Thanks for visiting me! I was never afraid to be the only one in a room standing up for what is right; such is the narrow path a genuine Christian is sometimes called to walk. I am sharing my horrific experiences connected to churches, cops, and my past jobs. Read this for your own well being because it can happen to anyone. May the truth set us free!

Monday, April 27, 2015


At Lincoln Street market, there was a woman with a maniacal laugh and glasses wearing employee with the usual disturbing behavior.  At the library, a woman came at the same time I did. Her conversations with the evil librarians were just like the ones I encountered with the nasty ladies of First Data.  

In my small town, a boy I met two weeks back who seemed nice now whispered the usual abusive phrase as I left the library. A few other young boys also passed in front of my window whispering the same abusive phrase. Hillsong pastor once mentioned how young boys call girls ugly because they are immature. It shows again how idiotic and carnal minded Hillsong church is. I don’t remember any young boys calling me ugly ever in NY. It is most certainly not a way any Christian person will raise their child. 

The white trash and hillbilly abusive males I encountered in Nebraska are something I started noticing while attending Hillsong.  The behavior is connected to cops and Hillsong. (Possibly TSC too)  Most males in Nebraska act like this young boy regardless of their age; which explains the generation of abusive and incredibly brainless morons. The town cops suspiciously drove around me on Tuesday and the usual deranged behavior ensued.  There were two psychotic teenagers’ girls and a child whispering the abusive phrase as I pass by.

On Friday, the psychosis continued, there were two yawning maintenance men who drove by as I came out and a neighbor with a bag that was the color of what I was wearing.   There were also three grotesque looking middle age men with very offensive behaviors.  Apart from the repugnant looking middle age men, there was a cop who passed by when I was in WestPoint. My town cop also passed by as I came out to mow my lawn.    An old man told  me that my break light was off and I needed to fix it if I don’t want to get pulled over by a highway trooper. My break light was also off when I got pulled over by the South Dakota Trooper.

“The mark on the car is just an accidental stain that occurred while driving; the printer made a minor mistake in his alignment; a dog or animal dug up your plants; a stray rock from the road hit your screen or your glass. Therefore...the harassment is in your mind. You are suffering from paranoia.” (

My very sick neighbors were back to their spying ways. My next door neighbor (Matt& Carli) not only have connections to the very twisted town plumbers, but they are also likely connected to the abusive tattooed cigarette smoking freak that moved below me in Omaha.  There were some young adults who visited Matt and Carli while I was mowing my lawn on Friday. The guy exhibited the same idiotically abusive behavior that I have seen with most males in Nebraska.  Just   like the dumb plumber, this is probably another college graduate who just happens to behave like an inane white trash. 

“Not only do Community Stalkers want to see you, they also want to hear you. They want to know how many times you sneeze, burp, sing, talk....Most people would feel completely violated, even raped, to know that Community Stalkers figuratively break into your home and violate your privacy through the use of bugging devices.”  (

On Sunday, Matt started his lawn mower as soon as  I woke up, stopped the mower at the exact time I stopped my exercise, and started again as I turned on my space heater in my bathroom. Not only does it seem that these people are listening to what am saying, but they seem to be watching me. It is disconcerting to have highly immoral, idiotic, and just plain offensive people that I have NOTHING in common with be obsessed with my privacy. This nightmare started with my Hispanic neighbors in Long Island when I started attending Hillsong.  This compulsive obsession from immoral and predatory strangers stalking me everywhere is unquestionably connected to cops and church.  The creepy coincidences with noisy cars and my every movement in my house are still very strong.

“They use even insignificant details of what they hear to harass their targets. Do you like to sing in the shower? Don't be surprised if the next time you're standing in line at the post office the person standing behind you starts to sing that very song”  (

Based on this website:; the following groups of people are perpetrators of “Community Stalking”

SATANIC ORGANIZATIONS:   SNCH is a hospital and not a satanic organization, but I can trace my problems to South Nassau Communities Hospital. I don’t have any conclusive evidence, but I have seen somewhat compelling behaviors from SNCH people to conclude they are part of the problem.  I did not notice anything in my first few years of working at this hospital, but the problem did start around 2004. I had two or three direct coworkers who exhibited the behavior shown by the dumb women sent by my stalkers.  The one particular recruit was on maternity leave when I left the job. I am confident she is part of the problem.  I also  had Hispanic & Asian coworkers who “sometimes” exhibit those behaviors.  The Hispanic one left the job a few years ago; she once called me to ask if I wanted to have a baby with any random guy from my church?? Obviously, this kind of immoral mentality is why I was never close to anyone at my job.

 I already told you about how I was asked to work at their Dialysis center; the disrespectful behavior from a Hispanic male/black female PCT’s; the cop encounter, and how I got demoted to the nursing office afterwards.  My own personal investigations and recent contacts with some of the nurses I worked with also confirmed my suspicions. The nurses exhibited some of the questionable behaviors I have been seeing in Nebraska, but I have also seen this with my church facebook contacts.   

Remember the baby and marriage talks while working at the nursing office; co-workers responding to what I was saying in my apartment; the budget manager who started acting just like the usual deranged recruits; and my causal conversations taking out of context and turned into a trigger afterwards?  

I also got a message  from another deranged woman two weeks back about a job I NEVER applied for; when I called back, she had a baby crying for a few seconds before she said anything, she then told me the position was filled.  She claimed to be the founder of some bogus business. It was a NY number.   This was around the same time my pregnant neighbor was parading in front of me like pregnant women or women with children use to parade in front me in NY. 

I should use this opportunity to remind these sadistic and moronically presumptuous idiots that I am a Born AGAIN Christian woman.   I mistakenly attended Hillsong, a very carnal church attended/led by mostly hell bound people.  I became a born again Christian at nineteen while in college and intend to remain a Born Again Christian till GOD calls me to my grave. I have also made peace with my decision to NEVER GET MARRIED OR HAVE CHILDREN. And yes, for my idiotic stalkers, this also means, I don’t intend to EVER FORNICATE. I also AM NOT interested in becoming a step mum to brats, well behaved children/adults, or disrespectful young adults.  Jesus and I have also agreed on this decision.  So, all the creepy, trashy, abusive, and deranged groups of people who are following me around are better off harassing “your own kind”. I have nothing in common with you if you are NOT a born again Christian.  And if you are a Born Again Christian who is really stupid, carnal,  worldly/Hollywood/Bollywood type, unintelligent, wicked, or a presumptuous/abusive bully (Hillsong/Changed Life Church type people/Catholics); or Evil Christians ( TSC type people); I also DO NOT have anything in common with you. 

