Thanks for visiting me! I was never afraid to be the only one in a room standing up for what is right; such is the narrow path a genuine Christian is sometimes called to walk. I am sharing my horrific experiences connected to churches, cops, and my past jobs. Read this for your own well being because it can happen to anyone. May the truth set us free!

Monday, January 19, 2015


Based on my wonderful best friends on this website:, what kind of satanic murderous bunch did I encounter in Nebraska this week?

Apart from a woman whispering a familiar disturbing phrase in one of the backrooms as I passed at  the Lincoln Street Market grocery store,  there was nothing too disturbing , but there were the predictable laughing women while I was checking out, and there was  a woman with a loud laugh who complimented me as I entered the store.  I have been going thru this for a few years now and my mind is conditioned to notice certain things. In fact, I have always prided myself on noticing everything that goes on around me. I went grocery shopping for years before moving to Nebraska and have never noticed these behaviors while checking out.  People exhibit other triggers as you can see from my past posts, but this particular behavior was added when I started shopping at WestPoint.

However, a more disturbing trigger was displayed at the Library. Noticing the one open parking space which was strategically far from the library entrance, I was expecting some psychotic behaviors.  As I entered the library, I noticed a tall white man talking loudly with a child and a glasses wearing woman from the Lutheran church across;  the guy seemed to utter that familiar disturbing phrase.  In the library, there was nothing really too alarming; apart from a woman from the back room who was exceptionally loud about the technical issues they were having; a old man who genuinely looked like he needed to clear his throat while conversing with the librarian; and a woman/ a child whispering disturbing phrases behind book shelves.

However, as I was checking out, the librarian responded to my comment about children that adults were much worse; and as I walked out of the library; three senior citizens were deliberately waiting for me. The two men and woman looked at me; they whispered something that sounded like she is coming; the three of them  then looked at me, got very quiet as I passed by, and as I entered my car, the man did that familiar maniacal laugh!  He then said that recognizable disturbing phrase.   Yes, that is the typical horrible, abusive, and racist white people of Nebraska.    I have not seen this behavior in a few weeks, so I almost want to connect it to the airport  meeting since I also met with two men and a woman.  Remember, only the woman showed a disturbing trigger before the meeting, so this could just be them playing the good and bad guy again?   Plus, I did not mention the people I met with in my post, so how could they have known that unless the behavior is again connected to cops.       

This behavior is obviously very distressing; you can only imagine what it is like to have complete strangers pointing at you and doing a maniacal laugh everywhere you go. This was a trigger added while working at First Data and was strongly disconcerting.  “Community or Group Stalking is basically a very intense form of harassment” (  If I was one of those angry violent black people who walk around with guns  or lived in 18th century Western where you can shoot people without a consequence; I am sure that limping  old man  would  have  been shot dead right in front of the library.   Thank God for Jesus and his grace.

 If this tactic was used on someone who lacked self control, had a fragile mind, or did not care about the consequences of their actions; I do NOT DOUBT that they will become very violent!  Some individuals become highly agitated and violent. Ultimately they may end up in jail. (    Again, it is disturbing that these behaviors may be from cops or church people, these are the very people who are suppose to protect society or be the good in a dark world, but these tactics are counter effective to their missions.  Based on my experience in Nebraska, I sometimes feel the cops here have nothing to do due to the very low crime rates, which is why they  are trying to turn innocent law abiding blacks into  violent people, so they can have some work to do. 

In my small town, it was peaceful as usual.  However, on Sunday, while doing my usual routine; I notice familiar disturbing sounds that I use to see in Omaha coming from my next door neighbors. The Mexican across also seemed to be off their medications. I am not really sure what caused this relapse in my small town neighbors, but apart from the usual disturbing coincidences with what am doing in my house, things are still pretty incredible! That one disquieting trigger at the library completely threw off my equilibrium and almost nullifies the fact that most people I encountered during my trip to West point this week were actually refreshingly normal.

Community stalking is about using degrading themes and other tactics to wage a psychological warfare against an individual.  I already told you about my job at SNCH while living in NY. Remember that things were slowing down at the International department I worked and I was contemplating going to law school, but decided against it, ONLY because the cost outweighed the benefit.  A female VP, Elizabeth Muller, had coincidentally asked me to cover for the pregnant wife of a cop at the SNCH Dialysis center a day before taking my LSAT. This insulting/degrading position should probably have motivated me to do better on my LSAT, but people use to take advantage of my Christian mentality then, which sometimes means seeing the will of God in all situations.  However, what looks like the will of God in reality is just the desires of evil, selfish, egotistic, insecure and abusive people.

Recall that things started going down the hill after I came back from Dialysis.  By moving me out of my office to an open space, I was then able to clearly hear that people were responding or repeating what I was saying in my apartment.  I told you about my demotion and how I was asked to work in the nursing office,.  The  rest of  the people working in the  nursing office are all High school graduates. I have a Master’s degree. The other two white managers in the nursing office also have Master degrees, but I was demoted to the position of a secretary/receptionist?  I will let you draw your own conclusions about South Nassau Communities Hospital.

During this period at my dental appointments, I noticed the same familiar behaviors.  My dentist even once randomly told me that I need to remember that people make mistakes. This is the same dentist who once told me that he noticed how am always well dressed from seeing me every time he drives around the hospital.  Pretty creepy statement from a dentist! I already shared some of the disturbing behaviors from co-workers at the nursing office; however, I did not tell you everything that happened.   I went for my yearly medical check up at one of the SNCH facility and noticed the same disturbing behaviors.    While at work, I got an alarming call from a female SNCH doctor about a medical concern.

 Of course, my new manager (can’t remember her name) who was undoubtedly a recruit loudly reprimanded me for taking this personal call at work. This manager would often call me into her office threatening me about the three months probation for the new position and how I was going to lose the job if I did not shape up within the required three months probation. I also told you about how most of the meeting  was after I had said something bad about her in my apartment.  She would somewhat respond defensively to the awful things I said about her in the PRIVACY of my apartment.  Although, I was really insulted by the position, however, I was forced to quit the job because she kept threatening me about the three months probation and I would rather quit than be fired from the already degrading job.

 To think that people behind community stalking could easily infiltrate a job I had for seven years and get them to do such evil things shows how much connections the people behind “my community stalking” may have.  They wanted the woman to fire me, but I never allowed her to do that; which is why they had the woman in Council Bluff do it from an even more insulting job. Also, remember my encounter at Optica?   At Optica, they even had cops unnecessarily waiting outside. It is all part of the psychological tactics.  “Daily threats are used to instill fear in the target and push them over the edge’ (

Last week, I connected people using what I said in the privacy of my apartment to harass me in public to TSC, Hillsong, and cops; so, can I also logically connect them to the behavior that caused the loss of my job; that will be a resounding YES!  That is why I will advice you  not only to stay away from these churches, but also to think twice before you allow anyone you know to work for SNCH or even go there for their  medical needs. They are not good for your health, self esteem, or general well being.  In general, unless  you have  medical degrees (which is not desirable for most people), hospitals and heath care management seem like one dimensional type people who may not  have the  knowledge to help you advance your career.

