week, but the few people I could see on my grocery shopping trip also all seemed normal. Things are unquestionably better in my small town.

“Some religious organizations use these tactics to 'break an individual' so they become easier to control.”  (

I already you told you in the past how control became a trigger after I filed the police report in San Jose, Ca.  In fact, most of the things I said at the San Jose Police Department became a trigger and weapon of psychological assault in Nebraska; which is why I still believe cops are a huge part of the problem.   In the past, I use to shop at Bakers and Wal-Mart. I already told you my nightmare while shopping at these two stores in Omaha and Bellevue.  I also told you about the seemingly control tactics with the Omaha/Bellevue  Cops  at Wal-Mart stores. 

Another thing they use to do was if I was at Bakers and  looked at an item; I may say that is too pricey out loud (I usually whisper it to myself);  afterwards, there will be someone at Wal-Mart waiting in front of the  same item exhibiting that familiar distressing trigger or may say that’s a lot cheaper. This happened every week while in Omaha/Bellevue and my first few months of living in my small town.  This may either be a way to control me from thinking out loud or just another way to expose me to another paralyzing trigger. Keep in mind that this was also done with whatever I said in the privacy of my apartment.

“Where do you buy your groceries?  Where do you have your vehicle serviced?  I bet you never thought in a million years your stalkers could recruit the participation of these businesses. Don't forget they have used a smear campaign to turn any and everyone against you. They don't need to approach the international head quarters of these companies. They simply have to approach a store manager, or department manager or even a few employees stocking the shelves and working the cash. (

I also told you about trying to join the Maryland Teaching Fellows to get out of Nebraska just because there were too many stupid people willing to be recruits who apparently  either don’t use their brains or believe anything people tell them.   I was never interested in becoming a teacher, but it was the easiest way at that time to get out of Nebraska. Also, I did not know what I was going thru then was “Group/Community stalking”. I knew the problem was from NY, but I also knew getting out of Nebraska was not really going to solve anything.  

At least now,  am able to protect myself better by living in a house, which is something NY or Maryland could not provide.  Nebraska has the advantage of affordable real estates.  Remember the Hispanic couple who moved above me in my Long Island neighborhood after I started attending Hillsong and left TSC?  And the numerous recruits who moved into my buildings in Nebraska?

“Stalkers will move into your neighborhood to monitor you. It's especially easy to move into neighborhoods that have a lot of rental units. They will rent apartments above, below and/or adjacent to you. They will also rent apartments in front and behind your dwelling.” (

  While attempting to move to Maryland,   they had numerous school buses waiting in front of my complex as I pull out, at red lights, at Wal-Mart parking lots, behind me, or across me as I drive around. There would be school buses waiting outside my apartment; on my way to taking the Praxis exams; plus, other numerous disturbing behaviors with school buses and children that I already shared. 

Needless to say, seeing those school buses everywhere and every day including weekends became a very distressing trigger, as it made me think someone was trying to control me. The librarian asking me if I liked children videos and children suspiciously coming to the library twice this week would normally be a trigger, but now that am familiar with what NLP is and tactics of community stalking, it is a lot less distressing since ONLY a selfish person who does not have the best interest of children at heart or care about the education these children are getting will want me to be a teacher.  

While I think it is very sick and Un-American what happened while I was taking my Praxis exam in Nebraska, a behavior undoubtedly connected to  the sheriff department in Nebraska, but I still don’t think  ANYONE will be benefiting from me becoming an elementary school teacher. 

 “To setup their targets, Community Stalkers use a technique called Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP).   The objective of the terrorists is to gradually expand their victim's number and variety of triggers. In doing so, the target is exposed to a trigger almost everywhere they go and is therefore in a constant state of anxiety.”  (

Of course, I got home and there were a few predictable Hillsong Facebook contacts with pictures of an elementary school teacher who just happen to be called Ms.T.  This was what kids use to call me when I temporarily worked as a substitute teacher numerous years ago in NJ and I  mentioned this at  my interview with  the Empire Beauty school; a very bizarre interview that I already told you about a few times.    

Apart from my Hillsong contacts, there were also some TSC contacts with coincidental statuses with what I just said in my home and one Indian nurse from SNCH with a coincidental status of what was in my personal email.  The nurse was a church person. There was also a yellow Nissan driven by another glasses wearing woman who rudely cut me off as I drove home.

 The HillsongNYC pastor was once said  they were going to be everywhere from every Starbucks in NYC, to every block in NYC that we stroll in, and he also said that they were going to be in your  business if you work in their children's ministry. He said "we will read you mail, we  will invade your home, and know everything about you if you want to work in our children's ministry. (am parahasing).  I never showed interest in their children's ministry, so am not to sure how that relates to me 

 However,I  started noticing the church stalking behavior  EVERYWHERE at the library in my old Long Island Neighborhood when I started attending Hillsong. They will have people talking about Australians loudly beside me. There were times movies were strategically placed where I will be able to see it. There were times Hillsong had this overweight black guy who may be from Chicago preach several Sundays. I can’t remember his name, but he is ghetto funny, and got married around the same time I attended Hillsong.  He claimed to be a virgin till his wedding night.

 There was a weekend this fat black guy preached and the following Friday, they had a guy who looked like him harassing me at the library in an attempt to make me laugh?, of course, there was a movie strategically placed where I was going to see it also starring the funny fat black preacher.  Spartacus, the God of Arena was also placed in the same strategic spot one time and used for the same disturbing behaviors.  The weekend that I saw the movie starring the  fat black visiting pastor, Carl Lentz mentioned if the congregants will like to see him and that fat black pastor in a Hollywood movie, that was probably another coincidence, right?  

“ These people know more about you than you know about yourself. Stalkers obsess over minute details of your life. They want to know where you go and what your activities are ”   (