I already told you my nightmare at First Data, ConAgra, and Optica. Read my last 35 posts to get a tiny glimpse of my nightmare.

Religious Organizations:  I believe this is the root of my problem and the major group behind my problem.  The problem started at Times Square Church. Hispanics/young adults/others use to do very distressing things.   I first noticed the paranoia inducing behavior there; where people will say things about me around me, but not to me. Also, the obnoxious habit of people following me around.  I don’t really remember this behavior prior to 2004 at TSC.  I also told you how things got so much worse when I switched to Hillsong.   My life went from amazing to awfulness, bizarreness, chaos, and disorder. I was constantly stalked by immoral, disrespectful,   really stupid, and perverted people.  I noticed similar behaviors with the few churches I attended in Omaha/Bellevue.  

I also told you how I moved to a building in Omaha where a pastor just like Carl Lentz was in my building. The pastor continued the same presumptuous, abusive, and privacy violation tactics.    My many years of living in NY were pretty great till I started attending Hillsong.  TSC was no cake walk either; living in NY  was pretty awesome with the exclusion of my church life.  While some of the most evil people I encounter in NY were mostly at TSC and Hillsong, but there are at least a “few” genuine Christians at TSC, but I can’t say that about Hillsong.

Catholics – I have already shared the evil behavior of Catholics in my mother’s neighborhood and extensively in Nebraska.  I am still traumatized from my experience at First Data/Bellevue/Omaha and my small town.  I also told you some disturbingly presumptuous assumptions from a Polish catholic in my old Long Island Neighborhood. Catholics DEFINITELY uses community stalking tactics.   I think the cops used by the aforementioned churches are Catholics; which explains the exposure of my life to such sick people. The Catholics/cops seem to be connected to TSC, Hillsong, and SNCH.   Some of the psychotically presumptuous Hispanics are also  connected to Catholicism.

Local Businesses:  You can definitely not forget my nightmare at Wal-Mart. Dollar general,  Family Dollar,   Dollar Tree, Bakers, Lincoln Street Market, Graybeal, Richland Park Apartment, The Vue, etc.  This disturbing behavior from businesses and their employees  is strictly isolated to Nebraska. I never noticed this in NY or California

“Gang Stalkers will even spy on these businesses or employees to determine how to get their participation. A little blackmail, some smearing, a few bribes. They will make sure they find a way.” (

Tenants/Neighbors:  I don’t have tenants, but I have had neighbors from hell since moving to my Long Island Apartment.      Neighbor is not on the website, but they are usually the one eaves dropping on your conversation/privacy.  Things got so much worse because the very sick type of neighbors I have had since Long island; (the churches/cops who invites carnal neighbors into your life are inviting a whole  lot of darkness you can never imagine.  This is why they are so many trashy whites; deranged Hispanics, and ghetto black people who still follow me around.

“Remember that the Community Stalkers are now your neighbors.” (

Police:  I already told you about the butt pinching cop on my way  to TSC many years back; how I lost all privacy after moving into an apartment in Long Island formerly occupied by some divorced cop; how I was told to cover  for a girl  in Dialysis married to a cop a day before taking my LSAT; my encounter with the girl’s husband and partner while at dialysis; the eaves dropping midget cop at a Long Island Target; the presence of cops when I moved to my mother’s neighborhood/ San Jose, California;  the disrespectful Asian midget cop, nonchalant bald Vietnamese cop, and the suspicious  very tall "blue eye"  lieutenant/detective at San Jose PD.

 I made a huge mistake by filing a police report; it was like a giving a thief your credit card’s pin number.  My life turned into a nightmare when I moved to Nebraska with the continuous heavy cop’s presence:  remember how cops in Bellevue used noise campaign at night; their bizarre behavior as I strolled around; their evil behaviors in connection with the Hispanics/others in my buildings; and the constant privacy violation.

“Organizations that use Community Stalking will try to have members in the Police Force. The loyalty of these officers is first to their organization and then to the Force. They participate in harassment and intimidation skits without doing anything that would overtly break their code of conduct as an officer. It could be as simple as having police cars strategically placed on the target's route every time they leave their home”(

I also told you my encounter with Omaha/Papillion cops.  My traumatizing experience with people when cops drive by;  how every single deranged behavior I have seen  with Nebraskan civilians  have also been exhibited by cops. I told you about the Troopers/Cops in South Dakota, Iowa, and Chicago. I told you my more recent experience with my fat small town patrol cops  and the Nebraska troopers who pulled me over a few weeks back.  You definitely can’t forget my investigative interview (I was invited for an interview for a job I was not interested in)  with cops at the Omaha Airport. This meeting again confirmed that cops are behind a lot of the harassment skits and they were still listening to what I was saying in my house.    

“Police are supposed to patrol the streets. Therefore to the average person nothing will appear to be abnormal. However when the presence of the police is coupled with Pedophile Skits (see harassment skits) it becomes obvious to the target that police are collaborating with the Stalkers.” (

In my experience, these cops are the biggest bullies in the world, most of them are likely courtyard bullies with self hate, low self-esteem,  insecurities, and inferiority complexes.  Their unresolved childhood issues is probably why they became cops. What better way to hide you insecurity/deficiency, but hide behind a badge/gun; or make others look bad, so you can look good.   I am not sure what their parents did to them, but they need better psychological evaluations for potential cops.  Apart from church people, this is the other group that is majorly behind ALL my problems.  I believe there is a connection between the cops and churches (Both TSC and Hillsong)

Most normal people don’t notice cops, except if they pull you over for a ticket.  Only criminals pay attention to cops.  These enforcement agencies/people seem to crave attention, approval, adulation, and acknowledgment.  In my experience, they create more problem than solutions; in fact, they seem to create problems to make themselves relevant. (Remember the verbal sexual assault from the ghetto bald bum in Omaha?)  My advice is to never go to a police station for help.   I unquestionably do NOT want their involvement in my life in anyway.

Fire Department: Remember the bizarre/unnecessary presence of Fire department people starting in my mother’s neighborhood; Bellevue; at the nail salon in Omaha when I walked out without paying due to the abusive behavior;  at my apartment complex in Omaha; and numerous  other places. 