Remember that due to the overwhelming harassment from strangers everywhere  I went  while working at ConAgra, I started  pretending  I had  a boyfriend to see if that will stop the problem. I used to pretend that I had a white boyfriend who was a doctor from Connecticut and lived in Westchester.  I had some of these fake phone conversations extensively at home and  work. This was also my own personal investigation of figuring out why they were listening to what I was saying in my Omaha apartment.  During this period, I noticed they were a few reports on misbehaving doctors on ABC Good Morning America.   It was also during this period that I read an ABC news article while at work about Miriam Carey; this was the Connecticut woman who was shot by cops at Capitol Hill while driving with  her one year old daughter.  I read an article on the date the incident happened and noticed her boyfriend, Francis, called the cops to report her delusional behavior on a date that I personally connected too.  That was a trigger for me.

 Keep up and try to have an open mind as I connect this story. Remember that I told you in the past that at TSC, people used to say things pertaining to me around me while not talking to me.  Also, remember the lawyer at the San Jose Starbucks who spoke about someone with paranoia and mental instability while trying to get my attention.  For instance, if a stranger was talking about something  I did in my apartment in public, that would be a trigger.  So, that is why the date this man reported Carey’s delusion was something that connected me to the article.

I told you about the numerous people from Connecticut at TSC, Hillsong, Adecco, and First data who partook in the head screwing game.  While I don’t have any conclusive evidence that this woman may have been a victim of community stalking; I find it interesting that she got fired a year before for being too “headstrong” from a dentist office; she thought Obama was stalking her; she was referred to as a prophet; has family who worked in the NYPD; grew up in Brooklyn; had Hispanic neighbors who volunteered to describe her craziness to the media;  had a boyfriend almost twenty years older than her;  wanted to be a teacher; and is somewhat connected to church since she seemed religious.   Carey was probably not a practicing Christian like most people in church since she had a live in boyfriend and a child out of wedlock.

I don’t have enough information to know which church she is connected too, how long she was dating Frances, what kind of relationship they had, who she may have offended or rejected while living in Brooklyn; but there are definitely some interesting patterns/coincidences.  One article said that "There wasn't a pattern. It was something that occurred suddenly," Amy Carey-Jones said. "She seemed overwhelmed. There was a lot of stress.”      

  While she may have suffered head injuries from her fall and also was suffering form Postpartum depression psychosis,  which can cause delusions and paranoia; but I  doubt a woman  who has never behaved  like this before would suddenly drive to Washington from  Connecticut without some intense psychological attack form someone who was making her think something she found distressing was going on.  I recall watching the news later that night and noticed a familiar behavior from a DC cop involved in the news incident. The cop looked Hispanic. 

Remember that my years in church were filled with people making me think someone was stalking me. This behavior was highly distressing as it constantly violated my privacy.  I kept thinking it was the Ukrainian model, the Felon/model, TSC People, crazy Hispanics and  Hillsong People. In Nebraska, I saw the same pattern, but it was less effective. I told you about red cars, Black Pontiacs, dogs, yellow cars, tattooed people, white cars, an air force one plane  flew by once while doing my evening stroll in Bellevue,  trucks, school buses, white GMC cars , text on cars/trucks, and  people who  looked liked the people they wanted me to think were stalking me following me everywhere!  ETC

 In fact, it  was not until I left church and moved to Nebraska that my brain started functioning the way God meant it. It was then that I figured out  the tactics and it did not cause the usual distressing impact it had in NY. I  realized that someone just wanted me to think something false  was going on.   However, for people who have fragile minds, are not very strong, have low self esteem, no self controls,  are not too sharp; this a tactic that can be very effective and destructive.

 For someone like Carey who may or may not have Postpartum depression/psychosis, had lost her job, was probably stuck with a boyfriend who does not sound like a great guy; she may have been a very easy victim.  “The end result of a successful harassment campaign is psychological damage” (   The next time some one commits one of  those wacky crimes blamed on mental instability, the focus should be on what is pushing these people to do such bizarre things!

These are my suspects for this week: There is an old man with glasses across me  in my small town who is always talking to his two little dogs, has exhibited some familiar behaviors, and  has a relative with yellow truck who has extensively shown those distressing behaviors. Also, Christina Cheng was my Landlord in Long Island, and from all my research on bugs; someone must have let them in my apartment to put a bug there. Plus, when I moved to my Omaha apartment, I was required to call someone from NY as a reference.   When I called Christina, she first pretended that I called the wrong number, but the second time I called, she immediately said “They did it for your protection” as soon as I identified myself.   Was she referring to the cops or church people placing listening device in my apartment? Either way, it is not legal for strange abusive men that I have no relationship with to violate my privacy without my consent.  When I called to tell her that I was moving out because living in the apartment was psychologically unhealthy for me, she randomly mentioned something about someone who just had a baby? 

Like I said before, it is easier to become a victim of community stalking when you are in church.  The Christian mentality of loving your enemy allows you to overlook those little moles that can become a crushing mountain.  It is easier for a pastor you thought was trustworthy to make you believe lies about yourself; after all, they are oracles of God and you are suppose to submit to all authority;  but most of these people are wolves rather than a Shepard.  They have come to steal, kill, and destroy.  I am like the fashionable Mother Theresa of my generation, so if this can happen to me, it can definitely happen to you!  I literally only go to church and work, but still became a victim of such wickedness.  This is not something you go thru and your life goes back to normal because you figured out the tactics.   Like the website brilliantly puts it, this is something you go thru and it completely changes you. “Your perception of the world as you know it is about to be altered.” (   It changes your heart from  flesh to stone and like that blind man who got a second touch from Jesus, you no longer see people as trees that you can plant, nurture, grow, and find nourishment from; but you see them for what they really are!  

Monday, January 12, 2015

HOW COMMUNITY STALKING AFFECTS YOU! (Homicidal cops, Horrible children, Hillsong/TSC, and Helping Victims Find Hope): My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT. 20

So based on my best friends from this website:; what kind of silent murderous satanic people did I encounter in Nebraska this week? 

Things are just wonderfully amazing in my small town since no one seem to be bothering me; apart from those pesky little coincidences with what am doing/saying in my house, it almost seems like things are back to normal. Even my visit to my town library this week was not terrible, while there were still some behaviors with the middle age glasses wearing librarian that may look normal to most people, she is undoubtedly a recruit. However, my small town is still a paradise compared to other parts of Nebraska.

I had an appointment somewhat connected to cops at the Omaha Airport this week. As I got in my car to drive to the airport, I noticed two old men driving a blue truck with a West point license plate who just parked behind me staring at me and then drove around the block , came back, and did the same thing.  Very odd!    I also noticed my neighbor, Duffy, getting into his car at the same time. Duffy and his family were the people who extensively exhibited those upsetting behaviors in my first few months of moving to my small town.  How did these men or Duffy know that I was going out? I can only logically conclude they are connected to this appointment or are part of the recruits watching my internet/phone activity.  The former makes more sense.