“The same applies to Firefighters. They are often recruited to participate in Noise Campaigns against a target. It's a major advantage to organizations to have members in local fire departments.” (

Neighborhood Watch:  My advice is to never move to a place you don’t know anyone if you are victim of Community Stalking.  It is much easier to get strangers to do very evil things to you when you are in a foreign place. That is probably why someone wanted me to move to Nebraska.  Definitely avoid small towns because it is a community!    Things are a little better, but things are still bad compared to what I view as normal. I am pretty sure I will NEVER want to visit the Midwest again once I get out of here, God willing! I won’t even take a flight passing thru the Midwest. The cops here are just really a notorious bunch. 

I have covered every topic on the website, so this is going to be my last post. To keep writing the same thing is pointless.  I am not a fan of blogging, but I need to let people know the TRUTH about my experience with cops, churches, and organizations.   My last 34 post are meant to be strictly informative.   Please read each one of them and get familiar with  “Community Stalking” to protect yourself from becoming a victim or becoming a murderous recruit. 

Without this website, it is very easy to doubt your sanity when you don’t know the evil people are capable of doing. I will continue to post my video experiences on my facebook page as it relates to the website.  Like the page, if you want to continue to be informed on “Community Stalking” There is so much wickedness in this world, but greater is HE that is in us than he that is using our oppressors!   

 Since this is my last post, see my weekly video here and like this page if you want to continue to learn / see more about “Community Stalking” :

Monday, April 20, 2015


At Graybeal foods, the evil employees were up to their  usual moronically deranged behaviors; there was a demented woman with a toddler who was part of the “Harassment Skit”  After passing by me in an aisle, the woman and the employees did the maniacal laugh; then, she went on to whisper the usual disturbing phrase.  All the men seem to be suspiciously well behaved this week. At the library, the evil librarians were back to their unbalanced ways. After the director did the usual loud/unhinged throat clearing; she told me that I always look great and she is just jealous of me?

“Harassment skits are designed to traumatize victims and make them think everyone is against them.” (

 Like I said before, I have never seen people who behave so immaturely and psychotically like the people in Nebraska. This is probably another attempt by the sickies behind this behavior to show me women are the evil ones.   Apart from a handful of evil women at TSC/Hillsong, two or three equally brainless coworkers (recruits) I had while in NY,  and the people in my mother’s neighborhood before my departure from NY; I  have never seen the “white trash”/ ghetto behavior that is so prevalent in Nebraska. I lived over twenty years in NY and don’t remember any one behaving like this.   There was also an old couple who sat in front of me at the library; predictably, the wife kept saying something that sounded like the usual disturbing phrases.

The perpetrator or his allies will often play the good guy and offer help and support in dealing with the situation.” (

In my small town, the good guy/bad guy tactic continued. On Tuesday, the new blonde librarian exhibited the usual triggers. There was also some relatives of my dead neighbor driving red/white vehicles exhibiting the usual moronic “white trash behavior”.  My next door neighbor also had guests who exhibited triggers as I came back from my long stroll.  There were a few evil children whispering the notorious phases in front of my window this week.

“The objective of the terrorists is to gradually expand their victim's number and variety of triggers. In doing so, the target is exposed to a trigger almost everywhere they go and is therefore in a constant state of anxiety.” (

“The stalkers stage situations to insinuate that the target is doing something wrong when they look at children. This makes the target anxious. The anxiety eventually develops into a fear of being around children.” (
On Friday, there was a psychotic woman who followed me to the gas station, the woman seem to be related to a neighbor. She said the disconcerting phrase as I walk pass her again while strolling.  There were two kids playing next to the neighbor who also said the disquieting phrases.   I ended up playing with a little girl that I met while talking to the catholic town maintenance man a few days back.  I REFUSE to let these satanic people turn me against children.  The girl is probably the first good encounter I had with a human since my arrival in Nebraska.  Unfortunately, her grandma came out and started the loud fake/psychotic throat clearing thing. Needless to say, that was my cue to leave. The grandma then said those unsettling phrases to the little girl’s father.  Her father was coincidentally one of those pot belly/overweight mechanic looking type people.  It is too bad that this sweet little girl may just end up behaving like the sickies in Nebraska with a grandma like that. I guess this small town does have a few small minded people.

“An electronic GPS map emits electromagnetic signals that allow satellites to determine your location on the planet. Community Stalkers can secretly place GPS emitters or tracking devices in or under your vehicle.” (

I already told you how people use to obnoxiously follow me around at TSC. I initially noticed this behavior when I started attending the Thursday night prayer in conjunction with the whole young adults/disrespectful Ukrainian model fiasco.  It seemed the same people were following me around even when I was not in church.   I always connected those people to church since “people following me around” was a church thing.  This behavior got insanely/uncomfortably intense when I switched to Hillsong. There will be people waiting as I drove to work, come out of my job, went to the mall , went to church, and came back from church, and EVERY single place I went.  Sometimes, they were neighbors, co-workers,  church people, a family, couples, young adults, and strange men. In spite of this unsettling privacy violation, I turned the other cheek during this period.

“If you are being followed for some time, your routines and habits have been analyzed. They already know the best time to do it. It's impossible to keep an eye on one's car all the time.”  (

 However, things got worse when I left SNCH.  I told you people started following me to interviews and around my mother’s neighborhood displaying those distressing triggers. My short trip to California revealed the same people not only monitored my whereabouts, but also my internet activity.  The abusive stalking behavior continued everywhere I went in California and got insanely worse in Nebraska. There is not a place I visited in my almost three years in Nebraska that people did not display those familiarly distressing triggers.  People hacking my navigator to control my activity seem connected to cops/church as I already told you about the whole Hy-Vee drama.

“Cell phones constantly provide coordinates of your geographic location to the central in case you need to be located in an emergency. However this feature also allows Stalkers to locate you at all times even when your cell phone is off.”                                                                                 

“Street and traffic cameras can be hacked into to observe your whereabouts”

If you notice people following you around anywhere, never assume anything good, you need to address the situation ASAP.  If I had dealt with this problem while it was a mole, it will never have become the crushing mountain it is today. It is wrong for people to stalk, follow you around, or invade your privacy. It does not matter, if it is  a priest,  your pastor,  your worship pastor,  the CEO of your company,  your boss, coworkers, church members, Warren Buffet,  town cop or a police department, the hottest /richest Hollywood actor or producer, Christian Rock band,  President of  the USA, the CIA/FBI, or the pope. This behavior is unacceptable from ANYONE!