Pulling in at the airport parking lot, I noticed a glasses wearing man suspiciously drove by while staring at me at the empty parking lot. As I walked to the airport building, I noticed a couple at the car rental kiosk, the woman said she is gorgeous, while the man mumbled she is ugly. I told you in past posts about  this very distressing/deranged behaviors from Nebraska couples that I experienced ALL the time in Omaha.  I noticed this behavior for the first time ever in my life ONLY in Nebraska.  I am guessing the woman said I was gorgeous only because I had said the same thing in my last post about Stephen Baldwin’s wife. Usually, the couples both call me ugly anywhere I go in Omaha.

Apart from a uniformed cop  who cleared his throat while giving me directions to the office I was looking for; or two uniformed cops who muttered familiar phrases as I walked by them twice; or the  woman from the business next to Hertz  with  the loud laugh, who also seemed to repeat a popular phrase that I just said to a  few uniformed cops in a closed office while asking for directions; or the female I was meeting with who loudly cleared her throat as she walked in the hallway; everyone else seemed normal.  The numerous people, children, and cops at the somewhat busy airport were all well behaved and did not exhibit any disturbing triggers. 

However, after the appointment, as I went to the restroom, there was a glasses wearing woman in one of the stalls having one of those disturbing phone conversations; and as I freshened up in front of a mirror, the same woman just stood behind me,  giving  me this dirty look like a deranged psycho. As I came out, I noticed a group of Hispanic people by the building's exit door; I sat next to them to find my validated parking ticket, but noticed the little Hispanic girl had the same disturbing dirty look.  Apart from a white couple who drove by at the exact time when I pulled out of the airport, that also called me ugly; everyone else was normal on my way out.

 Let me give you a little history on the dirty looks; I told you about complaining about the deranged black girl, Shani from TSC, in the privacy of my apartment last week; and how she showed up the next day at Hillsong exhibiting those disturbing behaviors.  One of the things I complained about in my apartment was that she and her demented sister would hang around giving me dirty looks like a bunch of anorexic ghetto rats; and also how they parade around in an obnoxious imitative model like  manner around me. Well, this is something I said in the PRIVACY of my apartment, but after that Saturday night, they started sending women to purposely exhibit these behaviors anytime I was in Midtown Manhattan/Hillsong church, and also when I moved back to my mother’s neighborhood.
 Yes, this behavior is connected to TSC since I visited the church in December of 2011; and as I was getting my nieces toys at the Rite-aid or CVS located on Eight avenue close to the church, the pastor’s daughter, Kate Colon stood behind me like another deranged psycho, also giving me that dirty look. She did not say anything; she just stood there for a few minutes, exhibiting this psychotic behavior. 

  It was also the same day that a glasses wearing old grey hair white man from TSC suspiciously followed me and my sister as I hung out with her  family for a few seconds to give the kids their Christmas  gifts.   The point is that the distressing behavior of people listening to something  I say in my apartment that infuriates me, and then constantly attacking me in public with that behavior seems to be connected to TSC; but I just saw this behavior at the airport with an appointment with cops; so, can I also logically conclude that the cops, TSC, and a lot of the distressing behaviors are also connected?  Most logical people will agree!   “Each member of the stalking community takes his turn at pushing the victim further and further over the edge. Stalkers won't pull the trigger. They will however incite their victims to do it themselves. Through the use of daily smear campaignsthreats and harassment, they collectively drive their targets to suicide while escaping all suspicion.”  (

This behavior was exhibited lengthily by the pastor's family/friends in my Omaha apartment and by numerous people in Omaha. There was one Friday that I came out for grocery shopping  and  I noticed a  repugnant glasses wearing sheriff drive by who said she is ugly as I drove out of my apartment complex street.  There was another time that I noticed another repugnantly old glasses wearing Omaha cop as I drove back from work while working at Optica. I specifically looked at the cop and said he was ugly and even laughed to myself in  the privacy of my car; the cop did not look at me, but I  strategically did this because I knew the laughter and name calling behavior was somewhat connected to cops. I just wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine.  While the cop did not seem to notice my behavior, someone else did.    I went to Target on Maple afterwards and   these glasses wearing family purposefully parked behind me; the woman and her children called me ugly as I made my way into Target.

After  leaving the airport, I went to the Wal-Mart on Ames avenue  and as you will imagine, all the controlling triggers were present.  How could  all these people know that I was in Omaha?   There was an Hispanic woman and her children following me around in every aisle trying to get my attention; an infuriating Hispanic man who loudly cleared his throat at the aisle next to mine; yoga pant wearing black girl clearing her throat beside me, a few black girls saying she has issues/she is ugly/nasty as I walked by them;  a white couple calling me ugly ( hideous balding guy/attractive woman), a very dark skin boy whispering she is nasty on the phone beside me; a  few black guys whispering she is ugly/gorgeous; very loud ghetto Wal-Mart black workers talking about hair; and a black guy with a little boy parked next to me who also whispered the same familiar phrase. 

 At the gas station, they also had a few black girls parking behind me exhibiting the “Shani” behavior as I pulled into the gas stations; no, these girls were not there to get gas, their presence their was deliberate and intentional.   Keep in mind that even these bizarre experiences are meant to make the victim look crazy. “Make sure they understand that part of the strategy is to make the target sound psychologically unstable when describing bizarre tactics used against them.” (

People following me around and saying I have issues is also most likely connected to TSC. I had sarcastically said this in my Long Island apartment after getting back from a nail store filled with the usual Hispanic nuts that follow me around in NY. (This was while I was attending Hillsong) I  noticed I was more tanned than usual because I had been walking around all summer in the sun. I jokingly said that I have issues because I was too concerned about getting too tanned. Of course, like everything I sarcastically said in the privacy of my apartment, this was also taken out of context by the eaves dropper who listens to the private thoughts of someone they do not know. 

It was used to attack me since then. I recalled going for an interview in midtown Manhattan and young black girls walked by me saying I had issues, so this is unquestionably another tactic from New York.   Read my past bizarre posts to get a history of how this phrase was used to constantly attack me in public and at work in Nebraska.  Also, remember the dark skin bald Omaha cop who called me ugly in front of my Omaha apartment. It is really sad that the cops who are meant to protect the public will drive people to become violent with these disturbing tactics.  “The end result of a successful harassment campaign is psychological damage. Anything from a nervous breakdown to suicide. Some individuals become highly agitated and violent.” (

Needless to say, I will be in denial if I conclude that this warfare is over; if I had to go to the Wal-Mart on Ames avenue everyday; the numerous recruits they have in  Omaha may undoubtedly push me  over the edge, which is one of the reasons I stay home most days and  go out only when necessary. I am trying to avoid these psychotic and button pushing behaviors. I initially thought the Omaha cops were trying to control where I go, but now I really see the tactics are meant to drive the victim crazy regardless of where I go.  However, this is America and I should not have to live like a prisoner!

I always find it interesting how some black people have retained that slave mentality and can be easily instructed to do something to harm another black person; and they willingly do it!  See more on this tactics here:

Apart from Graybeal employees exhibiting familiar behaviors at a close distance, there was nothing too disturbing at my grocery shopping .  However, at the library, the old middle age librarians exhibited the usual disturbing behaviors; but there were also two evil little girls who were purposely waiting at the movie rack, and when I moved to another movie rack, the two girls then moved to the computers close to where I was standing; one  of them kept clearing her throat and when I moved back to the prior movie rack, the two girls immediately came behind me; one of them said, eeww, that is so gross, a statement I partially said the previous day at the meeting at the airport.  I looked at the girls out of curiosity and asked what was gross; one of them said the worms from the movies she was holding.  The girls then took a sit next to me and seemed to be gossiping about someone who was coincidentally ugly, nasty, and had issues.  Yes, really bizarre for children, but not in Nebraska.  Behaviors like that are actually common with some children in Nebraska. Just read my past bizarre posts. Plus, children are used as part of the noise campaign.

 There was also a fat boy who strangely waved at me, then went behind the book shelves and whispered she is ugly. As I checked out, the same boy came to the counter to check out a book called  “ The Ugly Truth: Diary of a Wimpy kid” from the glasses wearing   librarian. A few seconds later, he returned the book to the old blonde librarian; the fat boy then stayed at the counter just staring at me. The evil fat boy even told me the book was really good when I curiously asked the librarian to let me take a look at the book the boy just suspiciously returned after such a short rental.   

  There were other numerous bizarrely familiar behaviors at the library including people who seemed to be repeating/responding to what I said at the airport meeting/my house; plus, a sheriff car suspiciously drove across me on my way to the library.  Apart from another glasses wearing long blonde hair girl who said something disturbing to get my attention, most of the kids at the library were actually normal.  My experience in Nebraska unquestionably strongly confirms my general dislike for children and why I will make a terrible school teacher.  Yes, I am secure enough to say that. 

There were numerous female pairs on my grocery shopping this week, one or two of them exhibited psychotic behaviors, plus, there were also two little girls suspiciously hanging around when I got back home. However, there were again more good than evil on my grocery shopping trip this week.

 I can connect some of this week’s behaviors also to  Hillsong; plus remember that Carl Lentz of Hillsong would somewhat respond randomly to things I say in my apartment almost every Sunday while I attended the church, so I will continue to tell people to keep your loved ones out of Hillsong or TSC if you value their health, progress in life, and self esteem.

These are a  few more suspects if anything ever happens to me; there is a glasses wearing  guy in my small town who drives a dark grey ford truck that looks just like Matt’s truck(my next door neighbor).  This guy was suspiciously looking at me when the evil family of the woman with the yellow house across me exhibited that maniacal laugh behavior. This man also suspiciously drove by the morning that creepy black made it's appearance.  There was another Sunday that he and his wife drove around the same time as I woke up heading to the bathroom and numerous other coincidental suspicious times   

Definitely don’t forget the interview I had with Mike of the Empire beauty school in NYC. I already told you about the bizarreness and déjà VU experiences that came with this interview even in Nebraska.  Also, the interview  I had with Lindamood Bell of Long Island where I had to take a standardized  format type exam, but while taking the exam, I had other Hispanic candidates clearing their throats/coughing; plus, a mentally retarded kid also came into to the office and started screaming.  I walked out during the exam because of this unacceptable behavior from a potential employee.  I blogged about this in 2011, but the post was taken out of context by my low IQ readers/and provided another weapon for my stalkers.  This is how the throat clearing nightmare began in late 2011. 

My persecution can sometimes be compared to what Solomon Northop went thru in the hand of Tidbeats in that movie “12 years a Slave” . It is like a REALLY stupid/psychotic white person pushing you around, bullying you, and trying to humiliate you out of their own insecurity.  Like I have said before, the people behind community stalking belong in another century; they are exceptionally moronic and much weaker than their victims.  Just based on the behaviors of the numerous recruits I encountered in Nebraska, I think it will be much easier to prove the recruits are the ones who are mentally unstable than proving that about the victims.

Think of something that absolutely infuriates you; it could be a phrase,  word,   or sound; now imagine someone using that to torment you EVERYWHERE you go, that is how community stalkers devastate their victims everyday!  Community stalking is real, painful, effective, bullying, distressing, and can destroy a life.  If you are a victim; stay strong, sharp, and never doubt your sanity! Your persecutors are a lot more mentally unstable than you will ever be!    Prevent yourself from becoming a victim by spreading the word about the danger of community stalking.   Let the power of good overcome evil!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Evil People, Memory Lane, Cops, and The Serious Threat Of Community Stalking: My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT 19

Let me quickly reconcile some of my experience this week to the information from my best friends at this wonderful website :   Keep in mind that using the NLP technique, my mind has been conditioned  to notice certain distressing/anxiety causing triggers.

 So, did I encounter a few miserable, homicidal, evil hearted , and completely brainless white people this week? That will be a resounding yes!  At my weekly grocery shopping at Lincoln Street Market; there was the usual hillbilly type female worker with the maniacal laugh, the young male worker whispering something disturbing in the aisle next to me after I passed him, the coincidental loud laugh cashier who also helped with my grocery, and of course, the deranged woman with the loud laugh who deliberately checks out in front of/beside me every week. 

At the WestPoint Library, I was met with similar behaviors; from loud laugh patrons who coincidentally came in after I did; to the  evil moronic woman with a daughter who purposefully cleared her throat in front of me; or the throat clearing old man who also seemed to be there the last time; or the disturbingly loud conversation from another evilly deranged woman,  or the familiarly alarming behaviors from librarians, and predictably, a few demented Hispanics were present on my weekly grocery shopping trip.  However, there was more good than evil, most people seemed normal compared to my past experiences.

My home life keeps getting better and better though, apart from the same glasses wearing middle age blonde librarian exhibiting familiar behavior and a few children uttering disturbing sounds next to  my Mexican neighbor while at the library, I really had another wonderful week at home.  There are still some questionable coincidences with what am doing/saying at home, so this warfare is far from over, but things are definitely much better.   My life is back to normal when am home compared to what I was used too in Long Island, Bellevue,  and Omaha. So, thank goodness for some improvement.

Speaking Of Bellevue, remember the black guy from the apartment complex  office said something about  how low lives shop at Wal-Mart? Well,  it seemed people have been trying to control my shopping at Wal-Mart since I came to Nebraska. Keep in mind that the tactic is:  “They investigate their victims to determine their strengths and weaknesses. They study their every move to find out what makes them 'tick'. Once they know which buttons to push, they use this information to exercise psychological warfare against them.” (  

In fact, after reporting at  the San Jose PD that my stalkers were trying to control me, they specifically added this as one of the buttons to push. I already told you about my nightmare experiences at Nebraska Wal-Mart’s,  shopping in black neighborhoods, or anywhere in Omaha (see my bizarre experience posts).  Of course, there was always an Omaha, Papillion, or Bellevue cop car anytime this behavior was present. 

Also, keep in mind that the tactic is to couple police presence with harassment kits, which makes the victims see this trigger everywhere they go, and causes them to be in a constant state of anxiety or be agitated.   I really started noticing the police and fire truck presence in my mother’s neighborhood in Long island.  Since this problem is also connected to the apartment formerly occupied by a cop that I lived in Long island, I always felt a cop is either behind this behavior or the churches are connected to cops.  Either way, I still strongly believe the experience is connected to both church and cops.