Monday, April 13, 2015

ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? (OCCULTISH CHURCHES) My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT. 32

People in my vicinity seem off their medications this week; my stroll around town on Tuesday showed a few group of men and women were back to their satanic ways. At the Lincoln Street market, the usual suspect employees were showing those notorious triggers.  Two to three shoppers also seemed to be recruits. At the library, there was a group of young teenagers waiting where I normally look for my DVD’s ,and as I was checking out; their mother joined the evil librarian in the malevolent behavior.  There was also a woman who told me she noticed I come to the library every week; I am guessing this was another moronic attempt to show people acquire stalkers when they visit the same place every week. 

The objective of the terrorists is to gradually expand their victim's number and variety of triggers. In doing so, the target is exposed to a trigger almost everywhere they go and is therefore in a constant state of anxiety. .” ( 

What these dimwits are forgetting is that I use to go to Manhattan four times a week; went to the same grocery stores, library, mall; and the same job for many years; but I have never seen this abusive stalking behavior from people till 2011. It is the same flawed logic that keeps creating concurrences with my privacy and says it is just a coincidence.  A group of very daft people are unquestionably behind my “community stalking”.  A stroll around town on Friday showed a few evil neighbors, people, and children in town displaying the usual triggers.  

“The people in the park nearby will make more noise than usual; dogs barking, children yelling...” ( 

 “Remember that the Community Stalkers are now your neighbors.” (

On Sunday, the disturbing sounds were again coming from my next door neighbors, whom I already connected to the tattooed cigarette smoking psycho who moved below me in Omaha. They were back to their white trash behaviors; they even had a child with the notorious alarming behavior that I use to see with my Omaha neighbor.  These are a group of people who just can’t seem to get they are highly unwanted in my life. Some of my TSC and Hillsong contacts were also back to their usual wickedness.    I came out for a second this Saturday and noticed an old lady driving a black Buick sedan; she seemed to be wearing the same thing I was.

“Stalkers will move into your neighborhood to monitor you. It's especially easy to move into neighborhoods that have a lot of rental units. They will rent apartments above, below and/or adjacent to you. They will also rent apartments in front and behind your dwelling.” (

The tattooed neighbor from Omaha is somewhat connected to the pastor in my Omaha building; who is somewhat connected to Hillsong.   They have been moving eaves dropping neighbors next to me since I started attending Hillsong. They did it in Long Island, Bellevue and Omaha.    In fact, I started noticing really unsettling behaviors from SNCH Indian nurses I worked with after attending a Hillsong United Concert in 2009 or 2008. The concert was in midtown; I recalled a few disquieting behaviors from TSC members that night and the Hillsong college representatives.    There were also a lot of upsetting behaviors from TSC members during this period; especially their YPC, young adults, and Hispanic members.

“They also use surveillance to keep several steps ahead of you and react quickly to counter or nullify any evidence you may have collected should you decide to make a formal complaint to the authorities.” (

I told you how neighbors use to respond to whatever I said in my Long Island apartment; how people will dramatize with dogs, trucks, and other subtle ways to respond to whatever I was saying. It was a basement apartment, so I did not notice anyone wearing the same things I was wearing. However, when I moved to my mother’s house, I started noticing girls wearing similar things to what I was wearing a few times. This started happening after I complained in my apartment about the imitating behavior of a TSC member.

“Most of us use venetian blinds, both horizontal and vertical to cover the windows. When open these blinds have spacings between the sectionals that allow stalkers to see in your home.” (

I again noticed the very evil paranoia inducing behaviors from a few Hispanics and whites during my brief stay in California.  While working at First data, there was always someone wearing the same thing I wore almost everyday.  At ConAgra, this happened once a week, usually on Fridays. This also happened often at Optica.  In fact, it was this antagonistic white trash behavior from a woman wearing the same thing I was wearing that made me put posters on my car.   

“Community Stalkers will use telescopes and binoculars to look into the target's home. This is one of the reasons why they move into apartments to the front and back of your dwelling.” (

 In my small town, I told you how I have noticed this with a few neighbors when I first moved in; more recently, the lady in the black Buick.   Speaking of Buicks, I had a conversation with one of my co-workers at First Data about Buicks, and since then, people driving Buicks have also been used to do some evil things.   I already connected First Data to cops, Hillsong, TSC, and possibly SNCH.   There are times a noisy car will drive  by when I get up from my couch, as I turn on my TV, as I walk to the  bathroom, as a movie ends, as I finish eating something or turn on my faucet, and etc.  Other times, there will be  a car parked in front of my window as I do my evening exercise and you can definitely not forget the creepy black car!  This has happened consistently in my new house.   If you notice someone wearing the same thing you are wearing once in a while, you probably have nothing to be concerned about; but if someone is wearing what you are wearing almost everyday, you are likely  a victim of “Community Stalking”

Stalkers obsess over minute details of your life. They want to know where you go and what your activities are but they also want to know what you do in your home. Why?   The whole purpose of Community Stalking is to drive someone to a nervous breakdown or to suicide. They are looking to understand what makes you tick and they have to find the buttons to push. These buttons can be different for every person. What is it that means most to you: your family and friends, your dog, your blue Mercedes, your job, your privacy, your jewelry, your vacation home, your spirituality. Community Stalkers will try to use whatever you treasure against you. They analyze every detail of the target's life to determine how to hit them the hardest. Every person has vulnerabilities. Community Stalkers seek to exploit them.” (


Monday, April 6, 2015


A stroll around my town confirmed again that Catholics malevolently use “community stalking” tactics.   Even the town priest and the customary glasses wearing blonde showed the usual triggers. The glasses wearing catholic town maintenance worker was back to his manipulative ways as he had a little girl standing with him. I ended up conversing with her and of course, some of the things I said were repeated by a few children coming out of the school building. 

“Remember that the Community Stalkers are now your neighbors.” (

At Graybeal Supermarket, there was another evil grandmother with two children and another glasses wearing blonde cashier who exhibited some triggers. The evil glasses wearing librarian was back this week and there was also an obnoxious old man with the notorious trigger. Later strolling around my town that night, the town cop showed up and the usual disquieting behaviors were present from a few people. My Hispanic neighbors seemed to be off their medications again this week. The revoltingly old/middle age town cop also seemed be stalking me in “their usual” nonchalant /A-hole “we are cops and can do whatever we want” attitude. I think Jesus will allow me to use that obscenity based on my experience with these cruel cops so far.   While talking to my Wal-Mart employee neighbor, one or two of my female neighbors seemed to be  back to their “white trash behaviors”.  The usual disturbing coincidences with what I am doing in my house were also strongly present this week.

“Stalkers will move into your neighborhood to monitor you. It's especially easy to move into neighborhoods that have a lot of rental units. They will rent apartments above, below and/or adjacent to you. Stalkers obsess over minute details of your life. They want to know where you go and what your activities are but they also want to know what you do in your home.” (

My TSC/Hillsong/SNCH facebook contacts still had some coincidences with my privacy. TSC is undoubtedly a huge part of this problem as I shared about the Colorado pastor responding to something I said in my house a few weeks back.   However, I am just focusing on Hillsong today.  Apart from my miserable church life, I had a pretty good life that I was very happy with before Hillsong came to town.  A Hispanic family moved above me right around the time I started attending Hillsong in 2010. This was when people started responding to what I was saying/doing in privacy. The pastors of Hillsong use to indirectly respond to what I was doing in my house almost every Sunday or via their twitter account. It was usually subtle, only I will know they were responding to my private life.  As a godly woman, I found it mortifying/horrifying that a man I am not married too would have access to those private things I said in my Long Island apartment.

“The objective is to make sure the target seems to be the only one who perceives the harassment. This promotes significant feelings of insecurity and isolation in the mind of the target.” (

 I also started noticing the unusually strong psychological attacks and degrading behaviors at Hillsong.  I recall blogging about how Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for his son Isaac, a bible passage relevant to my weekly encounter; but the following Sunday,  they sent this Australian girl, “Michele Woo”  to stand behind me on line while waiting for service. Keep in mind that everyone I met at Hillsong was orchestrated by this church.  Michelle Woo was a pianist who used to be in the Australia Hillsong Choir. She was also a surfer and teacher; who travels often to India on mission trips.  As you will imagine, my conversation  with this girl was another psychological mind game; she said all these stuff to attack my confidence and told me the things I need to work on and what she thought was my weakness. Strange coming from a brainless Aussie I just met. On that same day, I also hung out with another Indonesian surfer who also said he became friends with Joel Houston when he visited Indonesia on a surfing trip. This happened often while attending Hillsong; where they will sit an Australian or surfer next to me in church.

“They investigate their victims to determine their strengths and weaknesses. They study their every move to find out what makes them 'tick'. Once they know which buttons to push, they use this information to exercise psychological warfare against them. Each member of the stalking community takes his turn at pushing the victim further and further over the edge.”.” (

 I didn’t know the tactic was to attack their victims’ confidence.  Like a good Christian back then, I blogged about my horrible time with Michele Woo, putting a twist on it, and turned into a message on how God brings people we need into our lives.   God was obviously trying to show me that Hillsong people were a satanic bunch, but I was too nice to say what I really meant back then.   Michelle Woo later “orchestrated” another meeting with Carl Lentz.  I was again very kind when I met the guy even though I thought very little of the church and its leaders. I even remember saying we love you pastor; just to encourage that fake/scheming moron; because that is what good Christians do.   Michelle Woo also orchestrated another meeting with Joel Houston around the same time frame. I recall meeting another German actress in the church who kept asking if I thought Carl Lentz was attractive or non blue eye/dark hair people were attractive?  I said yes to be pleasant. Strange/bizarre question?   I also recall Carl Lentz saying something on how girl wants to marry women who are just like their pastor/or him? These Hillsong people apparently put themselves on a delusional pedal stone. 

“Some religious organizations use these tactics to 'break an individual' so they become easier to control.” (

I also now strongly believe the cops are not just connected to TSC, but also Hillsong. Carl Lentz once mentioned how people with blue eyes are not necessarily attractive. (Paraphrasing). I also recall him praising the Virginia state troopers once on his twitter account.  I already connected the abusive behaviors from “blue eye” white people to cops; but it is also very much connected to Hillsong.  Remember the “blue eye” cop who gave me the ticket before leaving NY for failing to yield to a dumb Indian pedestrian; that incident seemed orchestrated by a Hispanic looking guy who was hanging around that night. This happened on a Tuesday night after revisiting TSC.  All the abusive behaviors were always present in NYC only when I visit TSC on Tuesday nights. Now, why will TSC have cops giving me tickets so I won’t come to their church? That does not make too much sense? 

“Organizations that use Community Stalking will try to have members in the Police Force. The loyalty of these officers is first to their organization and then to the Force. They participate in harassment and intimidation skits without doing anything that would overtly break their code of conduct as an officer” (

I started noticing “thug like” and “white trash behavior” when I started attending this church.  I told you how there  was always a tall guy who looked liked Joel Houston on my Friday grocery shopping; they always had the stores playing love songs; and the tall guys were also present  anytime I walked around my old Long Island neighborhood.  I left Hillsong in January of 2012 and moved to my mother’s neighborhood in February; and that when the “really Intense harassment’ started.  Joel Houston was wearing a red checkered top when I met him that night with Michelle; they use to have guys wearing that same top standing in front of my mother’s house. Sometimes the guys will have dogs with them.  That same outfit was worn by Indians harassing me at First Data. This outfit obviously became a trigger as it was used extensively around me and in the 
media/movies after leaving NY. 

I got in an accident the day I bought my recent car because of all the throat clearing. The car seemed connected to the Missouri State Troopers; plus, the car salesman repeated my conversation with the Bellevue people.  There was also a Crispy Crème Donut truck that kept driving by that day.  Anyone who attended Hillsong while I did will definitely remember Lentz’s love of Crispy Crème Donuts. Another NLP technique?   

 I was also mislead into thinking the car had a desirable color; another typical deceptive Hillsong behavior. (A deception also used while working in Bellevue, First Data, ConAgra, & Optica)    Carl Lentz once said he had friends who knew things about him that he would not want exposed.  I am guessing he was referring to his cop friends.  Shows you just how this low self esteem pastor doesn't know what good friends look like; which obviously explains the numerous uninvited abusive/psychopathic people who have invaded my life since Hillsong and refuses to leave!