The interesting thing about this police presence was that I never once felt that someone was trying to steal something from me or even violently harm me. My complaint at the San Jose PD was that it was a psychological attack/constant privacy violation that made me feel suicidal. Of course, everything I wrote in the police report only gave them more things to attack me with in Nebraska.  They kept having people ask me about my debit cards at stores as if the problem was about criminals trying to steal from me.  I even had one person with a license plate that said Debit card driving a few times around me in Bellevue trying to get my attention.

   I spoke about vandalism last week and the little crack on my windshield. Again, keep in mind that vandalism is something only a victim will notice, they only do things that are not obvious enough to be reported to the police. The idea is to make you look crazy.  For instance, I recall telling you about people coming into my apartment in Bellevue to eat my freshly baked muffins.  You can’t exactly report that to the police. In my Omaha apartment, they had people opening my shades, sliding doors, or putting things on my furniture when I was not home. These are all subtle things you can’t report, but are deliberate strategies to screw with your head. Read more on Vandalism here:

Remember the blonde  woman at TSC who came down to the lower rotunda to ask for prayer for the chip installed in her body that made people aware of what was going in her apartment?  The same woman  laughed and told me I was naïve after praying for her. It was around the same time that Stephen Baldwin’ wife also came down for prayer. She is really gorgeous and seemed like a wonderful person, so I will be shocked if she is connected to this behavior, but I  really don’t trust Christians, Church people, or Celebrities.   I recall saying hi to Stephen Baldwin and his wife once while they were having a family lunch at a restaurant in front of TSC.  

Coincidentally, I also noticed this  particular actor taking a picture with the horrible Pastor of Hillsong, Carl Lentz on his twitter account.  I have actually seen Alec Baldwin a few times when driving home late at night from TSC.  I just think all these time frames and people are interesting coincidences.

 I should also mention that the woman that kicked me out in Paris was a friend of someone (an African girl) I know from TSC.   The really unpleasant African girl who seemed pregnant and married to a repugnant overweight white guy was also suspiciously present the one time I returned to TSC for a visit after my nightmare experience at Hillsong. Another suspiciously interesting coincidence?

Speaking of suspects, I should mention a few more people you may want to question if anything ever happens to me. Don’t forget Matt’s Mother (The mother of my next door neighbor in my small town),  Matt & Carly’s  male friend with the  red truck, and  the deranged old lady at the end of my block with the black SUV. Don’t forget Priyanka Aghamkar?  This was the Indian student nurse  from my job that I jokingly told about wanting to marry any Hillsong worship leader.  The girl was coincidentally dating this midget Hispanic boy then.  The girl definitely knows something as she was trying to tell me something a few years back after complaining about the heart attack/anger causing behavior of the members of TSC, but she seemed afraid.  

Also, Shani & Aziza of TSC, these two brainless/retarded black sisters exhibited numerous triggers in my days of living in NY.  They also both work for TSC. There was one time I complained about Shani in the privacy of my apartment one Saturday night while attending Hillsong, the following day, Shani showed up at Hillsong and started exhibiting that same disturbing behavior.  She and her evil sister unquestionably knows something and are connected to these behaviors.  They also had a friend, an equally mindless girl that is best friend with Shani. She was used on Facebook numerous times to exhibit the usual disturbing behaviors. I don’t remember her name, but she is a NYU graduate, and is somewhat connected to the Australians.  She also works for TSC. I will think of more suspects next week.

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.”  If you obedience is fulfilled, then I know you are ready in joining me in the fight to punish all disobedience.  Like I said before, the people behind community stalking may have the resources and wealth, but they are not the most intelligent of beings. These are cave men with an archaic mind  set and are way too stupid for this day and age.  If you are a victim, remember that you are much smarter then your persecutors.  These people belong in the 12th century and not a modern world!

Imagine someone spying on your home and listening to every embarrassing moment you will never want to share with any human; but upon leaving your house, you notice strangers rehashing that very private embarrassing moment at work, the gym, the grocery store, at  the mall, the movies, and everywhere you go. That is the kind of sick mental game these community stalkers play on their victims EVERYDAY!  ” It's a form of terrorism against an individual that is meant to instil fear and cause mental and emotional trauma” (

Yes, it can happen to you, which is why you should join me in spreading the word about this horrific crime.  Protect you family, friends, and even enemies with the information you find here because it is an excruciating experience that I would not wish on anyone!  Stand for something or fall for anything!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Attempted Murderers, Grocery Shopping, Hillsong, Evil Community, Memory lane: My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT 18

So based on the information from the best friends I ever had who created the website above; what kind of murderous & psychologically crippling behaviors did I encounter from the great people of Nebraska this week?

My visit to  Graybeal supermarket was quite predictable,  two or three people  exhibited the usual tactics to get me to commit suicide, but am still alive:) Remember from the website, a  technique called NLP is used to condition the minds of their victims to develop anxiety upon seeing or hearing certain triggers.   Three of those triggers were present at the grocery store.  I have shared them in the past, so I don't need to go over them again.  There were the usual evil, skanky, racist and homicidal white females; cops, delusional/moronic Hispanics, and numerous refreshingly normal people.  I am working on a legal resolution to this nasty little problem.

Returning my DVD’s to the WestPoint Library, I noticed an empty sheriff’s car and a car with a license plate on  the same street that said “Live for Now”.  Keep in mind that I mentioned something about people communicating with me via license plates in my Long Island apartment during my Hillsong days.  ( Of course, I was being sarcastic, but like everything I said, these idiots took it literally).    It is one of those things am condition to notice, while that may mean nothing to an average person, it is something I will notice. (Read the website)  There was coincidentally also a teenage boy who got out of his car to check the mailbox in front of the library  at the same time I was there???

While living in NY or  working at First Data, ConAgra, and Optica; a lot of those triggers did cause an anxiety attack since it was a daily warfare, but since am home most days now, the effect is less damaging, but still disturbing.  A few more distressing triggers were of course added in Nebraska

Going out on Saturday to shovel the snow on my walkway, I was approached by the usual suspect; a old grotesque looking “blue eye” man who often walks in front of my house struck a conversation with me. The “throat clearing” man told me he lives in a house inherited from his parents, has epilepsy, was on disability, has been in jail for drunkenness, and called me the new girl in town. 

While talking to this man, the evil family of the old man living in the brick house across me came out exhibiting those familiar triggers.  Two girls first came out and they coincidently behaved/dressed the same way like the two girls I saw the day before at Graybeal.  A quiet man came out after these girls, but he did nothing disturbing.  This is the same family who deliberately waited for me outside their father’s house after getting back from the grocery store a few weeks back. I mentioned this in a previous post. The same family had a man talking on the phone outside when I went to the town library for the first time two weeks back. The man exhibited the usual disturbing behavior.  There was also a neighbor in one of the houses behind me who exhibited the same distressing behavior this Saturday.

 If anything ever happens to me, you can definitely track it to the evil family of the quite man (Walter) in the brick house across me.  Don’t forget the evil family of the old lady with the big yellow house also across me. You should definitely not forget the mailman, plumbers, Duffy and his family, John Ashburger & family,  the bald Walmart worker across me, the Hispanics across Duffy, and definitely do not forget those evil deranged bullies at First Data (Shirley Larson, Lori McGuire, and Julie Bratcher).   Just saying:)  

Speaking of tactics, I noticed a crack in my windshield this Friday.  Check out the tactic tab on that website. (Is this Vandalism, the wind, or just another coincidence?)

These people are still dumb enough to be playing the good guy/ bad guy tactic. These tactics have been used numerous times by cops and the awesomely evil people of Nebraska and  it is just getting old!  I have already concluded there are no good people in Nebraska, so they may  just want to adopt another tactic.   I am judging these people on my lengthy stay here so far (almost three years)

Tactics meant to kill me were carried out by mostly white people since my arrival here, so I can easily conclude there are some God awful racist,  Ku Klux Klan clan , and really evil hearted people in Nebraska. Of Course, Hispanics and blacks did equally evil things.  They used more Hispanics than whites while I was in NY. Either way, I do not care for these people regardless if they are Whites, Hispanics, or Blacks.  I am not sure what smear campaigns or rumors that was spread  about me to cause these people to be so wicked, but I know that if the  shoe was reversed, there is nothing anyone could  tell me about another human being that will make me do what these people did to me in the last few years. It shows lack of character, integrity, and intelligence.  No one can make you stupid or evil without your consent.  I am superior to most of the people I have encountered in recent years on so many levels!

 The toughest thing is knowing who to trust since the strategy is to get people close to you and the moment you let down your guard, they will just disappoint you by exhibiting those triggers.  The problem got worse after filling a police report, so you unquestionably can’t trust the police either. (The website also confirms this suspicion) . This is however  a crime that needs to be addressed, these people may not be pulling a trigger, but their behavior can kill you! I know there were numerous times I was suicidal in NY, Bellevue, and Omaha. There are a few First Data/ConAgra Employees/Nebraskans who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for attempted premeditated suicide inducing behaviors.  (That is my opinion)

  There has to be someone in law/political/religious institutions who got in the profession for the right reasons.  This terror act can affect anyone including people in their own family.  That website gave me hope that am not alone; I believe one person can make a difference. The more victims that come forward, the more likely we are to get people to do something about this crime.   I know the blonde woman in the lower rotunda of Times Square Church who told me to pray for her about a chip in her body which allowed people to know what was going on her life  knows about this community stalking. She sounded crazy then, but now I believe her.  If anyone out there had gone thru this, please connect with me.   Don’t let these people silence you, it takes a really cowardly weak person to commit these acts. You are much stronger and smarter than the entire moronic community stalking you.  If there is anything I learnt about these stalkers so far, it  is that they are pretty stupid; they are not the sharpest tools in the kit.  No one can make you do some of things these stalkers do unless you are completely brainless/evil.    We need to expose them! 

I don’t  know any genuine Christian who is afraid of death, we  all have to die some day.  It is more tragic to be afraid to live. Like Elijah, you may think you are the only righteous person in the world, but that website gave me hope there are  seven thousand people out there in the world who may also have not bowed down to Baal.  No, you wont find these people in churches, but you will  find hope in the courageous people like the folks behind this great website or the few people around you who refuse to be part of evil.

I should mention this creepy coincidence about those idiots at Hillsong.  It was either my vacation in Barcelona or Rome a few years back.  This middle age couple who may have been from Israel were also on vacation and sat across me at one of the tourist attractions. It was right before Obama became president. The woman had presumptuously asked me if I was voting for Obama because he was handsome???   I said no, since I don’t find him attractive at all and I don’t follow or care about politics.  The couple also strangely said that I looked like Michelle Obama??? I look nothing like this woman.

After Hillsong came to town, I had goggle the Hillsong United’s leader’s name one time since that was my first time of hearing about him. I recall stumbling on a blog about this senseless black girl who was obsessed with the freakishly tall Hillsong United Worship leader, I remember the blog writer saying that she looked just like Michele Obama and was from Atlanta, Georgia??    I just thought that was an interesting coincidence.

  I was always a fan of the Hillsong Worship team. I became a fan after seeing Marty Sampson and Darlene Zschech while in London/Grad school in 2004. They sounded like such godly people and that was the only reason I joked ONCE to another human about wanting to marry ANY of the  Hillsong Worship leader.  In fact, I never heard of the freakish giant leader before they came for concert in 2008/2009.  Prior to that, I only knew of the Swedish boy, Jonas from London; Marty Sampson, and Reuben Morgan because they were such great singers/song writers.  I was not aware of any other person from Hillsong other than those three people and Darlene. I also have never ONCE told another  human being that I was a fan of that giant hillsong leader apart from the joke I shared with the Indian student nurse from my job while at Times Square Church. So, the presumptuousness/ego of these GOD awful Christians always astounded me. In fact, everything used to attack me by these people are all based on eaves dropping on my apartment.  Very sad indeed for a church that claims to be about Jesus.

On a more positive note, I encountered more good than evil this week at my grocery shopping and in my small town.  Most people I saw this week were pretty normal and are refusing to be part of a murderous campaign of an innocent person.   Things are slowly getting back to normal.  The only lesson that I learnt from Hillsong, TSC, and those evil church leaders is that what looks holy is undoubtedly NOT HOLY. Also, that am better off happily single/alone than having homicidal people in my life. Not all that glitters is gold,  it has been a tough lesson, but life goes on. With all the evil these people have done to me to make me commit suicide or destabilize me mentally; I am still happy, alive, and kicking!  HALLELUJAH!!!  I can not wait to see what 2015 has in store. Happy New Year!     

Friday, December 26, 2014


I caught something disturbing on ABC's Nightline’ last night. My antenna never picks up this channel, but the channel has been working for the last few days. It stopped working now.  In fact, I have only seen that channel work for less than a week in my six months of living in my new house.   On Dateline, they had a report on Hillsong church and the NY pastor that I completely forgot jugged some memory that just need to be shared based on my recent discovery. 

 I just need to reconcile some facts and warn people about this horrible church. Like that fake, crocodile tear shedding NY pastor use to say; hide your daughters, wives, and your loved ones from this God awful church if you value their health, well being, progress in life, and general self esteem.

Like I said before, this evil behavior was present/started at Times Square church, so I am still not eliminating TSC as  a huge part of the problem since a lot of the members  were used to carry out a lot of these evil tactics. Plus, remember the Tuesday night with the Detroit pastor, where people were pushing me before he preached about anger?  The Detroit pastor  probably has  a connection to Hillsong.

The two NY  Hillsong pastors were in Ethiopia on some water mission, but getting home that  Tuesday night, I recall a tweet from the Senior pastor’s wife from Australia which said something about how I  need  to return Home or am already home( referring to the church, as if I did not  need to keep revisiting TSC).   To be honest, I thought Hillsong was behind the behavior then, just because I had experienced typical psychotic/thug like behaviors since attending the church, but there was no way they would know what the Detroit pastor was preaching about, which is why I feel they are connected.   I also find it interesting that Dateline says this church has eight thousand members just like TSC, almost like they are competing with TSC or  probably just another  interesting coincidence.

  Let me focus on Hillsong for a second.  It is sad that  they are spreading their disease of a  church in America and now are starting one in Los Angeles? Not surprising, considering these are a group of ambitious, cold hearted, immoral, anti-Christ type people.  I naively liked the church so much at the age of twenty five that I actually wrote the leaders to think of starting a church in NY; now knowing the nature of these people, I definitely do not care for their presence anywhere in America because they stand against the principles that makes this country a great one.

 I did not notice this behavior  too much while I was in London, but I recall the London pastor mentioning something about my cookie eating habits during the Sundays services as if cautioning me about my weight. That was probably a coincidenceJ 

 After leaving London for  France in my last semester in Spring of 2004, I started noticing the evil tactics. For instance, the lady that I lived with   just suddenly turned against me for no conceivable reason. I was living in Anthony, France; but my classes were in Paris.  The woman even threatened to kick me out just like my mother before I left NY.  The woman also complained about unreasonable and illogical things that just did not make sense.  She also would follow me around unnecessarily.   As you will imagine, I met some really nice people in this catholic/Lutheran/Anglican type church in Paris; they  told me about this amazing  place in the center of Paris that I could stay and the rent was not bad.   The place had a lot of young French students.  I was able to move to this place when the woman kicked me out. 

Was this problem created by church people, so it could  look like I found help in church or just another coincidental pattern?  The same thing  happened with  my ConAgra job;  check out my previous  post about the pastor in  my Omaha apartment building.  The people at ConAgra also kept repeating something about the “perfect storm”, something that was mentioned by this evil celebrity “wanna be” Hillsong NY pastor in one of his first blogs about the church. That phrase  has been used to taunt me by numerous strangers since my job loss in NY 

 Coincidentally, Hillsong Paris was just taking off after I moved to Paris.  They had just started planting another evil branch of their empire in France.  They had a life group which met once a week. I visited the group once after moving to Paris, but quickly lost interest to focus on my studies.  While living in Paris, I was approached by some older French men and also numerous  Middle Eastern looking Parisian men, but of course, I had no interest since I was a genuine Born Again Christian woman, unlike the pretense Christians of Hillsong.    

A very old American woman who lived in my building in Paris attended my graduation; The woman also told me I needed to have more  friends just like Hillsong.  I rarely hung out with the girls from my MBA program since we are morally different. There was a girl in the program from Texas, who also became friendly after hillsong came to town. She was also used to exhibit the tactics adopted  by most members of Hillsong.

I should mention that I applied for an Analyst position on E-bay  a few days ago, the e-bay website strangely had the address of the Mexican woman I lived with in San Jose, CA.  The job was in Omaha. I strangely got a rejection letter this past Monday, but get this, the letter was in French?  Really strange from an Omaha company!

After coming back to NY from Paris, I remember this overweight  Haitian girl from TSC, who had  a sister married to an Australian tried befriending  me, but I never cared for her friendship like most people at TSC.  This girl lived in Long Island and was somewhat close to the Ukrainian model. I noticed those psychological tactics from people around while hanging out with her  one weekend at Roosevelt mall.       

Over the years, these degrading/humiliating tactics were used over and over at TSC.  The oppressive church problem really started in 2004 after arriving from Paris, but my life  turned into a nightmare ONLY after  Hillsong came to NYC and I left TSC. 

The problem was only limited to church before Hillsong came to town.  Remember the Puerto-Rican family moved above me right after I started attending Hillsong, this was probably one of their tactics as mentioned on this website

  They started listening to everything I was saying in my apartment during this period.   They took everything literally, out of context, and used this information to carry out the cruelest acts.  I make sarcastic comments about Hillsong worship leaders/movie actors all the time, but to think someone will take that literally just shows how moronic and egotistic these people are.  I mentioned  this jokingly to an Indian nurse from my job.  I even jokingly  told her  I was going to marry one of the Hillsong worship leaders because they look so holy, but who takes that  seriously, only a moron!  I say the same things about the actor from the Man of steel (superman movie) all the time, but you don’t see him harassing me in public about it.  

Like the website said, they probably studied all my habits and knew everything that would tick me off; since everything I said in my Long Island apartment was used by the people in Nebraska to torture me.   That evil pastor that was shedding crocodile tears on TV  said the church was about Jesus, but he knows nothing about Jesus!

This same perverted pastor was the one who responded to some of my most private thoughts and moments randomly during church service almost EVERY Sunday!  This paranoia and mental destabilizing behavior first really came to my attention loudly thru this pastor.   When I was living in my Long Island  apartment, it was as if the pastors of this church had  a direct line or  some kind of monitoring camera in my apartment.  They literally respond to everything I was doing most times via twitter/Facebook.  Probably just a coincidence, right?

I usually listen to mostly Hillsong worship music; I recall listening one weekend to some old hymns from another artist; and the senior pastor from Australia twitted about  how old music  is ineffective for the younger generation.  (am paraphrasing, this was over three years ago)  There was another time that I was reading out loud my blog before posting and the senior pastor’s wife tweeted something about what I was blogging about; and said there is blessings for people who stay up late preparing the words to encourage people (again , paraphrasing).  It was late at night for me, but early in the morning for Australians.

  One Saturday, I went to wax my eyebrow and there was a creepy cat at the nail place; and that giant Hillsong worship leader  tweeted something about cats a second after that.  My life became  a disaster after Hillsong came  to town as people followed everywhere and I had no privacy. I was moved to the nursing office at my job during this period.  I had a male co-worker asking my thoughts about a boob job; this was after I jokingly mentioned getting a nose job in my apartment. The guy recommended I get a boob job instead of nose job in response to what I said in the privacy of my apartment. Yes, very insulting from a co-worker!  Of course, I was just joking about the nose job, I actually like my nose.  

Things got worse after leaving NY and filing a police report.  The tactics mentioned in that website were taken to unconscionable level in Nebraska. It is really an astounding miracle that I am still a fantastically sane/wholeosome human being.  Most people would have crumbled under such intense mental destabilizing tactics. 

While working at ConAgra, I had given a really bad review of  Hillsong and TSC  on yelp or trip advisor  based on my experience.  I went to Wal-Mart afterwards and some guy said that is such bullshit lie nigga, in response to my review.   

I was looking at the  twitter picture of that giant Hillsong worship leader on his wedding day and said out loud that he was ugly, but his wife was gorgeous!   I will never call anyone ugly to their face.    I said this in the privacy of my apartment in Long Island, but it was after this statement that I noticed people started calling me ugly everywhere I go!

 Remember that cigarette smoking heavily tattooed guy who moved below me in my Omaha  apartment?    Well, that guy moved right after the pastor of Changed Life had moved out of my building, it was also  right after I told this pastor’s daughter  that I hated smokers.  After this guy moved below me, the same oppressive behavior from Bellevue followed. It was during this period that people will come in front of my apartment in the middle of the night whispering things, yes, really disturbing, but these are all tactics adopted  by these satanic churches to  control/destroy someone. 