“To setup their targets, Community Stalkers use a technique called Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP). It's a way of conditioning the mind to notice 'triggers' in the environment. These triggers can be shapes, objects, colors, behaviors or sounds. Most importantly, Community Stalkers condition the minds of their victims to develop anxiety upon seeing or hearing these triggers.” (

  Recall that people kept repeating or responding to what I was saying in my apartment in Bellevue, but it got increasingly intense/ abusive. I once said the cops should be chasing blonde women and stop harassing me; and that was when the abusive harassment from blonde women got more intense. Remember the bald jerk ( a Bellevue cop) told me they think that I was just imagining things and how when I moved to Omaha; there was a girl waiting on the day I moved in  with a  t-shirt that said “U”.  Using T-shirts to convey messages to me started in Hillsong in conjunction with something I said in my Long Island apartment.

“People who are familiar with community based harassment will often make reference to mind control. The term 'mind control' throws many people off because of its association with the paranormal. What these individuals are really referring to is the conditioning of the mind using NLP.”  (

I say admirable things about the “Man of Steel” Superman character in my house all the time, but I have never seen anyone who looks like him in Nebraska, interestingly, I have never seen any tall guy since I got to Nebraska or even in my mothers neighborhood.  All I see is nauseatingly bald, glasses wearing, and pot belly middle age people or equally unappealing/disrespectful younger people who behaves like "white trash"; and the notoriously deranged hispanics.  So, it is obviously not me seeing what I want to see, but someone deliberately putting something they were using to screw with my head in front of me. I saw what they wanted me to see and not what I wanted to see. In fact, before Hillsong came to town, I never once saw a tall/giant looking guy on my Friday grocery shopping and I have always prided myself on noticing everything  that goes on around me.  Anyone who knows me can testify to that.  In Nebraska, grocery stores will usually play any love song I listened too in my apartment since I vowed to never listen to Hillsong music till I die. Another coincidence?

“The grocery store is a Gang Stalker's paradise. They use it to execute their Neuro-Linguistic Programming and harassment skits.” (

Hillsong leaders may say U are  the one with  the problem, even though anyone with a brain can see that these are just extremely moronic and insecure leaders who needs to create problems to become relevant in people’s lives.  Like I said before, listening to ANY of their leaders is literally mind numbing.   I already told you about the barking dogs, red checkered tops, tall blue eye people, cigarette smokers, youths, baseball caps, imitatative women, cars, tattooed people, Australians, license plates, pregnant women, yawning people, children,  babies, motorcycle riders, Mexicans/Hispanics/Indians, text on T-shirts/trucks,  and all the other triggers that came with Hillsong church.

Likewise, leaders at the congregational and organizational level of various religious communities are doing the same. Jesus referred to such individuals as 'wolves in sheep's covering'. They portray themselves as having greater knowledge and insight into the scriptures but their true intentions are to lead God's flock astray with false reasoning. They disguise their wrongdoing as wisdom that will benefit or protect the congregation.” (

“The objective of the terrorists is to gradually expand their victim's number and variety of triggers. In doing so, the target is exposed to a trigger almost everywhere they go and is therefore in a constant state of anxiety”. (

The only apartment they will let me rent in Omaha had a Hillsong looking type pastor who also came to Omaha to plant churches.  The pastor had also lived in Chicago and Montana. This pastor picked up the abusive baton of repeating and responding to what I say in my apartment.  He had friends’ four buildings away who will abusively respond to whatever I said in my apartment. I was so traumatized by this harassment that I literally stopped communicating with people for a while. A neighbor/recruit in my small town also had a trailer with Montana written on it parked in front of his house when I first moved in. Another coincidence?

“Whistle-blowers are potential targets. Community Stalking is used as a form of intimidation to prevent people from coming forward with evidence of wrong doing.” ( 

This behavior of repeating or responding to my conversation started with Hillsong. They did this with my blog, my private prayers/thoughts, and my personal conversations with people. I told you about the midget cop at the Target in Long Island possibly connected to Hillsong.  There was also another midget Hispanic guy on the ABC dateline about Hillsong that I wrote about a few months back. The guy repeated the same thing I said to the pastor when I met him with Michelle Woo.

 I also recall complaining about my horrendous experience in the privacy of my Bellevue apartment; I said the behavior of the people around me was unacceptable, not even if Brad Pit was behind it.   Coincidentally, the dateline reporter also compared Carl Lentz to Brad Pitt.  I  obviously don’t find Brad Pitt  attractive; but like everything I said in the last few years, my peanut brain eaves dropper tend to take things ridiculously/idiotically out of context and too literally.  There also use to be people somewhat connected to the Omaha/Bellevue cops or Hispanics "deliberately" driving in front of me with a "I Love LA” license plate during this period.  There is a car dealer called 'I love LA" in Omaha, but the fact that Hillsong recently started a church in LA again connects that to their disreputable NLP tactics. Plus, someone really wanted me to go to California based on what I saw on Fox news while in NY.  Someone also wanted me to come to Nebraska, remember the vacuum sales people in San Jose?

“The process also applies to sound. For example, if you cough or sneeze on occasion, your stalkers may mock you by doing the same.” ( 

Dark hair white men use to follow me around listening to my conversation while attending Hillsong.  Coincidentally, it is the same type of people that have been following me around since my arrival in Nebraska. There were times Omaha Cops dramatize some of the things that use to happen at Hillsong including behaving just like Joel Houston. I already told you about the tall balding blue eye senior police officer at the San Jose PD.  Most of the evil Omaha cops also have that same dark hair look; they could be related to Hillsong people for all I know.  Carl Lentz once told some bogus story of how Joel Houston I-phone was stolen; and NYPD would not do anything about it, but the tracker on the phone allowed them to track it. Like most of the stories he tells, there was no relevance or point to the tale, but somewhat a red flag to me.  Hillsong is also connected to catholic churches from the little internet research I have done; guess who have been extensively harassing me in Nebraska; Catholics ,Cops and other carnal church people!

“The mind conditioning can be done so gradually that the victim is not conscious of it. However the subconscious mind will still perceive the stimuli used to develop a trigger.” ( 

I write ALL this to again warn you about my experience in Hillsong.  I attended this church for the briefest amount of time, but the adverse impact has truly been life changing.  I saw a movie called “The Good Lie” this past week and won’t be surprised if the ignorantly racist /unimaginative movie is somewhat connected to Hillsong.  Coincidentally, there was a perverted small town cop in the movie also named Matt, just like my town cop.   There was a Hillsong preview in the movie that said the church was changing lives, but  the world was not changing them? LOL.   That is the biggest load of crap ever!  I went to that church for over a year and I can honestly say I did not meet ONE person that was a genuine Born Again Christian; they were evil- hearted, malicious, conniving, manipulative, and just ungodly people!   

 I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. (Revelations 2:9)

The kind of people who started following me after attending Hillsong will shock, mortify, and make any godly woman cringe!  If there is a church that is in the world and VERY MUCH OF THE WORLD, it is HILLSONG! They are Baal worshipers who have sold out to the world and the devil; the world is changing them and not the other way around.   As revelation puts it, it is a synagogue of Satan; apart form the bright lights and music; the church is not different from going to a Rihanna or Justin Bieber’s concert.  From my experience, they change your life from awesomeness to awfulness.  Again, going to that church was like swimming in a filthy public pool, you come out covered with urine and filth.  Hillsong is an empty barrel that makes a whole lot of noise!



Monday, March 30, 2015

ARE YOU A COMMUNITY STALKER? (Find out if you have already become a recruit; Churches & Occultism): My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT. 30

Apart from the typical disturbing coincidences/privacy violation with  my past church/work facebook contacts and drivers outside my home, the reemergence of the creepy black once this week, and even more moronic coincidences with TSC Hispanic facebook contacts; I had the same predictable week.

 At the library, the wicked librarians were back to their usual ways. They even accused me of removing labels from the extremely boring new releases that I rented so I can keep them for a week?  The insult never ends with these morons. The librarian in my town is catholic, but I forgot to ask the evil librarians of West Point if they were Catholics; but from the numerous abusively psychotic bullies I have encountered since my arrival in Nebraska, I am guessing they are Catholics connected to Hillsong/TSC/SNCH.   There were also two glasses wearing girls saying the usual disquieting phrases around me; a woman with a glasses wearing boy with the same malevolent behavior; a few evil children, and some really adorable children trying to get my attention.

“Community Stalkers use 'Degrading Themes' to terrorize the target causing them constant stress and anxiety. A Degrading Theme is a form of psychological harassment that stigmatizes the victim and destroys their reputation.” (   

At the Lincoln Street Market grocery store, the usual overweight employee in conjunction with some Hispanic employees were back to doing those disconcerting things. Another blonde female employee who usually does very unsettling things was also back to her old ways.  I asked a "trigger" displaying Hispanic teenage employee where to find a particular item; the boy replied that he didn't know.  At the register, there was an old man who was also checking out, the man did the very upsetting maniacal laugh and said the verbal abuse as I left.  There was also a little boy  who repeated a similar question to the Hispanic teenage cashier and she replied the same way?  Keep in mind that this is something that happens to me all the time, where all my conversations are repeated by someone else.

The process also applies to sound. For example, if you cough or sneeze on occasion, your stalkers may mock you by doing the same. (   

“They will stare at you and smile in a lewd way, smirk, sneer, laugh or glare at you.(   

At First Data, the nutty blonde woman use to do this ALL the time; the same thing happened at ConAgra & Optica!  You can only imagine how distressing that behavior was, which was why I stopped communicating with people for a while.   In the parking lot, I notice the same boy with his father and three brothers getting into a minivan that had a Lutheran college poster?  Perhaps someone was trying to show me the difference between Lutherans and Catholics?  Apparently, not much of a difference!

“Perpetrators of Community Stalking: Satanic Organizations, Religious Organizations, Local Businesses, Tenants, Police, Fire Departments, and Neighborhood Watch” (   

I went to the Dollar General Store afterwards; this store and Wal-Mart are where I usually get harassed by Hispanics, mechanics/blue collar type people, or diverse group of people. Predictably, there was a moronic mechanic type looking person who jovially said Hi and then went behind a counter and whispered that notorious abusive phrase. Pretty psychotic and idiotic!  There were also two lesbians who whispered the same abusive phrase while on the phone and then started talking really loudly when I was in their vicinity. (Remember the evil fat gay guy from ConAgra)     There was also a Hispanic guy who spoke really loudly as he passed by me and then went to an aisle behind me and whispered the abusive phrase?  He also exhibited one of those distressing triggers. People talking really loudly like deranged psychos around me started in Omaha and is somewhat connected to the Omaha pastor in my building.  This is the pastor who showed similar behaviors to the Hillsong pastor and may also be connected to TSC.

 “The Stalkers feed each community lies, adapting them to the stereotypes associated with each group. Again, to be most effective, they will use individuals belonging to each respective ethnicity who are paid, bribed or blackmailed into spreading false evidence and making false statements to condemn you.” (   

These behaviors can be traced to around 2004; I already told you the nightmare I went thru while attending TSC and how things got even more disrespectful/ bizarre/intrusive when I switched to Hillsong.  The “really intense harassment” started after moving to my mother’s Long Island neighborhood in February of 2012.  That was when complete strangers started saying really abusive things or exhibiting very distressing behaviors as I walk on the street, at the hairdressing salon, as I go on interviews,  on the train, at McDonalds, and EVERWHERE!  The nightmare intensified when I went to California and things turned for the worst when I moved to Nebraska.

“Community or Group Stalking is basically a very intense form of harassment. Perpetrators who are part of an organization, community or group participate in collectively destroying an individual. Everyone knows that murder is illegal. Community and Group Stalkers have found a way to commit this crime without standing trial. They kill their victims gradually and hide behind a network of perpetrators to conceal their identities.” (

People recruited to be part of these sick behaviors can be Christians and non Christians.  While most of the sickies in Nebraska seem to be Catholics /Lutherans; Pentecostal/Born-again Christians, non-Christians, church going people who are not necessarily Christians; and even Jews have been part of the depraved behavior.  The one thing that all these people have in common is that they are  willing to hurt/harass a complete stranger; they are generally insecure/deficient; they tend to be really unintelligent/low IQs/extremely stupid even when they are college educated or seem successful; they have no sense of what is right or wrong; they don’t understand boundaries/privacy lines; they are very delusional; they are ungodly satanic bullies; they have serious  unresolved psychological issues; they are needy, desperate, immature, and detached from reality; they NEED to keep up with "THE JONES";  they cannot handle rejections; they are not true Christians; and just generally very evil.   To sum up it up, they are the kind of gullible people that will do anything for money or recognition. They can be bribed, blackmailed, or lured into indirectly killing someone else. They lack character, integrity, heart, civility, class, soul, and credibility.  If you are like anything I just described, then you are a potential Community Stalker!