It seems Hillsong definitely have recruits in the police department or the police department have recruits in Church, either way, am still linking this sick behaviors to both church and cops. Remember that midget Hispanic cop from the Long Island Target, who arrested a young white girl abandoned by her friend?  This was right after I spoke about the inanity of Hillsong idea that I need to have friends in the privacy of my apartment.  

I think Hillsong may have some recruits on ABC/NBC.  ABC coincidentally reported something about people getting sued for giving their honest opinions/reviews  on yelp  after I gave that negative review. Probably just another coincidence, right?    I  rarely watch TV these days, but I have noticed a few disturbing coincidences with  things I say; not just on ABC, but also on NBC the few times I do watch.  Of course, there are also a few morons on CBS, the few times that I watch it showed a few coincidental demented behaviors.  Come to think of it, I actually met a few CBS employees while attending TSC.  In fact, I encountered a handful of shady TV employees while attending churches in NYC.  

To think ABC prides itself on excellent news reporting  and they are promoting this evil church? Like seriously, based on my experience and reconciling that experience to this website,; these churches may just be one of the most dangerous  things that can happen to the American way of life. Forget, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, North Korea, evil Syrians, and  other terrorist groups; the FBI and CIA should  be focusing their energy on these domestic terrorists.  Don’t buy that six services a day and we are growing tremendously hype, it is just a show!   It  is the same group of people and their friends/family who attend all six services.  

 I am surprised they are successful considering how moronic most of their leaders are; just listen to any of their mind numbing messages for  a few weeks, and you will conclude the same thing.    They are successful for the same reasons Kardashians  are famous;  or millions  will download Megan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” or Jimmy Fallon’s EW,  Americans love celebrating stupid people!    

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Please Check Out This Website.:My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT 18

I discovered this website today and it totally made my year!  Actually, more like my decade:)  It is just amazing to know there are other people out there that have gone thru the same exact thing am going thru.  Check out the tactics tab; every single tactic on this website have been used against me in the last several years.  Good to know that am not alone.  I am guessing most of my readers are part of this community stalkers, in fact, most people I encountered in the last ten years are probably part of the problem.  I was always confident of my sanity and the evilness of my stalkers, but this website strongly affirms that.

 It is a beautiful feeling to know there are group of Christians out there who are willing to expose these sick people.  Please read this website in it's entirety for your own safety.  If someone told me fifteen years ago after graduating college that I will become a victim of this community stalking, i would  have said, no way!   So, please read it because it can happen  to you.  Share it with anyone you know; someone you love may become a victim of this crime and someone you trust CAN convince you that  the beloved victim is the one with the problem, so read this to protect yourself and your loved ones.  I have been a victim of every single tactic mentioned on this website and years of this behavior have not taken the desired toll/result  only because I was able to figure  out the tactics of my stalkers. Knowledge is power!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Same Old Stuff, Movies, Les Miserables, and Christmas: My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT 17

Noticing the revoltingly overweight glasses wearing trooper/cop starting right at me as I drove to West Point, NE for my weekly grocery shopping, I was not too surprised at the usual disturbing behaviors around me.  So, what kind of bizarreness did I experience this week?

·        An  overweight glasses wearing woman obnoxiously clearing her throat behind me at Lincoln Street Market Grocery store (Check)
·        A  retarded looking middle age balding blonde guy who was creepily concerned about my cereal choice (Check)
·         Another abusive overweight blue eye Lincoln Market male worker  having the usual disturbing conversation with the aforementioned middle age blonde man (Check)
·        Abusive female patrons/Lincoln market employees who had the need to tell their laugh out loud jokes around me (Check)
·        Throat clearing/abusive grocery store workers (Check)
·        Abusive female patrons with daughters (Check)
·        Demented/moronic Hispanics (Check)
·        Grotesque cigarette smoking old unappealing males (Check)
·        Psychopaths with Illinois/Bellevue/Omaha license plates (Check)
·        A few surprisingly normal patrons at the Lincoln Street market store (check)
·        Deranged teenage girls patrons with unresolved issues  at Graybeal Grocery (Check)
·        Abusive Female patrons with the desire to tell laugh out loud jokes as I check out (Check)
·        The usual group of sweat pant wearing  crazy old women at the Graybeal  parking lot exhibiting proverbial behaviors (check)
·        Familiar rhetoric and disconcerting behaviors from female workers at the West Point Public Library (Check)
·        Mental Hispanic stalkers (Check)
·        Throat Clearers (Check)
·        Distressing coincidences (Check)
·        Generally Abusive, Moronic, and Nutty white people ( Double check)

These habits are so alarmingly boring that it is not even worth writing about anymore.  I should not waste time to write about the sleep inducing tales of my experience with the crazies. There is nothing new, interesting, or worth celebrating about these people.  It is the same old thing, patterns, and behaviors for the last several years.  No, I can not ignore these bullying tactics because this is America, but to spend so much time talking about it is like becoming the media that celebrates the most stupid  people in the world.  These people are popular, make billions of money, and grace the cover of every magazine because the media choose to talk about people not worth talking about.  I will do my part in making America a better place by not sensationalizing   unworthy people.  Of course, I will continue to work on a legal resolution to this daunting problem.  

Off topic, there are movies I won’t pay money to watch, like a George Clooney movie, musicals, or those offbeat unfunny comedies. However, since libraries offer free DVD’s, I am now able to watch movies that I will not normally watch. I was pleasantly surprised and moved by the movie “Les Miserables” this week.  I thought it was a really good story of what the life of a true Christian who chooses to “walk the walk” looks like.  I am not usually interested in seeing people obnoxiously singing throughout a movie, but this was really good.  It is interesting how the life of this man was made so miserable by another Christian.  Ironically, his greatest persecutor was a Christian cop (Javert), who thought he was enforcing the law by playing God. Of course, in this day and age, Christians like Jean Valjean do not exist anymore.( at least in my experience).

 It is amazing how Javert twisted his knowledge of God to persecute and torture his fellow mankind.   There was nothing glorious about the life of Valjean, just a life filled with suffering, pain, anguish, and injustice. The man’s life would have been a lot better without the presence of that evil cop (Javert), but the end of Javert was not pretty either;  like most miserable people who spend  their  lives torturing /harassing other people; he ended up killing himself.  Javert was unquestionably a tormented soul.    

Did Anne Hathaway win an Oscar for this movie?  If so,why?  She was in the movie for like a second, probably for cutting her hair or singing?   Just wondering.

Back to reality, sure there are a few mentally unstable morons in my town, an obnoxious mailman, and female library workers that are coincidentally silent throat clearers; but overall, I had a pleasant, beautiful, and just magnificent week.  Things are almost back to normal in my small town, it almost feels like my pre-stalkers days.  It looks like it is going to be a very jolly, merry, and happy Christmas.  Life can be so beautiful without the presence of horrible people or the “Javerts” of this world.   Merry Christmas!