“It is recommended that you also inform your abusers what Community Stalking is. Why? Because some of the participants don't even understand the significance of what they are doing. Some participate simply because they have been bribed with money or some benefit to them.”  (

 “Gang Stalkers will even spy on these businesses or employees to determine how to get their participation. A little blackmail, some smearing, a few bribes. They will make sure they find a way.” (


Monday, March 23, 2015

Do You Feel Threatened? (How “Community Stalkers” threats you; Churches & Occultism; Deranged Catholics): My Bizarre Experiences with Churches and Law Enforcement People PT. 29

The insanely wicked people of Nebraska were up to their malevolent ways this week.   At my town Library, there were two young girls who came in after me; they smiled and then exhibited the usual triggers. At the grocery store, the overweight employee with glasses who usually exhibit those distressing triggers was back to her evil ways. There were other employees around her who also showed those triggers. There was also a shopper/recruit who was talking to the aforementioned overweight employee. There was another shopper who seemed to be repeating the conversation I had with the three Catholics from the church last week. (Remember that ALL my conversations seemed to be eavesdropped on since I always have my cell phone on me, but it is also a way to get me to distrust ANYONE I have a conversation with) There was also a scrawny looking teenage boy with two senior citizens who smiled at me, then said the usual verbal abuse.  And of course, the moronically unbalanced Hispanics were also present. 

“Harassment skits are designed to traumatize victims by making them think the entire world is against them.   Remember they are listening to you in your home and on the phone. The moment they hear you give the number to anyone your cell phone privacy is compromised.” (   

The librarians were back to their iniquitous ways.  On my way out, there were numerous kids waiting at the Lutheran school across, while there was no disturbing behavior, but a woman seemed to say the usual disconcerting phrase. I strolled around my neighborhood afterwards and noticed those disquieting triggers from  more members of the Catholic Church in town.  There was an old lady who mentioned something about me been ambitious, asked me about my job situation, and said the infamous “Good Luck”. The mailman who has often exhibited troubling triggers is also a member of the church.  There were a few teenagers who also showed those notorious triggers.  However, keep in mind that the most disrespectful behaviors from teenagers I have seen so far was in Bellevue and most of the churches I visited in Bellevue were not Catholic churches. 

“There are institutions that use the media to cloak themselves in an image of good will and charitable pursuits - yet they are actually quite sinister at their core. If you are wondering which organizations because you haven't heard anything in the news....You are asking the right question. Why is it that you haven't heard anything negative about certain religious organizations? Because these organizations know how to neutralize their problems without exposing their dirty laundry.  How do they do it? Through their intimidation and harassment networks (group Stalking).  (   

The Catholics unquestionably use Community Stalking tactics based on my encounters with numerous Catholics in Long Island, California, and extensively in Nebraska. The unsettling thing is that I never had any kind of relationship with a Catholic that will justify this abusively deranged behavior. I have always viewed Catholics as people I have NOTHING in common with. It is like light and darkness when comparing my religious beliefs to what Catholics believe or how they behave.  However, I can also connect the Catholics to TSC and Hillsong.  There seemed to be some undeniable coincidences with what I am noticing with the Catholics and TSC/Hillsong. I believe the tactic is to keep the victim guessing who is targeting them, so it will be more difficult to make anyone liable. 

The perpetrators know their strategies may be less successful if you are fully aware who is targeting you, how and why. Any admission of organizing or instigating harassment would make them liable should you choose to press charges or sue. The denial is part of the strategy. The objective is to make sure the target seems to be the only one who perceives the harassment.” (   

There was also a man in my town that got emotional/upset when I told him that I did not like him since I was confident he was part of the behavior, but he kept denying it. Some Catholics can definitely be very manipulative.   The alarming coincidences with what I am doing in the privacy of my house with people outside also increased this week.  A few of my TSC/Hillsong/SNCH Facebook contacts also had the usual questionable coincidences with my privacy.  My Hispanic neighbor came out wearing something similar to what I was wearing this morning and there was also another male neighbor across who did the same thing.

“Remember that the Community Stalkers are now your neighbors.  Parabolic microphones, electro-acoustic probes and sound amplifiers are said to be able to pick up sound in walls up to a half a meter in thickness. Many devices also pick up sound from 300 meters away. You could be driving yourself crazy thinking that your apartment is bugged when actually the listening devices being used are external to your dwelling. No wonder these terrorists are so cocky. They know you'll find nothing after you've paid $2,000 to have you home analyzed and debugged.” (   

I also coincidentally got an e-mail asking if I was still thinking of a job in the East Coast.  Seeing my Hispanic neighbor doing the usual distressing things is almost like an indirect threat of what I should expect in the East Coast.  I already told you about the interviews I went to while living in NY and the psychotic behaviors from Hispanics that ensued. I told you about seeing a nutty recruiter in Midtown Manhattan who only seemed concerned about my fashion sense as to my need of a job.  I also told you how my conversation with this recruiter became a form of threat during my short stay in California.

Daily threats are used to instill fear in the target and push them over the edge.  Targets are threatened on a daily basis, but the threats are indirect or veiled.  Harassment skits and street theater are usually used to convey threats. However, organizations that have considerable amounts of money will also use the media to send indirect threats to their targets.” (   

 I told you the threats from the Air force kids and the Bellevue Police department; and how that threat seemed to be present while working at ConAgra and how the threat was repeated again when I got a letter from the Omaha Police department about walking out on an Asian nail lady after she exhibited the usual distressing trigger while waxing my eyebrow.   I also told you how the media were sometime used to reinforce this threat thru the local news or commercials.   Remember that I also read the story of Miriam Carey while working at ConAgra, a woman who was coincidentally reported to police on my birthday.  Remember, the numerous random “good lucks” I get from co-workers while working at First Data and the numerous “good lucks” I got recently form strangers at grocery store and other places. 

“The threats are meant to maintain the target in a constant state of fear and anxiety. The extreme stress the victim is subjected to gradually wears them down and erodes their mind giving way to suicide or mental illness. The threats are unique to each victim's situation but they generally fall into one of the following categories: Threat of Future Mental Illness; Threat of Financial Ruin; Threat of Sabotage; Threat of Bodily Harm” (   Please see more on threats here: